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Aug 12, 2016, 02:43 AM
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Junior national air races 1939


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Sep 06, 2016, 10:12 PM
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The B-17 Swamp Ghost Ė Found After 68 Years In the Jungle

The plane, piloted by young U.S. Army Air Corps Captain Fred Eaton, had flown a long, dangerous mission from Australia against the Japanese Fortress at Rabaul in New Britain. This was the first long-range Allied bombing mission of World War II following Japanís attack on Pearl Harbor that included the U.S.

article from "War History On-Line"
Jan 17, 2017, 08:25 PM
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Sailplanes and Gliders

Any soaring/glider pilots out there?
My son and I started RC back in the late '80's with unpowered sailplanes/gliders. We launched them using a "Histart" and we both really enjoyed it but, when we moved to the low desert area of So. Cal. we found that the prevailing winds were almost always too strong to fly so, we sort of fell out of the hobby. My interest was recently re-peaked by a couple of guys (Pat Ensign and Roger (?) ) at our club field who were launching sailplanes via piggy-back on a nitro powered "mule" (?) . So, I'm currently looking at offerings in both powered and unpowered planes and getting the itch to try that vein of our hobby again. I was mildly surprised to see the advancements in these craft over the past almost 30 yrs. .

Thoughts, comments, discussion welcome.

Feb 21, 2017, 02:22 PM
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Easiest way to get back into it is to checkout the Soaring USA website, and also Esprit Models. Some fantastic soaring gear there.
A great place to go for instructional videos is Radio Carbon Art.

Feb 21, 2017, 04:03 PM
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Thanks Chris. I've been browsing the web looking for any and all info on this subject. I've not tried Radio Carbon Art but, I will now.

My first scale sailplane build is coming along nicely but, can't finish it until my parts come in.

Are you aware of any "popular" slope soaring sites within reasonable driving distance? I've never done it and would like to try it.
Apr 29, 2017, 01:26 AM
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Bowman Rings Sold to new Owner

Dear Bowman's rings Customers,

I sold my business to Bjorn Baal in January 2017. I trained him myself on how to make the rings just like I did. He is doing a great job, and making excellent rings, and already sending his rings all over the world.
We thank you for all your years of trusting my rings, to fit and make your engine run even better than when you got them from the factory. Bjorn is hoping you will continue to use him as your piston ring replacement guy also.
Frank had about 35 years of experience that he had to cram into poor Mr. Baalís head, Frank still is advising Mr. Baal, when he has a question regarding piston rings. Frank sold Mr. Baal the same 1951 Logan Lathe that he made his rings on for many years and this is what he trained Mr. Baal on.

Please get in touch with him at

Thank you again, for all your piston ring orders in the past, Take care and God Bless, Frank Bowman

Bjornís Piston ring list:
May 06, 2017, 01:17 AM
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Cameron Air Show 2014 - Missouri

Ever seen an Air Show like this one? I might have to drive up there to see this year's show.

Cameron Airshow 2014 (4 min 29 sec)
Jul 24, 2017, 11:19 PM
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How They Should Be Flown

St. Barth Bucket Show in 2015

Click the link and watch this great video. (short)
Oct 23, 2017, 10:10 PM
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How We Got To Mars

Excellent short documentary of the launch, arrival, and landing of the Mars Rover.
Dec 09, 2017, 11:17 PM
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Do any of you guys know where to get FAI rubber locally? I need some for my students and thought I had some left from a previous project.

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