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Jan 21, 2013, 07:23 AM
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Brand new Aurora 9 Mode 1 to Mode 2 conversion attempt and fail help


I previously had a very basic 5 channel tx and researched for a month before ordering an Aurora 9 which arrived tonight.

I set about reading the instruction manual to convert from mode 1 to mode 2 which I didn't properly understand. I watched the video on this thread:
and then followed the links to the forum page here:

So far I have managed to take away the ratchet on the right stick and engage the spring so that it has the mode 2 ele+ail stick feeling.

I have been entirely unsuccessful on the left stick trying to engage the ratchet over there! I tightened the M2/4 screw (which I have devastatingly managed to completely strip the head of) under the rubber grip so the stick felt loose and then I screwed down both the ratchet adjustment screws under the little dust cover expecting the ratchet to engage. However I cannot do anything to get the ratchet feeling and I just don't know what to do next as I'm not managing to follow existing instructions and I have stripped one screw with another feeling like it is on the way out.

The left stick does not feel at all right. Left to right movement is fine, but up and down is almost sticky but with a really loose section when travelling between the top two white position marks.

I cannot adjust the M2/4 screw anymore due to stripping the head so is it possible for me to replace that screw?

I feel really quite demoralised.

How far should the adjustment screws be turned? When I undid the left sticks M1/3 screw it felt really tight from the factory. Should tighten the M2/4 to the same point or just to where it the stick is loose? When I screw in and out the two ratchet screws I feel them become tight and loose, but there is no effect on the stick whatsoever.

I have really stuffed this up

Thanks for any help you can offer
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Jan 21, 2013, 07:29 AM
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I'm sure AT or someone will be along shortly to offer help. My only suggestion in the interim is to remove the back of the radio (with due care) so that you can see what is what: it's a bit unnerving I find working only from the outside...

Jan 21, 2013, 08:02 AM
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Thanks for your reply.

This guy on youtube has given me confidence that I will be able to get this sorted. He completely unscrewed the screw I have ruined and AT helped him open and put it back in. I now know it can be removed which is good and means I may be able to find a suitable replacement.

Hitec Aurora 9 opening the radio (8 min 13 sec)

It is very unnerving as you say and this guys other video showing the adjustments from inside which makes me feel a bit better.

Adjusting Hitec Aurora 9 stick tensions (8 min 57 sec)

I am resisting turning anymore screws until I get some clarification on what I should be doing. I may be able to loosen the M2/4 a few turns if I have tightened it too much.
Jan 21, 2013, 08:07 AM
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Cool! Hope you get sorted soon (I.m sure you will)
Jan 21, 2013, 08:25 AM
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Ok just to update.

I did what I said I wouldn't do and tried to loosen the ruined M2/4 screw and this made the stick nice and loose and smooth without the sticky feeling I described above or the loose spot at the top. This was just done with very slow movements of the screw so as not to grind it any further. Somehow I found just enough grip to loosen it.

Then I looked at the ratchet screws knowing from the youtube link I posed that the left screw is the ratchet and the right screw is the "firmness". Good to know.

I also saw in the video the metal strips that those two screws operate and I was able to gently push down on the strip without screwin the screw while moving the stick and I felt the ratchet!! Yay. Almost there.

Almost. I cannot tighten the ratchet (left, air) screw any more than I have. But I estimate that I have a good 1.5mm to push that metal strip down before the ratchet kicks in and anoother 1mm to get the ratchetiness nice and firm. Why is the screw so hard to turn? I'm scared to strip the head on this one too.

Edit: Thinking about the feeling of this screw it is almost like the hole this screw goes into hasn't been threaded and I am cutting my way into hard plastic. The tx came in mode 1 so I'm not sure if it was ever screwed in at the factory? It is getting harder and harder as I screw it further in. Still testing the distance remaining for the ratched to kick in it looks to be around 2mm still. This is a long way considering how the screw feels right now.

Edit2: My thumb is going numb for holding the screwdriver so tight. I have felt the first of the ratchet. I may sleep tonight after all.

Edit3: I am there! I felt the screw tighten 100% and not move any further. Also the metal strip does not push in any further. It is very unnerving turing a screw which is that hard. Without seeing the youtube and more to the point, without pushing down on the metal strip manually and feeling where the ratchet kicked in, I would NEVER have turned the screw that far. Interestingly the heli (firmess) screw next to it was much MUCH easier to screw all the way in.
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Jan 21, 2013, 09:05 AM
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To other new owners of an Aurora 9 converting between modes here are some points to help you feel more confortable.

I am relating the following to the labelled diagram in the following post:
from the Aurora 9 adjustment thread by Alan T (

Screws A and F are the ones which convert between modes. All these screws do is engage and disengage the spring to return the stick to the center (vertically). Unscrewing this screw engages the spring, screwing it in engages it. Just screw down (not "tighten") to the point where the stick is nice and floppy. If you keep screwing down and "tighten" it, it starts to become rough and hard to move vertically. This was my first mistake tonight.

The pairs of screws under C and D engage and adjust the ratchet(iness) and adjust the "firmness" of the vertical travel. When the instructions rever to "acro" (being the screw in each pair closest to the middle of the transmitter) they are referring to the ratchet screw. WHen they refer to the "heli" screw (being the screw fartherest away from the middle of the tx in each pair) they are referring to the general firmness of the vertical travel. You can adjust these so that you have just ratchet, just firmess or both or none. I thought you had to screw both in, but you have the choice. Be aware that the "acro" screw under the D cover was the one I had the trouble with being exceptionally tight while converting from mode 1 to 2.

Also screw F was the one I have smoothed out. I think I am stuck in mode 2 now. Not that it matters

Good luck to anyone else going through this not so pleasant experience.

All this behind me, I am really looking forward to some great times ahead with this fantastic tx.

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