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Feb 15, 2013, 05:19 PM
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Hitec X4 Questions the manual isn't answering

Could someone familiar with all the modes of the Hitec X4 Multicharger help me figure out how to use mine? I just got this yesterday and I have read the manual 5 times and watched a 30 minute video on using it and it STILL is not making sense sometimes.

I can get it to charge OK, but trying to SAVE DATA was total confusion for me until I got help by PM from a member who pointed me to a description of how to do it in someone's forum post, and I realized there were more steps involved than what the manual seemed to explain. I am now able to program charging data into the memory. But I can't tell the memory slot to store a STORAGE charge data set. It always displays CHARGE when I program one of the memory slots.

I finally applied some intuitive guesswork and came to the conclusion that the only thing actually STORED in the slot is the type of battery and its cell parameters?? So you select the slot, and then while IN the selection, cycle through whether you want CHARGE, BALANCE CHARGE, STORAGE CHARGE, etc.? Is this correct? It seems to be working this way, but the manual doesn't explain it that way at all.

I had originally thought I could program a setting to run a STORAGE charge process on a specific sized lipo. But I don't see any way to do that. If I try to change the field that shows "CHARGE" during the process of saving data to a numbered slot, it seems to kick me out of the SAVE process entirely.

So I started a storage charge cycle on a 2S 800mAh LIPO by selecting the slot for that size I had created, then manually cycling through the types of charge to get to STORAGE. I immediately saw the individual cell voltages starting to drop, so I figured it was working. The manual says that a storage charge voltage on a LIPO should be 3.85V. FOr 2 cells that would be a voltage of 7.7V

However, the "End Charge" in this mode is displaying 7.6V, and I can't see any way to change that specification. So I watched it drop the cells down to 3.79V each, and now it appears to just be holding them there. No beeps (which I did not turn off) or any sort of indication that it might be finished with the process. I've been watching this for 15 minutes and it has not dropped the voltage any more, but it also has not told me it is done???

Later - It just NOW, after nearly 30 minutes of watching the cell voltages not drop at all, from 3.79V signaled the process was complete. Why did it wait so long after no apparent changes were taking place to decide it was done? I remember reading that during a charge it switches from constant current at the end to constant voltage, so is it doing something like that in the STORAGE charge too?

I like the charger and it seems very well built, but the instructions are quite confusing. I tried to visit the Hitec RD website but under their SUPPORT tab I found no forum or support section, and under their FAQ heading is a blank page. :/

I hope those of you who have used this model long enough to figure out how it actually works can help me to understand it better. I know LIPO packs, the only type of battery pack I am using, are potentially very dangerous if not charged or discharged correctly, so I want to fully understand how to use this charger.
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Feb 15, 2013, 08:34 PM
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I eventually found this thread (thanks to Google), which seems to indicate I am among a large group of people who are baffled by the X4 manual. There are some answers here, but mostly regarding NiMH, npt Lipo.

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