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Dec 27, 2003, 01:13 AM

Anyone tried the Sky Scorcher?

I've seen that JCPenney has the sky scorcher on sale for $17. This is the description:

Radio Controlled Sky Scorcher
Was $34.99; Outlet Price $16.99 Twin propellers. Full-function remote control. Quick charges in just 4 minutes. Up to 4 minutes of flying time. Lightweight foam. Requires 8 "C", one 9V and one 6V batteries (not included). 20-3/4" wing span and 17" long. Imported from China. Ages 8 and up.

If the following link does not work, go to and search for sky scorcher.

Anyone has tried it? Did a search here but there weren't any relevant hits.

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Jan 15, 2004, 08:53 PM
Always Thinking Diffrent
BlackScorpion's Avatar
I have one and tried it for a toy it's ok , only problem is the battery running time stinks, maybe a few minutes of flight time is all your going to get, I was thinking of converting it but i didn't. The remote is really cheasy, but for a quick park flyer i guess it's ok. You might be better off going for the Walmart airsurfer for $18.00 witha normal size transmitter and not bad for a NO WIND day.
Jan 15, 2004, 11:43 PM
Thanks. I already got one and started looking at modification. I wonder if it is possible to run it with two lipo cells instead of the 4.8 nimh that it comes with. The motors look quite good as they are geared.

Jan 17, 2004, 01:10 AM
Always Thinking Diffrent
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Originally posted by adar
Thanks. I already got one and started looking at modification. I wonder if it is possible to run it with two lipo cells instead of the 4.8 nimh that it comes with. The motors look quite good as they are geared.

No Problem, I just thought you were looking for info on it. I have the AirSurfer, the SkySufer, the Stealth, Cox boomerang (black Version) and still haven't gotten one good flight from any of them except for maybe the Steath. But then again i don't fly very often only when time permits.
Jun 12, 2004, 03:02 PM
Sussex, UK
RobinBennett's Avatar
Just for the record, it was a sky scorcher that got me back into the hobby after 20 years - it's just so little hassle compared to the .20 glow powered trainer I flew back then. I bought the Sky Scorcher as an 'office toy' to give me something interesting to do at lunch time and within a month I've upgraded to a slow stick and a cow-orker has bought an aerobird ;-)

Best launching technique is to throw it as hard as possible, slightly up, with the power off. When it stalls, apply full power. Then it's just a matter of watching it buzz around in lazy circles or figure eights...

The medium power setting isn't enough for level flight, which is a shame.

Anything but a gentle turn loses a lot of height and you usually only get one good flight from each charge. I usually get 2-3 minutes, I guess 4 might be possible if there is no wind and you avoid any sharp turns.

It actually seems to handle the wind better than the slowstick but that's probably down to pilot inexperience.

A colleage described my landing technique as 'ease back on the power and gracefully cartwheel to a halt' - I've seen this thing bounce a couple of foot in the air after a heavy landing, with no damage.

It was rubbish with cheap dry cells in the charger, it just didn't have the power for level flight (the manual insists on alkaline batteries but they cost the same as the plane!) I think this is because the charger only _times_ 4 minutes and doesn't do any form of peak detection. When my dry cells ran out I wired the charger to a 8aH 12v battery, and it drastically over charged the planes battery (two minutes on charge and it would climb almost vertically for 5m and the thermal cut out would cut the motors)

Now I use a proper peak detecting NiCad charger and it's much happier. Actually I give it one minute on the Tyco charger and after about 3 minutes at 0.5a my charger says it's full.

I'd love to try it with LiPolys (BTW, mine claims to have NiCads, not NiMhs, which is probably a good thing with a 4 minute charge!). I also keep meaning to take it appart to see if I can save any weight or get some more cooling air to the batteries.

One more thing, mine appears to be EPS (standard large cell, expanded polystyrene; the standard packaging material type stuff) and is looking a bit scruffy where cells have fallen out of the trailing edge of the wing. Still seems to fly alright though.

There must be some one out there modifing it?
Jun 12, 2004, 11:07 PM
Registered User
Charlye's Avatar
I'm still being introduced to the subtleties of flying by my Sky Scorcher. I usually do a little better with a light wind. It is nice to be able to slow down the plane's ground speed and get control before I fly out of bounds into a tree or stream.

The first minute of battery life is always the most enjoyable. The fine print inside the plane says it carries a 130mAh 4.8v battery.

I've been waiting for the natural life of the airframe before making changes. So besides some preventative tape on the nose and some hot-glue holding on the wing. No changes. I'm surprised it holds itself together so well.

By all means take it apart. Only two small screws hold the battery pack and electronics inside. To save weight perhaps upgrade the fight battery to one lipoly cell, trim off some plastic and clip the planes built-in charger connector?

I've run my first set of 8 alkaline C-cells out -- so my first real mod will be to replace the charger's batteries with a car adapter regulated to 9.6v. And fly on.

When my first foamy is too heavy from repairs to fly, then I think it would make a nice indoor blimp. Maybe four mylar balloons joined soundly together, with dual ducted props slung below. I'll work some fanfold in there somewhere.

May 23, 2010, 10:14 PM
More jets than a carburetor
skydve76's Avatar
record bump. Flew my sky scorcher today in 15 MPH winds the ni-cad is almost dead so may try a 2s 400 mah Lipo.

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