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Feb 06, 2013, 10:49 AM
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New Product

HK Q-BOT Micro 6 axis BNF - Spektrum, 9X, Walkera, Futaba comp. (read the first post)

Hey Guys,

Just started a thread for this promising micro quad, the first 6 axis (gyro + accelerometer) which supports 9X.

Description from HK:
The Q-BOT Micro is the first micro quadcopter on the market today that includes a 2.4gHz RF module allowing it to be used with your own transmitter. This means it can be flown with Spektrum, JR, Futaba, Hitec, Turnigy, Walkera and other transmitters*. The transmitter will simply need to have a trainer port (JR style 3.5mm or Futaba style 6-pin) and be capable of outputting PPM signal.

This micro quad features leading edge technology including a highly precise 6-axis gyro stabilization system making it ultra stable. Normally, building and setting up of multi-rotor aircraft requires lots of time, tuning and having to choose your own power system/components. The Q-BOT Micro takes away all of the complicated setup and makes it as easy as opening the box, charging the batteries, connecting the RF module to your own transmitter and flying!

The included 2.4gHz RF module can be powered several different ways. It has its own rechargeable 3.7V lipoly battery pre-installed but can also be powered directly from the transmitter via the transmitter's charging jack (DC power plug included), or by the Futaba style 6-pin trainer port.

The Q-BOT Micro is very capable with plenty of power to spare. In normal mode, its stable flight characteristics make it stress-free for the less experienced quad pilot. Switch it to aerobatic mode (via your transmitter's GEAR channel) and it's very responsive for those looking to push it to the limits. When in aerobatic mode, the responsiveness is greatly increased which allows for flips, rolls and loops to be performed!

2.4gHz RF module allowing for use with your own transmitter*
6-axis gyro stabilization system
Ultra stable flight characteristics
Aerobatic flight mode allowing for flips, rolls and loops
Compact and lightweight design

Quadcopter Specs:
Width: 125mm
Height: 35mm
Weight: 26g (w/out battery)

RF Module Specs:
Battery Specification: 3.7V Li-Po battery 120mAh
Operating Voltage: 3.7~12V DC
Operating Current: ≤ 100 mA
Operating Frequency: 2.4gHz
Spread Spectrum Mode: FHSS
Number of Frequency Channels: 20
Hopping Rate: 240 Jump/s

Included in box:
Q-BOT Micro Quadcopter
2.4gHz RF module
3.7V 20C 250mAh lipoly battery x 2
USB dual battery charger
Spare propellers (2 x black, 2 x orange)

Your own 4CH (5CH or more required for aerobatic mode) transmitter with trainer port (JR style 3.5mm or Futaba style 6-pin)

Price: USD 34.99 (44.99 shipped to EU)

HK url:

Any experiences, questions are welcome!


From Throttlestore for the "twin" HiSky FF120:


After binding, the quad hits the ceiling, the throttle seems to be working as ON/OFF cant control....
Set the MODELVAT to PPM and bind with trims zero + throttle down
- - -
When plug the TX module to the Radio, both LEDs are solid red, and doesn't bind, can't switch between modes...
Before plug in the TX module, unplug the existing TX module...


by ruzam:


By maexx
1. For 9X radio: mode LED shall be green (Futaba channel order on stock firmware (NO light/blank LED))
2. For 9X radio: It is much easier to make module connector than try to use trainer port and some external power source (I have HiSky module w/out battery).

Binding with DX6i by Swilson50:
1. Set up a NEW airplane in your transmitter. Be sure to reset everything to default. Then, set 1,2,3,5 REVERSE. Leave only 4 normal
2. DO NOT set throttle trim to the lowest position. Leave it ad about my flywawy Qbot to know why.
3. Plug in both cables from the black box to your transmitter.
4. Within 10 seconds, plug in a charged battery to the Qbot.
5. Quickly,Put your thumb on top of the Qbot....flyaways Qbots are not fun.

The lights should flash and the motors should do a little dance, and then the solid green light should come on your qbot.

MOST IMPORTANT..BEFORE you move the throttle stick, leave your thumb on top of the Qbot and slowly move the throttle stick. Observe that off is at the lowest point and full up is full up. Hold the Qbot in one hand and verify that all controls are in the proper direction.

