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Jan 11, 2013, 09:56 AM
Aerial DP
Build Log

Ritewing Zephyr ZXR by Kloner

It's time to dust the paws off and get back on the horse. Since theres some new gear out i wanted to give the beefed out ZXR a shot. She's basiclly a zii with wing extensions like the ZXL, except this ones reinforced to rail and sports a 42mm motor running on 8s. I'm planning making this one to carry the hero black. as all my wings, it's parts list is as follows

ritewing zxr kit
ritewing 4260 500kv
ice 75
ET osd pro w/ baro, sat and guardian
hitec hs-7966hb
lawmate 2.4 vtx 1watt
dpcav regulator and filter
immersion ezuhf 4ch
stainless 440 rod, cf tube and 1.25" robart ail horns

I'm a gorilla glue fanboy, just love building in the stuff. is super light, when used right super easy to work with and it leaves a filer behind. mix with water, let it rise and don't touch it again till it's cut. it remains light and airy and stuck. not quite as stiff as CA, but kinda what i'm after when using it. crashes well, super easy to recycle your gear with.... grab and pull

Enough of what you already know,,,,,, now to the good stuff

When building with gorrila i like to pin the part together first, then i'll strategicaly make a few toothpick pins that are absolutely straight. i'll slightly teak out any problems after pinning with t pins, but before the toothpick ones go in. then after gluing the toothpicks are easy to hit the holes with, i slide them all the way in and leave em glued and whole, but i'll repin the foam so it can't move and shift while it's drying. With water mixed gorilla glue, it's about 15 minutes from goo to dry

those dots of glue are where it oozes out the first pinning. it creates more strength in the joint as well as gives me a fresh straight pinning for the glue to dry under

zii welded together and the wing extensions

big fat roll of rods.....

Chris had recomended dropping in a second spar about an inch back from the stock slot, i went 3" back on top, then did 2" back on the bottom. i have no honest reason other than to try creating more leverage for the rods to keep the wing from twisting...... it also gets a bunch of spars up top and bottom around the bays to stiffen the center.......so hit it with the solder iron and cut some slots. I also am just running single servos, to move cg up a tad and move em out for a better grab at the elevon the servos were moved over about 3" outward and up in front of the stock spar

reused the old servo bays for the switching regulators, hollowed out the inner sides of the rear bay over towards those old servo holes for the osd pro, guardian sensor, wiring, batteries are going back in the proper spot, only gonna line it in thin ply for strength instead of a 1/4" like my others. hoping the sparing will handle the lack of stiffness in that area

Was working on and off with it yesterday, this is about 24 hours in........ should be a good day to get all them spars in and glued....... i'll ca them down with a thin layer then go over the top with gorilla glue, trim, lam.

I've got alot of people in the past gasp at having to trim gorilla glue so i made a quick flick showing how i deal with it. This was fresh glue, hence the squeek, but i' left the glue for weeks, gone back and sliced it ff easier than this shows. 2 things make it super precise, that knife blade clamped in backwards makes the blade follow the surface better and got one of the knife sharpeners you drag a blade through and sharpens, i'll hit that every time i trim one of these off. clears the gunk on the blade and makes it shave the glue easier/smother=better

trimming down gorrila glue (0 min 53 sec)

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Jan 12, 2013, 11:01 AM
Aerial DP
as advertised, made my goal last night...... today i'll power everything back up and make sure we got life still after all the pins and glue, then i'll spackle, and lam. I come from a vinyl graphic background so i do these with spray adhesive, lam, then cover it in vinyl for the color coat. makes it stand out and looks professional. Was looking over some numbers last night and this thing will easily approach over 2kw at 70" wide. Spent an hour and a half with a knife straight razoring off the excess. nice part about the water in the glue is once it starts foaming, it tacks off and anything it touches it doesn't stick to so it's easily removed, like the mushroom of goo that piles over the top,,,,, muffin top i guess you'd call it

I just realized the camera with all the foam pics is in the truck going flying in a bit. I'll revisit the post later when i get back and put up the raw glue pics. there gnarly looking

Gotta go fly some zephyrs, but i'll be back in a bit to finish yesterdays progress pics
Jan 14, 2013, 09:38 PM
Aerial DP
heres those raw gorilla glue pics....

Got the PR6 connectors installed today and powered it all up one last time. Shes ready for lam

heres the gorilla glue mixing vid
mixing gorrila glue (0 min 58 sec)
Jan 16, 2013, 04:36 PM
Aerial DP
pretty much wrapping this thing up. Shooting for a maiden saturday. Went over the airframe with wood filler, sanded that down, used spray adhesive then 5 mil lam. used a vinyl squeege to spread the lam out straight, ironed that on and over lapped it. went over that with 3 mil vinyl for color and markings.

just gotta program the rates.
Jan 16, 2013, 06:52 PM
On a holiday?
boopidoo's Avatar
Hmm, I've seen those kind of fins on another flying wing...
Jan 28, 2013, 11:18 PM
FPV Dealer,Getting People High
Johnnymeg's Avatar
Looking good Cloner

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