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Feb 25, 2013, 07:57 PM
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Time for build update, but first, thanks Phil and Sundancer for your comments. I've decided that you're right, best to keep this build simple and so the wing will be without any washout. I'd probably end up with uneven warps if I'd have tried it. This weeks effort has been what I consider the fun part of building, working with the balsa, cutting and fitting and then putting the pieces together. Mostly it's been getting the fuselage further along.

First off I added the top cross members to the rear of the fuselage along with a filler piece under the stabilizer. That will provide more glue area and make for a solidly mounted stab. Next I roughly sheeted the rear of the bottom with 1/8th balsa. Another picture shows this cleaned up after trimming the edges and some sanding.

The firewall was next on the agenda and I forgot to take a picture of the setup for this but what I did was draw reference lines on cardboard and weighted the upside down fuselage over the reference lines with about a years worth of magazines. Once I was sure I could hold the front end alignment with trophy bases and some pins, 30 minute epoxy was mixed and applied to the sides of the firewall and the firewall was attached for real and let dry for a couple hours. Only a couple of skin parts have been added on the top front to frame out what will be the hatch area.

I did glue up some pieces of 1/8th sheet to make up what will complete the bottom sheeting so that's ready for later use. Also the rudder and stab got a little more work. The hinge area was beveled and groups of small holes were drilled for the figure 8 thread hinges I'll be using. Naturally I couldn't resist putting the pieces together for a mockup of plane and its starting to look like a Simplex should.

Next will be getting the rest of the radio equipment installed and control linkages routed. The fuel tank and lines would be also set up at this time. That's it for now.

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Feb 25, 2013, 08:00 PM
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Forgot a picture of the bottom with the cleaned up sheeting, so here it is.

Mar 11, 2013, 07:58 PM
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Time for a build update. Progress has slowed but there has been some work done on the build. The elevator and rudder have been drilled and control horns test mounted. The fin has been glued to the stab. Throttle servo and linkage has been installed. A hatch cover for fuel tank access has been roughed out. I've started to finish the wing. So far it's got two coats of Minwax polycrylic and two light coats of white rustoleum. The center section and tips of the wing will be red rustoleum. I've used this finish before on a couple 1/2A control line models and as long as you don't let raw fuel sit on the finish, it's been fuelproof. The stab and rudder assembly has also had the same finish applied.

Not as much done over the last couple of weeks as I'd hoped but seeing how I usually don't get out to the flying field until mid April, it should be done about the same time as the flying season starts. Here's some pictures, not a lot to show, mostly it's been just tinkering with small tasks.
Mar 12, 2013, 01:26 PM
Who let the dogs out?
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Originally Posted by edalpoe
Time for a build update. The elevator and rudder have been drilled...
elevator? whats that for?
Mar 12, 2013, 02:27 PM
SB-28 UK Display Pilot
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Those hellivater thingys will never catch on!
Mar 13, 2013, 07:01 PM
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Originally Posted by phil_g
elevator? whats that for?
If all goes well, it'll be a trimming tool. Alternately, it might add a little flare to my arrivals at terra firma.
Mar 13, 2013, 07:31 PM
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I just think that a lot of the pleasure of resurrecting these old Single-Channel designs could be missed by over-equipping them...
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Mar 14, 2013, 04:40 AM
I like real wooden aeroplanes!
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Absolutely no doubt that this model would fly fine with just rudder. However, adding throttle control to these models makes them a lot more user friendly and adding elevator too also makes life easier and turns them into more practical flying machines for the average pilot.

Back in the day when flying escapement S/C models I often used kick-down elevator and it saved me many a long hike down-wind. However, it was only when I progressed to first pulse rudder then full Galloping Ghost that I realised the ability to put the model just where I wanted it, rather than approximately where.

I enjoyed my S/C aerobatic models and know all about marginal trim for rudder only aerobatics with models such as a Cox Special 15 Gasser, TD.09 Sharkface and OS Max 15 Royal Coachman. However, in retrospect, it was a revelation when through first GG then propo I gained PROPER control over the models.

Therefore I contend that the ONLY reason to not fit RET to these models, now that such equipment is so light and cheap, is in the pursuit of "authenticity", and if doing this I would want to use what I used back in the sixties, a McGregor 27 MHz Tx/Rx a rubber powered bang-bang escapement and either dry cell or button DEAC batteries plus of course a motor from the period. Such a set-up would have validity as a proper historic recreation. To accept the advantages of lightweight 2.4 gig radio, proportional control and modern electric power systems, yet limit oneself to rudder only control seems like a somewhat pointless exercise to me personally - but, hey, whatever you enjoy, live and let live.
Mar 14, 2013, 06:15 AM
Who let the dogs out?
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Originally Posted by Sundancer
...To accept the advantages of lightweight 2.4 gig radio ... yet limit oneself to rudder only control seems like a somewhat pointless exercise to me personally
Sorry I seem to have ruffled feathers here, that wasnt the intention. PM sent SD.

