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Feb 15, 2013, 10:13 AM
"Landing" in a tree somewhere
Originally Posted by davidstroman
Also if anyone does have this plane yet what kind of mods are possible? im really thinking i need to get some kinda skis on this thing so i can fly out on the lake. also what is a good upgrade battery? can i run a higher Voltage battery or does that require a esc and motor that can handle it?
I don't have that plane but it does use the same esc, motor and prop as one that I own and I can pretty much tell you that that current setup won't handle a higher voltage battery so stick with 3s. Also if you want to try a larger prop you'll need to upgrade the esc and be careful not to draw too much current through the motor.

In any case I strongly recommend you focus more on building up experience and getting comfortable with the stock setup rather than modding the plane already. You're just starting out after all.
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Feb 15, 2013, 11:20 AM
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Originally Posted by Rayne
In any case I strongly recommend you focus more on building up experience and getting comfortable with the stock setup rather than modding the plane already. You're just starting out after all.
+1. do some flying on stock before thinking so far ahead.

ps - oops, thought you had hz sc. but noticed you have glasair. correcting links.
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Feb 15, 2013, 01:37 PM
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david.... No, I don't have a Glasair. I had read the Glasair thread that the previous post has links to. Sounds like a great plane.

I enjoyed my third flight this morning. Had some success, had some failures. All I can say is get your plane well up in the air and cut your throttle back, fly as slow as you can. It was actually enjoyable as I had my plane pretty well trimmed out and it maintained it's altitude. I was flying "hands off" for the most part. The controls are VERY touchy and responsive. I think my plane is tail heavy but I have to fly more to know the plane.

Best wishes on your flights and be sure to post back here.
Feb 15, 2013, 02:17 PM
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I bought the Glasair 2 weeks ago at my local shop figured this plane would be a great trainer for my son. With all the features this plane has just about anyone can fly it. I took it up for the first flight to check the system and trim the bird up. Virtual instructor on and low rate the plane will fly its self the mixing is superb in turns smooth as its advertised.The virtual instuctor makes it nearly impossible to make a mistake a fata one. All one has to do is releas the sticks and the plane will rite its self. Instructor off gave this big bird new life it does nice rolls and some other easy aerobatics. Flight was smooth as silk and I found the plane to be a joy to fly. Under complete control no virtual instructor this plane requies constant input and pilot mixing to insure nice flat turns and smooth flight at no time is it a beginer plane under virtual pilot OFF. I will say some sim time will help a new pilot get used to the controls, but I recomend using the virtual pilot feature first to see how the plane flies and get used to the controls the pilot feature can be turned off in steps as the pilot progresses, untill he or she can fly the plane without it. I HIGHLY RECOMEND a new pilot do this. I landed the plane let everything settle a bit dropped in a new battery and handed the controls to my son. Instructed flight from the virtual instructor proved to be nice for him and I didnt have to help him one bit in the air. Having time to watch the plane in flight it looks very scale and even with my son bouncing his landing everything seemed to in good condition after the flight. Im happy with this plane I think its a great trainer perfect for a beginer WITH someone seasoned to take control if things go amiss. I will try and get some flight video this weekend if the weather holds up. This plane is very big and a very nice FPV platform I will at some point buy one for myself for that purpose. This is an easy plane to assemble took all of 10 min and 5 min to flight check Its built nicely and looks absolutly Beautiful I think it would do much better with at least a DX61to have some more setting options but all in all the DX4e felt good in my hands and sent comands with lightning speed to the plane The DX4e is requierd to be used with the trainer system but once a new pilot can take full controll I would suggest a better radio.I will spend a week with this bird and post a good review of everything I have already started from unboxing pictures to building and into first flight tests.
Feb 15, 2013, 08:59 PM
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mine seems like the pushrod for the elevator rubs a little where it comes out the fuselage. how large of a field do you use? grass landings work ok?

but i am considering stopping into the hobbyzone store again and picking up a RTF champ for some easy practice and something i can fly on break at work. if its less then $79 in the store its a sure thing.... plus its small enough i can keep it in the box and hide it from my girlfriend. she will never know i bought another plane already lol. think i might look for a second LiPo for the sportsman.
Feb 15, 2013, 09:36 PM
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I'm thinking the rub is okay. When you activate that rod does the servo sound like it's laboring.?? If not and your getting good length of travel it'll be okay.

