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Jan 27, 2013, 12:25 PM
Low altitude flyboy
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Camber mixing question

I've been programming my Hitec A-9 for my new Zenith 3.7. I think I have it except for one thing. I have the camber set on the right slider with a switch to turn it off. My question is: what kind of elevator mixing would one suggest with camber? Reflex and camber.


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Jan 27, 2013, 12:55 PM
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I probably wouldn't using mixing in this case. I have found that many sailplanes will carry the same elevator trim as camber is changed over a reasonable range. For those that would like a small change in elevator trim, I might add a click or two of up or down trim. But my preferred setup is to use flight modes (speed, normal (cruise) and thermal) with a set amount of camber in each mode along with the changes in elevator trim. Simple click of a switch and camber and elevator trim is set.
Jan 27, 2013, 04:45 PM
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Also you probably won't need a mix at all. If you can set up your radio so there is a thermal flight mode, just trim your plane with camber in. The trims will be unique to each flight mode.
Jan 30, 2013, 07:51 PM
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Nobody asked me, but I think that in most cases, what these guys are saying is 100% true- You don't want camber on a slider for thermal mode or speed mode.
Less is more, in regards to switches. Less switches is better.

VERY OCCASIONALLY, more camber is good for very smooth air, but I think that most of us that are not in the very top percentage of contest pilots (me included for sure) are better off with a fixed amount of camber.

A simple setup that I use (not advising you to do this, it works for me though!) is the launch setup is on an on off switch, and launch mode over-rides everything.
No flapperon mixing or snapflap in launch mode.

When the plane is launched, my flight mode switch is in "reflex", and on the line when I switch launch off, this mode is automatically activated. It has aileron rudder mix, flaperon mix, and snapflap mix. I use it for zoom, traveling distances, and escaping sink. Even used it to get back from far downwind at Visalia once last fall.

Cruise mode is in section, middle position of the 3 position switch. Used to hunt slower for thermals, etc. I circle first in this mode, to decide if I'm in lift or not, before cambering. All mixes active.

Thermal mode is the third position of the flight phase switch. Adds camber. I only use this if I am SURE I'm in lift. slows the plane down, but not too much.

All flight phases have separate trims, and bassically, the elevator trim follows the wings trailing edge (slight up trim in reflex, less in cruise, and some down trim in thermal)
Trying to get your "mix" correct on a slide camber setup will be tough to do at best, in my opinion....and its pretty critical to trim the elevator to get the most efficient flight speed at the trailing edge setting you have selected.

Landing mode (no flaperon or snapflap mix, but extra rudder mix) is active when the throttle stick is slightly pulled down, and this is active in the three main flight modes, but locked out in launch mode.

So, I only deal with two switches the entire time, a launch on/off two-position switch, and a flight mode 3 position switch, thats it. Pretty simple, allows just concentrating on trying to be in good air.

I hope that you find my essay helpful, and not unwelcomed.

Jan 30, 2013, 08:30 PM
Low altitude flyboy
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Oh no, very welcome! This is just the answer I was fishing for.

Very good info. I set up the camber on the slider thinking I could adjust as I go. Max would have been no more than suggested. But I think I'll nix that idea and go with your type of setup on a three position switch. I have launch on one switch that locks out everything else like you said.

What radio do you use, may I ask?
Jan 30, 2013, 08:45 PM
Detail Freak
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I'm using the JR 11X, but that is really not relevant, unless you have that one too....
I'm pretty sure that ALL the newer sets can be setup in this fashion; SD10G, 11X, Futaba radios, Aurora 9, Etc....

One of the key points though is getting that throttle stick to shut off (or turn on) what you want to have happen in your landing mode.
Not having to flip a switch to land is a GREAT thing, when you pop off on launch in front of 300 pilots at Visalia (for example, I would NEVER do that, right?!)....

Find someone that knows the radio well, or has this setup on theirs, if you have trouble doing it yourself.

The less you have to think about, the better you will fly, I believe.

Jan 30, 2013, 11:03 PM
Detail Freak
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PS. You could use the slider to originally try to figure out the best thermal camber setting in the trailing edge, then when you think you have it, just lock it in, making that your thermal phase setting.
Or, you can set the thermal camber to pre-set amount, and make the slider add a little more, and not worry too much about the elevator trim.
You might spend some time chasing the elevator trim though if the added camber is very much.


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