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Jan 03, 2013, 09:50 PM
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If the rx's work than any matching crystals should work right?
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Jan 04, 2013, 12:00 AM
Hot Dawg Glider Pilot
schrederman's Avatar
Chrystals should be specific to the receiver, and teh receiver should be of the same shift as the transmitter... I've mixed chrystals with not-so-good results...
Jan 04, 2013, 12:08 AM
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rsrguy3's Avatar
Jan 04, 2013, 10:51 AM
AKA - The "Flywheel"
StevenatorLTFO's Avatar
Ok, just got in touch with a buddy, JR's are positive shift, so the negative shifts I have laying around won't do any good.
Jan 04, 2013, 07:52 PM
Mark LSF # 3792
I have multiple receivers that should be easy to ship that I will most likely never use again. Here's the list:

1 ea. ATX 92745 FM with 17, 36 and 37 crystals
2 ea. ATX 92765 FM see above
1 ea. ATX 92777 FM see above
1 ea. JR R700 FM with 36 and 37 crystals
1 ea. JR R720 FM synthesized (don't need no crystals, dial a crash?)

The rest of my gear would not ship well overseas. But, thanks guys for what you do. I'm here helping to build the equipment you need! BTW, I have a bunch of analog servos would those help? Please PM if you need any of this.

Jan 04, 2013, 08:42 PM
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rsrguy3's Avatar
Every thing helps Mark thanks for your generosity. Will PM address.-Guy
Jan 05, 2013, 01:09 AM
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Originally Posted by rcsoar4fun
I have a 4 channel JR FM radio that is yours if it will help. Channel 31, but I don't have any RXs, if nothing else might work as a buddybox.
I found a Hitec RX that should work, anyone got a crystal?
Jan 08, 2013, 06:06 PM
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please pm me the address
Jan 09, 2013, 02:01 PM
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im gonna send an 8103 and some rec's and crystals to match - How is the project coming by the way? i think i will also send a couple simple balsa kits that kids generally can build in a couple hours
Jan 09, 2013, 02:52 PM
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rsrguy3's Avatar
Thanks Rand. The guys are getting stoked and after some of the gear gets here we will get the saoring started. As of right now we're (on a limited basis) starting a few guys with power (GWS slow stick) . Once we have gliders we will be doing 2 or 3 x's a week teaching sessions with aero tow, and hopefully high start (if one makes it here). Dustin and I will have one other individual to help instruct. Once the guys from the UAS platoon here are up to speed, we'll be putting up flyers around, at post MWR's to get the word out. Our goal is to get a community of guys flying, so there is always someone out there flying, in any case everything helps.-Guy
Jan 09, 2013, 03:45 PM
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k i was under the impression there were kids too - i'll delete the balsa kits and throw in a hi-start
Jan 09, 2013, 06:41 PM
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rsrguy3's Avatar
Nope I refer to the young guys as kids, we all stay inside the wire and on the fob. The only host country flolks we see are the guys that run the bazzars and work in the DEFAC's. Sorry for the confusion.
Jan 09, 2013, 07:06 PM
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doc993's Avatar
Good idea There are a lot of FM sets sitting on shelf's here ,that you can barely sell.
Jan 14, 2013, 05:59 PM
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sent a jr 8103 on 37
Jan 14, 2013, 07:19 PM
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rsrguy3's Avatar
Awesome, thank you.-Guy

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