Direct link with servo cable by limmacslim:

When you power the TX from the radio remove the TX battery!!!
Very important! When you direct link the TX with servo cable keep the LiPo inside AND keep the TX always OFF to avoid the lags!!! The radio will turn the TX module on when you turn on your radio so you don't have to turn the TX module ON with the switch on it!!!

Straw motor saver mod to help prevent damage to the motors when they are accidentally used as landing gear by MassiveOverKll:

Review and tips from jesolins:
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Feb 06, 2013, 10:54 AM
Hubsan X4 - H36 - V911
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we need buddy code. please post here once you buy it
Feb 06, 2013, 10:56 AM
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Guys, does the RX board look familiar to anyone? I have checked the HeliMax 1SQ and it looks different...
Feb 06, 2013, 10:58 AM
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Originally Posted by bangkomit
we need buddy code. please post here once you buy it
I know, I would share it if it would be one, but I have only a "7 Day Lowest Price Rebate!" icon there..
Feb 06, 2013, 11:51 AM
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Originally Posted by Daryoon
The bigger Hobby King QBot looks to be a v929 rebrand. I wonder if this holds true for this smaller version as well? If so, what other aircraft does that module bind with?

Does the module remind you guys of any other brand that has a similar module? Walkera? hiSky?
The module itself is like the AnyLink module, but the RX board is not familiar to me...
Feb 06, 2013, 12:02 PM
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Feb 06, 2013, 12:22 PM
Team WarpSquad
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The curiosity of what protocol that module binds to may be enough to get me. Also the promise of loops and rolls as well.

I don't own a quad in this size range yet.
Feb 06, 2013, 12:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Daryoon
The curiosity of what protocol that module binds to may be enough to get me. Also the promise of loops and rolls as well.

I don't own a quad in this size range yet.
Due I was disappointment with the H36 and the V939 Frankenquad (the V939 frame was crappy) I need a microquad with good flying characteristics (gyro+accelerometer), so I gave a shot for this lil QBOT.

I'm very curious about it, so when it will be arrived my Legofriends and me will examine it deeeeeeply...

I will be curious about the RX board and the TX module as well, because it might be a kind of MagicCube+AnyLink combo...

Originally Posted by zippiz
Yeah, it does... and the manual page 10 conflicts to this... right?
Regarding to the manual, it flips if you set the endpoints to 100%+...
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Feb 06, 2013, 02:48 PM
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The module looks like a HiSky unit to me. Plus, we know that HobbyKing already has a working relationship in that they rebranded the HiSky FBL100 as the Turnigy FBL100.

And here it is more evidence:

Existing thread:
Feb 06, 2013, 03:12 PM
flying beam
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yup Hisky quad with the new V3 module.

Same price shipped but V2 module.
Feb 06, 2013, 03:19 PM
Team WarpSquad
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I was wondering which version of the module that is. I know it's at least a version 2 because it uses a battery. (HobbyKing say it's a rechargeable battery)

If a v3, then that's the first place that I have seen the v3 module available.

Now, if only Banggood would finish listing the v922 BNF. Aaron mention that's what he's working on.
Feb 06, 2013, 03:37 PM
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hm, nice catch guys! the HK is about 15% cheaper than the HiSky version....(shipped 44USD vs shipped 51USD). The keyfactor is the multi compatibility and the gyro + accelerometer combo for me...
Feb 06, 2013, 04:08 PM
flying beam
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mmm I don't think the V2 has the battery included but only the V3.

If I remember correctly a post from one of the guys at hobbyeurope.


Found it :
Feb 06, 2013, 04:23 PM
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No flight report from the other thread. So it's pretty much dead and useless.

Sounds like there's more interest now that HK made that HiSky quad available.

So, I am not clear if this is the HT8 v3 module? I remember reading that the V2 had the battery? But I could be mistaken.
Feb 06, 2013, 04:37 PM
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Heres a couple of vids

and hobbyking staff flying one

HobbyKing Product Video - Q BOT Micro (1 min 36 sec)

lol last link worked fine maybe hobbyking think they are smart?

HobbyKing Product Video - Q BOT Micro (1 min 36 sec)
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