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Feb 12, 2013, 01:11 PM
"Auntie Samantha"
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Build Log

FMS V7.5 P-51 BBD: The Nerve system!

The Big Beautiful Doll's ~~Spinal Tap!~~

Let's face it, our scale WWII Warbirds are now equipped with a computerized control system. This is how I managed to get every thing to recognize each other.

UP-Date 3/19/2013: To expand my battery options in the BBD I enlarged the battery bay so I can fit my 5S 4000 lipos as well.

I utilized my hot knife at 75% heat and carefully melted the foam walls back about 3mm ea. It took me all of a couple of minutes to complete the mod. Now I can slide both my 4S 5000 & 5S 4000 lipos all the way forward to the stops.

I also changed out the inner Bay door servos with a set of Hextronik MG-14 metal gear servos.

The tail wheel steering servo was also changed out to a HXT900 9g. servo.


I'll start with the wings. I changed out the oem PZ-312s with a set of PZ-514s "FMS V7.5 P-51 BBD: The Landing Gear!", and then sequenced them with the bay doors using the Micro Gear sequencer.
The next step was controlling the Nav lights. Because I installed a tail beacon on the rudder, lights in the cockpit, and of course the landing lights "FMS V7.5 P-51 BBD: The Nav Lights!", I needed something to control them so I chose to use the Lazertoyz Maxi lite controller.

Once I had all the wing wiring figured out, I needed to devise a way to simplify the connection between the 1-piece wing configuration "FMS V7.5 P-51 BBD: The 1-Piece Wing!" and the controllers in the fuse. As I have done with all my previous builds, I make my own harnesses. There has been numerous discussions pertaining to multi-pin harnesses. I tried to build one utilizing the single + & - leads for all the servos and E-Tracts, and just using the signal leads for each component. Needless to say, I encountered numerous problems with this set-up! The E-Tracts & doors wouldn't work properly with the sequencer, the wing tips lights were dimmer, and the aileron and flap servos behaved erratically. I shelved this idea and went back to my original tried & true multi-pin connectors. For the BBD I built a 16-pin harness using a 16-pin double row connector #HDCONND16 , and "WALLA", everything was right in the world again!

Once I got things sorted out with the harness, I proceeded on to the fuse and how & where I would mount all the controls? As I have done in all my builds, I use the Polyester Velcro Peel-n-stick blue velcro from HK to attach components to foam. I even use this stuff to hold batteries in place!

Like I said, I'm using the Lazertoyz Maxi to control the nav lights, the MicroGear sequencer to handle the LG. Once again I have the CC 10A BEC handling the voltage to the RX. Because I need 8 channels to handle the load in the BBD I am using the OrangeRx Futaba FASST Compatible 8Ch 2.4Ghz Receiver. So far I've had no problems with these receivers, so I'll continue using them. I'm also going to try out one of these RX3S OrangeRX 3-Axis Flight Stabilizer V2 in this plane to see how it performs? This newer version 2 has an on/off capability so we'll see how it works during the T/O procedure?

Because of the complexity of these multi-pin harnesses not to mention the numerous wiring running rampant in the fuse, I have found these WireLabels - servo wire label heatshrink a great way to label all the leads, and reduce all that routing confusion. I used to use my label maker for all my wiring identification, but I found over time that they tend to loose their adhesive nature.

As for servos, at this time I am going to retain the oem servos for the ailerons and flaps. I really like those digital slow motion servos on the flaps, so we'll see how they work out? I will mention here that those servos running the inner gear doors are both reverse servos, so if plans are to replace them, keep that in mind. As far as the rudder and elevator, I'm going to use the Hitec HS-82MG Micro Metal Gear Servo on the elevator. For the rudder I'm going to try out one of these new HK929MG servos and see how they too will work out?

RX..........OrangeRx Futaba FASST Compatible 8Ch 2.4Ghz Receiver
Flight Stabilizer....RX3S OrangeRX 3-Axis Flight Stabilizer V2
Sequencer....Micro Gear sequencer.
Lazertoyz Maxi Lite....Lazertoyz Maxi lite controller.
Motor.....G&C 4250-540kv
ESC......FMS OEM 65A
Aileron servos...FMS 9g servo #SU-123
Flap servo.........FMS 9g Digital servo #SU-124
Inner LG bay door servo.....Hextronik MG-14
Tail Wheel steering servo....HXT900 9g
Elevator servo...... Hitec HS-82MG Micro Metal Gear Servo
Rudder servo.......HK 929MG 9g

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Feb 12, 2013, 05:16 PM
DFC~ We Do Flyin' Right
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Fantastic build and great job on the clean clean install.
My hat's off to you!
Feb 12, 2013, 07:05 PM
"Auntie Samantha"
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Originally Posted by bsbauman
Fantastic build and great job on the clean clean install.
My hat's off to you!
Thank you! I appreciate that!

Mar 21, 2013, 09:20 AM
Family, Work, FPV!
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Awesome stuff Gary. A lot of time and effort in your build there! Interested to see how the RX3 works out for you. I used one last year in a Trojan and ended up turfing it pretty quickly. Always needed trimming every flight on the roll and even on mild gains made the plane feel like it was fighting itself in basic rolls, loops etc. I wouldn't dream of using it in beloved Petie but perhaps they have fixed it up in V2. Best of luck and get some footage of her up soon!
Apr 07, 2013, 09:32 AM
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Big thanks from me, learned so much by looking your blog.. I think i must have been visiting around 500 times . My starmax p-51 was a excact copy pf your.. Unfortunatly i trashed it on fifth fligh, into atoms. So now the fms p-51 is ready, guess what, a true copy of yours . Im a true fan of your.. And i owe you a beer or two for helping me out with some awesome upgrades and modifications. Cheers

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