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Feb 02, 2013, 10:48 PM
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Heng Long Bulldog tank (and possibly other stuff)

I live in NZ, so the price of the tank from Hong Kong was great (about 1/3rd less than the same tank in New Zealand), but after postage I paid more than double due to the weight/size ($149 NZ).
So, what did I find....?
Detailing and look of the tank are beautiful, however attention needs to paid to trimming off excess plastic where the parts were cut from the original mold and some parts were glued on crooked.
The oil for the smoke generator had leaked throughout the box and additional parts.
Firstly, there was no sound so I opened the tank and found a poorly designed circuit box (RX18). The double sided tape was not holding it to the bottom of the hull. Beneath this I found a wire completely disconnected from the volume control, so I fixed it.
Secondly, took it for a test and the tank stops moving (the sound was still going though) and the barrel started going up and down in a endless, unstoppable cycle. I opened the tank again and found that two resistors in the RX18 were shorting out causing the barrel malfunction and in doing so, one of them ruptured, which is what probably caused the engines to lose power.
Also found the little tubes from the smoke generator disconnected from the exhaust port, so the smoke just spilled out the sides of the muffler like an old farm bike!
The warranty department did say for me to send it back, but the postage would be non-refundable!? This doesn't make sense. Surely if I pay for a product that is meant to do a simple job and it doesn't, I shouldn't have to pay for the return? So I didn't bother.
Unfortunately I am now stuck with having to pay more for a new receiver box or risk buying another crappy one from Heng Long.
The battery charger in the box is US style and 110V. It would be good if an appropriate battery charger could be supplied for the country of purchase (I had to spend another $30 to get a charger)
This was a gift for my father, whom I had to travel some distance to see to give to him. You can imagine our disappointment.
So, lessons learnt? It would have been cheaper to get one in NZ. Heng Long make some appalling electronics and attention to detail in assembly has much to be desired.

**Please note, this is no reflection on Hobby King, who are simply the suppliers of this product and are not responsible for the poor quality of some of its components.**

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Feb 03, 2013, 06:41 AM
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Sorry for your troubles. Most of us who by these know we will be dissassembling and reworking the unit. Many parts will be replaced and modifed. Half the fun is making them work like they should. Dont give up there is more to come. Wait till the smoke gennorator stops working too.
Feb 03, 2013, 08:27 AM
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Ha, ha, its funny you should say that because I decided to remove the smoke generator since it's just another thing to die!
I will persevere with this one and get it running for my dad. I think I will order a new RX 18 MFU (and check it before it goes in) or equivalent and see how she goes. He really doesn't give a stuff about smoke and sound effects, but I think he would enjoy it if it actually drove!
I knew it was fixable, but at the time it was a disappointment. Its was a shame because the tank and its features are quite neat.
Feb 11, 2013, 05:26 PM
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RX18 Board

Be sure to check before you order one. Mine was a year old and I just opened it up to do some mods and was surprised to see a rx18 multi function board already there.

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