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Jan 27, 2013, 06:34 AM
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Old Hirobo shuttle zx restoration help

My grandfather recently passed away and left me his 25 year old hirobo shuttle.

I has only flown once because the starter belt snapped and he never got around to replacing it.

I wanted to know if anybody can tell me what i need to get this thing running.

I need to know the type of glow fuel
the rotor setup as i was told there is somthing wrong with the rotors by a hobbyshop owner and anything elsei may need to know.

It uses an old FP-G154 futaba gyro

Fp-R107N radio 6ch on the 60Mhz band with a 60.2Mhz crystal.

All the electronics work, only issue is the engine.

Would it be possible to convert it to electric??

by the way, Sataba is South African futaba, as he lived in SA where i was born

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Feb 01, 2013, 03:08 PM
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The starting belt was a definite curse on holder shuttle. On my shuttle, which is about 18 years hold, I ended up reconfiguring the heli to top start.
This is quite expensive as new main frame and clutch assembly are required.

I finally converted my shuttle to electric with good success. However, flight time went from 9 minutes (glow) to 6 (electric). However, my motor choice may not be the greatest. It is nt difficult if you like doing stuff yourself. There are also some ready made conversion but dont know if t wuld fit holder shuttle frame.

First part to chanbe is the gyro. Go with a good modern heading hold gyro. Makes a lot of diffeeence. Also,if your are new to heli, try it without the fuselage, make it less painfull is the bad happens.

For safety, ensure the plastic head parts are not shoing sign of age. On mine I was lucky to spot a crack at the blade bolt before it broke trough.

For your head, I see it is the very hold standard. The new one is quite different. Parts may be hard to come buy but dont take my word for it. As far as head setup goes, the one thing that I can spot easily is that the flyar paddles are not aligned. There should not be any angle between the two and they should be horizontal when main blade is at zero pitch.

Do you have the manual? It is explaining quite well the details of the setup.

Hope this helps as a starting point.

Feb 06, 2013, 04:57 PM
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Nice, it shouldn't require a whole lot to get flying again. Without question you should replace those battery packs, as they have surly expired past their usable life span.

If search US eBay under Hirobo you will find a rather expensive electric conversion kit, I'm unsure it would work in your machine. You never know.

Also if the model has only flown once, you might have a great example for an engine. It looks like an O.S.? If it is the only thing you may want to inspect is the glow plug and the rubber O rings that seal the needle valve assembly to the carburetor body.

While you particular engine may no longer be available, O.S. engines, in a shameful plot to turn a profit stuck to standardized hardware. Examples include bolts, o rings, even crank bearings. If you find something that needs to be replaced, just inventory the engine parts at your local hobby shop if available.

If it were me I'd update the entire radio system. Short of that I would go so far to inspect the internals of each servo, clean off the old grease and re lube them.

It's very nice. If you run into problems I live in Okinawa and can maybe find the parts you need.
Feb 10, 2017, 03:29 PM
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Did you get it flying? I have a similar vintage Shuttle ZX that I hope to revive and convert to electric.

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