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Jan 27, 2013, 05:28 PM
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Setting up a NAZA from a Spectrum DX8 in HELI mode

Those who want to have switch selectable MAN, ATTI, GPS and Failsafe from a Spektrum DX8 (or higher) have generally been advised to use ACRO mode on the transmitter, and to set the flight mode ("U" input to the NAZA) on one of the 3-position switches, and then mix in the input from a 2-way switch to get to the Failsafe value.

This is how I did it at first, and it works, but it does involve (typically) setting endpoints on the flight mode channel to achieve the MAN and GPS values, using subtrim to ensure that ATTI is in the right place, and then programming the programmable mixers to get the failsafe.

However, this struck me as an overly complicated solution to a simple problem, and one that is likely to be confusing if you come back in 4 months time and need to change something and can't recall why it's set up that way.

What I ended up doing was using HELI mode instead. This allows the TX "pitch" channel (Channel 6) to be used for the "U" input on the NAZA. So be sure to connect the Rx channel 6 output to the NAZA's "U" input.

I set up the new model in the TX memory as a "1 Servo swash type NORMAL" HELI (this is the default so you don't actually have to do anything). All this means is that one channel is dedicated to each of the "elevator", "aileron" and collective pitch functions with no weird mixing involved. Connect the Rx throttle, elevator, aileron and rudder outputs to the corresponding NAZA inputs as usual.

For Switch Select I have INHibit on all except "GOV" (set to Aux2 for the IOC control) and "Knob" which I set to Aux3.

For "F Mode Setup" I have set Flight Mode to "F Mode" and Hold to "Hold".

You can now go to the TX MAIN screen and go to Function List by pressing the roller thingy.

On the "Function List" screens the only things necessary are to set up the servo directions (normal or reverse as needed), and the "Pitch" curves as follows.

On the TX "Pitch" screen you will see boxes for N, 1, 2, and H. On a regular helicopter the "Pitch" output controls the collective pitch of the rotor blades, and this is coupled to the throttle stick. HOWEVER, that is not what we will use it for. Select the "N" box and then scroll down. Set all of the values to whatever is needed to highlight the "GPS" on the NAZA Assistant's transmitter calibration page. On mine that value is 97%. Having all values the same means that there is no change in the value transmitted when the throttle stick is moved.

Then highlight the TX "1" box, and set all the numeric values to whatever is needed to highlight "ATTI" in Assistant. It's 49% on mine.

Next highlight the TX "2" box, and set all numeric values to whatever is needed to highlight the "MAN". On mine it's 1%.

Finally highlight TX "H" box and set all the numeric values so that the "Failsafe" is highlighted in assistant.

That's all there is to it. The 3-position F-Mode switch is used to select GPS, ATTI or MAN mode on the NAZA, and the HOLD switch activates failsafe regardless of where the F-Mode switch is set. No mixers needed. No subtrims needed.

You still have the Rx Channel 5 free for (for example) remote trim or Gimbal control (mine is assigned to the knob input on the TX), and channel 7 can be used on the AUX2/GOV 3-position switch to select IOC mode off, Course Lock or Home Lock.
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Mar 15, 2013, 02:41 PM
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I like this set up.

I'm a heli guy so using this HELI mode is what I'd prefer.

Question, using this set up and the aux2/gov 3-position switch for IOC mode off; Course Lock or Home Lock - is this the switch you would flip to get the Naza to RECORD the home position for RTH? I get that HOLD is the override per the heli pitch window that is good for the failsafe command. BUT if I'm flying around in any mode as controlled by the PITCH channel - GPS/ATTI/Manual - you are saying that I can also select with the aux2/gov 3-position switch ANY IOC flight path too? AND if in ANY IOC flight path...IF I click the HOLD switch the Naza goes into the FAILSAFE mode - which is GPS RTH?

Just trying to get an understanding here.

I'm new at Naza. Will be hopefully doing a PC set up in the next few days as time permits. I'm not ready for a flight yet, cold in PA, but I'd like to get an understanding of what needs to be done and when.

Thanks - great write up!

May 03, 2013, 08:30 AM
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I may be late on an answer but a Blxxxy Good read .
I did use heli on a tri copter for set up years a go to get fail safe PCM 9XII
Cheer's for that.

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