The field I fly in is about 300yds. x 300yds. It's bordered on one side by forest. Trees are about 60 feet high. I flirt with them but trust me, trees are trouble. What your looking for is a space that shows ALOT of sky.

One thing that I noticed this morning, and it's mentioned often, orientation can be tough. One of my crashes was due to not knowing if I was flying away or towards myself. Got close to trees and I bailed.

I think getting a smaller plane is a good idea. I'm thinking about doing just that. I've broke a lot of parts. But, I am very close to having flights with no damage. There's a lot going on when you get a plane in the sky. It can be quite a challenge.

I'm enjoying it. You will too.
Feb 15, 2013, 10:12 PM
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what have you broke the most of? props? cowls? landing gear? i am almost definetly buying a micro to throw around. im pretty sure i got bit by the parkflyer bug
Feb 15, 2013, 11:35 PM
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Props are pretty thin on the Super Cub. I've damaged a couple of them. The cowl is paper thin and it gets brittle in cold weather. Tomorrow I'm flying without the cowl. I've broken a motor mount and today I broke a fin off the tail which gave me my first experience with glueing foam. Everything looks straight. I still have a few crashes in my future I'm sure.

Here's a picture of the field I fly in. It's 5 minutes from my house. I have lots of big fields and ponds and lakes, which make for real big sky.

Do you live in a city, burbs or out in the country.?? What state are you in.??
Feb 16, 2013, 11:15 AM
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im in minnesota in a suburb of minneapolis but my parents both live out in a more rural area . im going out there today to try to fly the sportsman. which micro is better, the hobbyzone champ or the mini cub?
Feb 16, 2013, 11:54 AM
Low'n Slow is safest, right?
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As a trainer - The Champ
Feb 16, 2013, 12:21 PM
Micro Crazy Man
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David I.m flying on my 400acre farm so I have a ton of room to fly in thats wide open
Feb 16, 2013, 05:32 PM
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Let us know how that maiden goes.

Minnesota. That's awesome. Take your plane to a frozen lake and use a snowmobile trail as a runway. Ooopps ...Here come the safety police.!!
Feb 16, 2013, 11:41 PM
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umm no maiden flight on the sportsman yet. and yeah i dont really have 400 acres to work with but there are plenty of farm fields by my moms house. just didn't want to risk nosing my $250 plane into 12" of snow. picked up a champ and spare battery today though. was foolish and got too close to a tree after the first engine pulse when i was trying to come around to land. took off one whole side of the wing. gonna get a new one but for now a bit of masking tape worked amazing. i have noticed that it looks like my engine is mounted kinda crooked in the champ. still flew great just tried to bank left a bit. also rudder doesnt turn right all that well. it is probably the most fun $80 i have spent in a long time and its still flyable. also i noticed when i put my TX on 2 instead of 1 the engine went full throttle... isn't the 1 and 2 on the hobbyzone 3 channel for the low/high setting?
Feb 17, 2013, 07:11 AM
Low'n Slow is safest, right?
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To switch between high and low rate, you push the right stick down or perhaps it is more correct to say in (as you to with the left stick to bind) - there is a noticeable click. If the transmitter LED blinks, it is in low rate. Press again to return to high etc...

The motor should face a little bit down and right, that is correct...

To get rid of the "want-to-turn-left" tendency, use the trim buttons - will probably help with better right turns as well. If you cannot get it to fly straight by using the buttons, widen or narrow the "U"-bend on the control rod to mechanically get enough trim.

It is incredible how beaten up a Champ can get and still be repairable
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Feb 17, 2013, 11:31 AM
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yes i have noticed that right away.... umm i dont think my hobbyzone remote has trim on it... i was quite dissapointed. ill look closer later today. also my rudder servo was acting a little goofy but then it was ok. i guess i shouldn't have been letting the electronics eat snow.
why would they all be like that? design flaw? it is a blast though and im already watching the weather sites for the next windless day so i can bring it to work (too cold to keep it in the car right now) is there any possible damage i can do to batteries by flying in say 10 degrees farenheit? i keep the batteries in a pocket close to me to keep them warm before and after the flight.

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