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Feb 13, 2013, 03:23 PM
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Questions about charging 7.2v nimh with my blance charger..& am i doing correct..

I need a little help.. first time using a balance charger to charge my 7.2v 3000mah nimh battery.. its for starting my gas trucks.. before when i hand electric cars & trucks i had a peak charger.. but now i don't have it any more, and batteries evolved into lipo.. I have a imax r6-pro balance charger, i use for my heli's.. i tried to understand the manual but not detailed enough.. i just want to make sure I'm not screw up my battery, and get few questions i have answered.. i set the charger to auto. read that i could charge my battery at a 5.0a current.. wasn't sure so i just set it to 3.0a.. can i set it to 5.0a auto and let it charge or should it be set for what mah the battery is? as it was charging.. i noticed it showed it was at 3.0a but the volts was bouncing around at 8.8-9.0v? is that ok/normal? its only a 7.2v battery and the charged capacity was showing 03987. does charged capacity mean.. what its showing is how many mah my battery is charged with at that point? and why is it higher then the mah of the battery? as when looking at manual it mention something about charge cycle 1-5.. it didn't ask me to set a number for that when i setup up the charger..? what are charge cycle? hopefully someone can get me straightened out.. just don't want to blow up a battery or my house...
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Feb 13, 2013, 04:42 PM
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Well you got me confused too!! left button scroll until "user set menu" screen scroll using middle buttons and set delta peak to NiMh 5mv.Depart and go to Nimh charge set charge to 0.5a press enter to start charge.Your charger is also Delta Peak charger.
Dec 09, 2013, 10:35 PM
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I have an IMAX charger also. Go into Program - SAVE

> Save a new program (01) with your battery as NimH type.
> Set voltage to 7.2V
> Set capacity to 3000mAH
> Set charge to 3.0A (3.0A for 3000mAH, 4.0A for 4000mAH, 1.8A for 1800maH and so on - as a rule of thumb for the right charge current, just take off the zeros and use a decimal point!)
> Set discharge to 1.0A

Took me a fair amount of searching to find all these but works great. I set up two programs, one for my 1800mAH and 1 for my 4700mAH

You can now use your program to cycle, discharge/charge the battery or just charge.

Good luck!
Dec 10, 2013, 02:39 AM
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Took me a fair amount of searching to find all these but works great. I set up two programs, one for my 1800mAH and 1 for my 4700mAH
Dec 10, 2013, 02:51 AM
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Blimey !! what a palaver ... factory default on the B6 is so easy ...

I charge plenty of NiMH with my B6 ... and all I do is set it to NiMH, AUTO, and the amps to 1/10th of pack capacity number for safe slow charge ... or to 1/2 the capacity number of pack to be safe faster charge.

Because many batterys do not label as to what is safe maximum charge rate - I do not stress by hitting them with 1C rates...

So far I have not damaged or lost any NiMH cell this way. I even charge my Tx NiMH via this when needed at long venues.... rare but it's safe.


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