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Jan 11, 2013, 06:59 PM
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I need your knowledge about motors and fans

I read with attention on this forum, I 'm begining in EDF and I'm asking a lot of questions:
I read a lot of threads on ducted fans, showing performance of some engines including 1015 Kv11000 Turnigy 2S, the AMMO Kv11500, CO5 of AEOrc.
But to get an accurate idea, according to the model of fan, often, it lacks a parameter, like the rpm in charge, or amperage, in some posts, so it is very difficult for me to decide for a fan I could mount on the engine I have. I made a compilation regarding my desire to fly an airplane on 2S on the basis of excellant job of collecting data by Jacques Eloff
https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/show...? t = 1569514.
Knowing the poor performance of a ducted fan I ask the question : can I succeed with my engine aircraft to fly 12 to 15 inches-scale with 2S power supply ??

I don't know if some thrust curves exist for each model or type of fan depending on the Rpm, or amperage and so, was wondering what I could expect about of this outrunner engine, I already use on my micro heli models. These micro brushless YX brand are widely used in micro helicopter from some years and have undeniable qualities: strength and power with now for 4 or 5 years starting very High KV from 7500 kv 16 500 Kv.
I saw a project is underway wil use the HP08.
there is a way to rewind this in post #7114 /

I think use the HP06 V2 BLmotor , Kv 16,300, 6 gr (real weight and I checked the rpm with tachometer) This motor operating at the base 1S, but I think it is building strong enough to operate 2S. Diameter 13 mm and length : 14 mm
shaft 1,5 mm. Io 1.1A. Imax 8 A.
The motor : http://www.rc-heaven.eu/bilder/produ...V2-16200KV.jpg

Some Good motors included HP series with winding scheme :

Although knowing that performance with a fan is much less than with a propeller to give you an idea, this HP06 V2 motor with a gearbox gives 170 gr of trust
with a GWS 7X3 at 5.85 Amps and 4.12 V, not so bad .

One more question :
When you write "clipped" does it means that you remove the blades or you reduce the diameter??

Below I put the compilation I made pointing which seems correct, but again, I'm starting and i'm very curious to read your opinion.

There are many threads on the ducted fans, about the performance of some engines including 1015 Kv11000 Turnigy 2S, the AMMO Kv11500t / v, AEORC CO5, that helps me a lot, thanks to all who give time to show that.
But to get a precise idea, according to a fan model, often it lacks me a parameter, as the regime in charge, or amperage missing in some posts it is very difficult for me, to decide on a model for the fan and for the engine I think to use.
I made a compilation regarding my desire to fly an airplane with 2S , theses datas are on the basis of excellant job of collecting data Jacques Eloff.
See below attached file,from what I raised in 2S only, it seems that the GWS 30mm 6 blades clipped are the best, followed by skyangel, and AEO, but wich i have to try, you believe in descending order ??
The plane that I chose for this new project will be a single ducted fan FMA IA 63 whose wingspan will be around 15 "

Sorry for my poor english
Thank you in advance
Good flights
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Jan 12, 2013, 02:04 PM
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Hello Pirulin

I think that 16300kV might be too hot or amp-hungry for a 30mm fan on 2s?? I might be wrong however.

Clipping by removing bades is to reduce the load on the motor/ battery. Or clipping the diameter for example to fit a 40mm rotor in a 30mm shroud.

The above thread shows my favourite setup for a 24mm system.

The fma ia 63 looksreally cool
You may have to enlarge the intakes however. 15" span should be ok but very slightly larger might be better for a 30mm model.

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Jan 13, 2013, 04:33 PM
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Thanks Stegla, I appreciate your advice, perhaps it is better that I remain on one engine model already tested for a first EDF model, especially taking into it!

What do you think are the best fans in sizes 40 mm and 30 mm??.

For now, I'm thinking towards GWS and AEO, I suppose that I'll have to make a test bench like for conventional propellers to find the best compromise.

Do the inrunner turnigy 1220 is good?? nitro obtained 65gr trust with moded EDF30
Jan 15, 2013, 02:05 PM
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Hello Pirulin

One thing about the FMA IA 63 is the very short tail moment and the long nose. I suspect that the CG will have to be placed well forward..............almost on the leading edge!

I like the kp32..............here's a link to my Gnat project..........

Here's a link to high powered 40mm setups............

Here's a link too my Fury project that explains why I think that the Pampa needs a forward cg.....

Jan 15, 2013, 04:28 PM
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I'm surprised about CG and'll follow your guidance. BTW, may the jedeslky foil could play something with these huge airspeed?? I don't really know.
I read a lot on your forum, and find a lot, universal sharing is tremendous!!

Thanks a lot .
PS : some pics more about this FMA IA 63

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