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Old Jan 28, 2013, 01:16 AM
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Help Setting up flaps

I have just acquired a second hand composite sailplane. It has the name "Victory C" painted on the wing. It seems to be quite old.

Neither the ailerons or flaps are currently hinged. The front face of the flaps is cut almost square as is the trailing edge of the wing. The flap therefore mates to the back of the wing with only a very small gap. If I hinge it at the top, naturally the flap won't go down so presumably it was designed to be hinged at the bottom. If I am correct in this assumption, when the flaps are deployed there will be a large gap created in the upper wing surface at the join. Does anyone remember if this was the way it was designed please?
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Old Jan 28, 2013, 02:55 AM
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The flaps are bottom hinged so you can get 90 degree throws. The large gap at the top doesn't matter, as the plane will be flying at a crawl at that point. That's a very common way to set up flaps.

Northeast Sailplane Products sold that one, if I recall correctly.

Set up your elevator compensation to give some down, and when you test fly do that with the elevator compensation program up on the screen on your radio. Dial in the appropriate compensation up high, as the plane will likely want to climb like crazy with the flaps lowered.
Old Jan 28, 2013, 06:55 PM
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Thanks for that. I am used to later aircraft (presumably) where flaps can move up for reflex and slightly down for launch.
Old Jan 28, 2013, 08:17 PM
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What you might want to do since the surfaces are loose is chamfer the top leading edge of the flap before you tape hinge them on the bottom. I did that on many a bagged wing build. This will allow you to program in some reflex on the flap surface and also mix some aileron into the flap for more roll control. Don't worry too much about the top gap that far back on the wing. Most of the airlfow is turbulent there anyway.

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