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Jan 23, 2013, 07:14 PM
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How do I block Valenti256 / Copilot unwanted annoying PMs?

At this point it's pretty well established that Valenti256 campaigns almost exclusively against one vendor here. That vendor and their products and services get flamed throughout, over 80% of his posts are devoted to that vendor. At some point I would have thought that this widespread activity would be corrected, and given the recent appeal it appears it has been addressed.

Not content with comments in threads and forums this member sent me an unsolicited PM, of which I answered. With his use of emoticons and calling me "buddy", it appeared to be a friendly PM. After the second PM I request that he stop PM'ing me, and reported the PM's as unwelcome. I see he has now filed a complaint, indicating he is unaware of how to report a PM (that red triangle on the upper right shows for me). Regardless, for unknown reasons, he has chosen NOT to show the full content of the PMs. I'll do so below:

Re: The topic I follow is at the beginning of the thread.
Quote:Originally Posted by valanti256
Quote:Take it any way you like, buddy.

Originally Posted by porcia83
Quote: I take it the way she likes to give it to me, just ask her, pal.

Quote:Originally Posted by valanti256
Quote: Ask who?: confused:

Originally Posted by porcia83
Check with co-pilot, perhaps she can help.

FYI here is a great link for you to take a look at in your spare time:

Now, please stop PM'ing me, mkay?

At no time did I disparage his wife, I merely told him to ask his wife for help if he wasn't clear on something. Given their constant posting after each other, again on one Vendor, it didn't seem like an odd suggestion.

The good news is that he stopped PM'ing me, the other name on his account started a whole new campaign of PM's. I'll attach those down below since I'm sure he/she/they will try to complain about those too.

So I'm wondering how do I block PM's. I know I can do that for forum notes and entries, but not sure how that can be done with PM's, if at all.

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Jan 23, 2013, 07:36 PM
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Here are the PMs from the other person on this account "copilot"

So this person contacts me out of the blue and accuses me of posting off topic BS, but I didn't get a smiley face. As such, I reported that one by hitting the bright red triangle button "report". I also asked he/she/them to stop PMing me. Ironically, she then asks me to stop PM'ing her.

I don't remember initiating this? I can't help but feel the mods might have infracted one of these posts of "theirs" and that caused the other complaint from them.

Anyway, I'd prefer that they didn't wage any campaign via PM at all, but if they continue to I will be forced to report of course, but would prefer to block all together. Thanks!
Jan 24, 2013, 10:13 AM
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You cannot block emails. You can report them by clicking the yellow triangle in the upper right hand corner. Another option is to ignore them.
Jan 24, 2013, 05:28 PM
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Originally Posted by Jim T. Graham
. Another option is to ignore them.
Probably the best advice, should have done that for sure. Point taken. As always, thanks for the review and answer.

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