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Jan 04, 2013, 11:59 PM
What Do You Drive?
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A New Year Resolutions Mean Not Flying Quads in My Office

Happy New Year.

And you know what that means, you've already dismissed failed resolutions to remove all those bad habits and hope they don't screw up your life before you get one of those big quads for 400 bucks. It's human nature to push the boundaries of a bad ideas and beliefs hoping you'll continue to slide by with it. I know that what is fixable at 45 is impossible to manage at 60.

Allow me to suggest the following life guidelines

Call a Medical Professional
Men are very difficult and non compliant patients, we believe if we don't think about things it will go away and that's because we fear our mortality and don't know how to express those fears. Men have a higher rate of suicide than women even though women have more mental health disorders. I assume it's because men have no real support system. For example, two guys in a bar.

Guy 1 "Ya know I've got this growth on my neck"
Guy 2 "Really, wanna do a shot of Jager?"
Guy 1 "Sure"

You're buddy isn't qualified to put gas in his own car, don't look to him for support, call a professional.

Stop Binging on Junk Food
Sugar is ugly stuff, sure it's addicting and uses the same Dopamine Pathway of Happiness as heroin. Sugar has a crystalline structure and when it floats through the bloodstream it scratches the blood vessels causing inflammation and damage E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E. If you consume too much refined sugars, baked goods and allot of soda, you're blood sugars will rise and soon your body really won't care to manage them, all kind of bad stuff comes down the pike.

Lower Your Blood Pressure
Do you really wanna stroke out in your office while screaming at accounting because they screwed up your pay check again? Increased blood pressure does damage to your kidneys and peripheral circulatory system, has no warning signs and you don't feel it. Sometimes it takes weight loss, exercise and dietary changes to get the numbers down. and if not a pill or 2 sometimes permanently. Man up.

Drop 25 Pounds
Because old and fat is worse than old and with another 25 pounds in the future you'll find you're not sleeping very well, exhausted during the day and have all kinds of concentration problems. The solution is to wear a CPAP at night. I know a guy who is 75+ pounds overweight and he swears by his CPAP, guess he should have sworn off bread 20 years ago. If you're willing to shave a few grams off a quad to get extra flight time, how about knocking off that gut.

Keep Your Testosterone Level Up
Test is the Father Hormone. Test controls muscle wasting, bone density, s*x drive and performance. Levels are lowered by age, obesity, lack of exercise, poor diet, pain medication and some chronic illnesses. There are a number of methods to replace Test but unfortunately none is a pill takes orally. Get a blood test when you hit 40, and a DRE from a urologist.

Get Some Exercise
Fly a heli and drop it a few hundred feet away, walk to pick it up and fly the other direction. Repeat as required.

As it is New Years, I decided to make a few guidelines.

I will repair my Nine Eagles 260, GW9958, Y911, V939 and Walkera QR LB. Most were broken while flying in my office, most parts have been here for 6 months. My Hubsan X4 is already broken after 2 days, but that's another story.

I plan to put paddles on a few heli's just because they're cool looking. And who knows, maybe I can get a 9958 off the walls. And if I can, I'll paint that purple canopy 9958 flat black, because I still have half a can and a purple 9958 can only be flown during Easter while eating jelly beans.

I will not fly a micro quad in my office. I can do tail in/tail out drills all day, I just can't turn. Perhaps I need to start drinking or something.

I will ignore client phone calls till I complete a workout.

I will not fly a micro quad in my office unless I hang energy absorbing material on all 4 walls and tables below.

I will not fly a micro quad in my office, unless I sell my home and purchase one with a fly area double my 14' square fly area.

I will find a way to better manage my time.

I will not fly a micro quad in my office until I design plans to lower my basement floor 5 feet and extend it into the back yard a minimum of 10 ft.

I will fly something outside every day, even though today it is 34 degrees, cloudy, and the wind is... let me take a look.... 8 mph. Perfect for treeing or roofing anything in my back yard.

I will not work after 10pm so I can fly something and get some "me" time.

I will put my new 4 month old #808-16 cam on something and fly it before it becomes old technology. Oh, it already has.

I will put together FPV system on a Walkera QR LB, but first I need to replace the broken frame and arms, parts are on order.

I will get rid of the bad habits I accumulated the past two years because I know better and became to complacent and said too many times, "I don't give a sh*it".

I will be satisfied if I accomplish 2 items from the list above by the end of the year.
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Jan 05, 2013, 10:08 AM
Safety : practice & promote!
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Good resolutions.
Jan 09, 2013, 05:21 PM
Gone with the Mistral
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Hi Al,
Happy new year,
A lot of resolutions...
Originally Posted by Pancari
I will not fly a micro quad in my office. I can do tail in/tail out drills all day, I just can't turn. Perhaps I need to start drinking or something.
Do you mean banked turn ? if you can do tail in/out, I supposed banked turn. You need speed and space to do that with a tiny quad --> outside or you're very good.
Red wine is my advice (with moderation of course). A full pilot is better than an empty battery...


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