Mark, another couple for inspiration. These belong to Bruce P and his young son Miles, they flew the Simplexes together all afternoon at one of the RCMF Fly-Ins... it was a joy to watch, "Dad and Lad" with similar models, very much reminded me of my youth though my own Dad is no longer with us.

............................................. This last one is Pete Millers.
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Mar 24, 2013, 12:52 PM
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Thanks for the additional pictures Phil, interestingly enough they have those elevator thingys so apparently there is a chance those thingys will catch on after all. Note at first I didn't realize who you are and recently I saw what I believe must be your website dedicated to rudder only, so your earlier comment made perfect sense. In the distant past I built a Bill Winters Lighting Bug powered by a Cox Pee Wee .020 and guided it a Mattel pulse rudder system. I'll always remember the wagging rudder sound as it glided home after the engine quit. I do hope to fly the Simplex without the elevator eventually. This build is a nostalgia build, to fly a vintage design powered by a 30 year old engine. It'll have me smiling after every successful flight.

Back to the build: Mostly my build time is on the weekend so this what I've got accomplished in the last two weekends.
Mar 24, 2013, 01:31 PM
I like real wooden aeroplanes!
Sundancer's Avatar
Not far off now Mark!
Mar 24, 2013, 01:36 PM
Who let the dogs out?
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Taking shape Mark, wont be long now!
Incidentally, if only for amusement, the entire original Aeromodeller May 1964 Simplex article is amongst the 'plans' zip on singlechannel.co.uk on the 'Archive' page - its doc S01 - (with thanks to MyHobbyStore who have given us permission to publish on the S/C website).
The development of the original Simplex wasnt very scientific to be honest and the intervening efforts were often 'unusual'... but Dick & pals did eventually arrive at a very practical, easily built (& repaired!) reliable model for the S/C equipment of the day.

Well worth a download and a read for anyone contemplating a Simplex!

Incidentally, if you recall I was about to swap out my DC Merlin 0.75cc diesel on the Simplex, but its got a reprieve, the troubles turned out to be decades-old decay and gunk in the hidden internal tank. With new tubing and a new free-flight style tank on the side of the nose, it runs a treat again.
Only the brave would be flying here in Blighty though, we're back into deep winter again!
Mar 31, 2013, 06:08 PM
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Thanks Phil for that lead on the Simplex article. Your file was much clearer than the one I worked from. Plus there are many other interesting things in that zip file of plans.

It's been a productive weekend here and I've got a plane that's ready to go to the flying field! The weight came in at 14.2 ounces, but I'm sure it could be done much lighter. Surprisingly the balance came in within the C. G. range without any needed lead. This was dry so the balance point will shift some to the nose heavy side with fuel.

So far a couple of my goals have been reached on this build. First off was to get it done on time. An other goal was to see if I could complete the build with the materials I have on hand and I accomplished that. Getting it flying and trimmed out is the next goal. Flying it rudder only is a future goal for it. Ultimately just having some fun with an old model design and playing with my old engine was the real goal of this build.

As far as the build goes for this last week it was mostly just sanding and paint work. The fuselage got two coats of Minwax polycrylic and then red Rustoleum. The skid on the bottom was masked off during painting and it got a coating of epoxy. The lettering on the wing was cut from a Monokote trim sheet and then transferred to the wing. The wing was then sprayed with some polycrylic to hopefully slow down the fuel's attack on the lettering. I've always had problems with fuel and exhaust causing the edges of Monokote trim to lift so this is an experiment which I believe will fail in the long run but might work for a while.

It was blustery outside today and the wind was moving the model so the pictures aren't the best but do a fair job in showing the model. It's not a pretty plane but I knew that when I began. Still it should be unique at the flying field and I'm looking forward to hearing the .049 sing.
Apr 01, 2013, 01:57 AM
I like real wooden aeroplanes!
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Nice job ed. It may not be "pretty" in a conventional sense but it does have a certain simple elegance which the clean non-fussy colour scheme helps to emphasise. Weight sounds OK and I shouldn't think you will have any problems with the first flights. I've updated your link in the Build Off thread with "Finished"

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