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Jan 16, 2013, 02:32 AM
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Brand new slash 4x4 Ultimate. Body wont FIT!!

I just purchased a slash ultimate about....10 hours ago (my battery has been charging for freaking 5 hours at least -_-). Anyways whenever i put the body back on i realized.......its freaking touching my back tires!!!! The back right is the worst, it literally rubs.....and this is just sitting still (cant imagine when im driving it!!), the back left is still not acceptable but its not "technically" touching....I was told to add the washer's (white ones with holes) on the body mounts.....this did nothing for me...Any ideas? I just think it's ridiculous after spending $600 that I need to add parts etc just to get my body to fit without rubbing....?

On another note...... I've got randoms and before anyone asks yes I HAVE researched but i've gotten more than one answer.

My LHS gave me the "traxxas power cell lipo 25c 7.4v 2cell 5000mah. It says it can take up to 7 hours for it's initial charge.....been waiting 5.5. One of the lights for that battery is green so one more cell lol. Anyways after this initial long is it going to take to charge this thing everytime the battery dies with this stock charger.. (ik better ones are....better/faster)

ALSO, the manual says water resistant, the traxxas website it's water proof, ive been told i can literally hose it down (someone even told me with the battery in it?? ), but I want everyone else's opinion...I dont plan on driving it in the pouring rain or jumping it in a pool, but I would love slamming into bigger puddles and getting her muddy, then being able to hose her down (with removing the batter, maybe the wheels...)

And as far as i can see from what i've soon as this sucker is done charging, (stock charger), i'll unplug the battery... put batteries in my transmitter, then put the battery in my controller, then make i'll have to hold down the EZ button on the esc, to turn it on, then let it stay until its red (to show the LVD is off which is programmed by the factory, then hold until its green which shows the LVD is on) after this is done, i calibrate the controller to the slash like the manual says... THIS IS CORRECT RIGHT?!?!?!
I've been doing heli's for awhile, but this is a little different -_-

Anyways hopefully i'll get a chance to see this sucker run tomorrow seeing how it's dark when I get off work ANY HELP or TIPS are and would be GREATLY appreciated...THANKYOU in advance!!!!
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Jan 16, 2013, 02:50 AM
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wow it shouldn't take 7 hours to charge a lipo, get yourself a decent computer charger mate! i can do my lipos in under an hour.

its strange that the body wont fit, try changing the location of the body posts. they should have multiple holes (im just guessing) to adjust it. also try making your ride height taller by changing the location of the shocks too.

what kind of helis do you fly? im a micro fixed pitch guy
Jan 16, 2013, 08:32 AM
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Its the stock charger that came with the manual said it would take long and no theirs only.4 holes. And blade nanocpx and mqx.
Jan 17, 2013, 06:21 AM
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The ESC and servo is water proof. the bearings ehhh maybe. Mud will still cause accelerated wear but what good is not being able to do what you want with it? I have rinsed off mine several times. I have also replaced parts where there are pivot pins that wear a lot from mud getting in. the motor is sealed pretty good as well unless it is a brushed motor.

The NI Mh batteries charge at a slow rate with any charger. get a 2 cell lipo and imax charger or similar that you can control the output on. The charger that comes with it is a JOKE to say the least.

don't remember the setting of the esc, but once you use lipos its a pain to use NiMH because it will go into LVC after a minute or two of running..
Jan 17, 2013, 04:44 PM
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Ty ty. And yea i have a 2s 5000 lipo but stock charger lmao omg

Im excited to use traxxas app just found out it has sensors alrdy
Jan 17, 2013, 05:29 PM
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My Slash body was a little close to the tire as well but a little time with scissors fixed that ...

As far as fast chargers go I've had this one for years now with good results

Pricier option....I just purchased two of these for friends and they love the 4 in 1 aspect.

Jan 21, 2013, 11:51 PM
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I bought an ultimate 4x4 last week and the body was rubbing on the left side...Maybe it is because of the lcg chassis...just guessing
Jan 23, 2013, 09:08 PM
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it might be that it wasnt completely cut perfectly or its not sitting on the posts right
Jan 23, 2013, 10:26 PM
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I have a jconcepts chassis cover with vent holes for my slash 2wd. It works great! i would have no problem taking the wheels/tires off and hosing it off. Only thing you have to worry about is your screws rusting. I would not hose it off without the chassis cover on though.

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