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Jan 01, 2013, 11:29 AM
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E-Flite Mig or Stryker 180

I'm thinking of getting one of these two, but looking for some advice. I currently fly helicopters - Blade 130x through to T-Rex 550, and am thinking about giving planes another go after a few years of not flying them. Where I currently live (Baku), is usually pretty breezy, but there is not a great deal of room available either, I'll be using a school sports field and this lack of room is having me tending towards one of these little fellas.
Local support is non-existant, no local shops here so spares and repairs need to be taken into account.
I'm leaning towards the Mig, just cause it is so cool with the EDF, but any thoughts on the two I mentioned, or other suggestions?
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Jan 02, 2013, 10:42 AM
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I have the Mig, but not the Stryker so keep that in mind. From what I understand the Mig is the easier of the two to fly. The Stryker is more aerobatic, but in your situation that is as much or more of a "con" as a "pro". It also requires some unusual programing from what I understand. Those factors and others would point me towards the Mig if I was you.
Jan 02, 2013, 02:06 PM
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I personally enjoyed the stryker more but in your case haveing not flown fixed in a while the mig would be the route to go. voice of reason here if you are looking to get back into planes you may consider a high wing trainer set up, yes i know there not the coolest but hey if you really want a mig or stryker its probably worth waiting for. my first step into planes was a doozy i started on the um p-51 talk about a steep curve,
Jan 02, 2013, 06:24 PM
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I'm also a heli guy and the mig is my first airplane. It's amazing what kind of winds it can withstand, the AS3X stabilization puts it in a class of it's own. I picked it because the field where I fly is kinda rough and as a beginner I would have needed a constant supply of props.

The mig needs the following mods:
-reinforced horizontal stabilizer with a carbon rod or a thicker clear plastic sheet
-nose cap, that one you need to make yourself. You need alginate and plaster to make a mold of the nose and then ~85mm heat shrink tube to make the cap.

These aren't a must but they will break first.
Jan 03, 2013, 10:15 AM
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I have found that a thin coat or two of 50% elmers glue/50% water stiffens up the nose pretty good as an alternative to that.
Jan 05, 2013, 02:27 AM
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I have both the MiG and the Stryker 180. As mentioned, the MiG is much easier to fly, as the Stryker is meant for aerobatics. They both handle wind very well. I guess if you already have heli's you have a good computer radio, as the Stryker needs some good rate selection and unless you hate it, expo. The MiG might be called underpowered, but I find it's pretty good. Just make sure you have enough altitude and speed if you're going to try a loop. I've kept both stock (Though I just got some GWS4040 props to try on the Stryker.) and only damaged the Stryker a little on my first or second launch attempt while still learning to hand launch it.

They are both fun in their own way. I like the MiG since it's one of my favorite cold-war jets, and I fly it around mostly scale-like. The Stryker is fun to just throw around the sky, do snap-rolls, frisbees, and high speed fly-bys. Well relatively high speed. Fast for it's size. The Stryker is much faster and can climb with authority, the MiG will teach you energy management.

Good luck with your choice!
Feb 08, 2013, 04:26 AM
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Depends on what you want. The UMX Mig-15 feels like a boat after flying the UM Stryker. Migs stay in the box when Strykers are around....just too boring.

I enjoyed the Mig a lot, until I flew the Stryker. I could never go back. The mig has a very short flight time because it's EDF and has AS3X. The Stryker has at least twice it's flight time. The Stryker is Faster, handles wind better and lands far easier...with the mig you need a long grassy field or concrete area. With the Stryker, you can land it virtually straight up and down.
And the Styker is a real kitten when flown slow or a bat-out-of-hades when pushed.

The mig is waaaaay overpriced too. Like, super over priced. If you are a modeler type and are obsessed with planes looking "real"...get the Mig. If you like to fly however.. get the Stryker. I've flown both a lot and that's my 2 cents. Indeed my friend just sold his Mig-15 to buy a UM Stryker.
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Feb 09, 2013, 07:49 AM
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No competition there for me , the Stryker wins hands down , came from helis myself and now fly mostly planes ( helis are my pride and joy so kept for ultra calm sunny days were the only major risk of crashing is me lol ) i now have 3 of the larger strykers in different setups ( relatively fast , acrobatic and floater ) the stryker despite its relative simplicity is my number one plane and has been for a number of years , the smaller one takes a little more to fly it but even so theres no comparison for me.
Feb 09, 2013, 10:34 PM
that's gonna leave a scar
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Originally Posted by AustinG
I have found that a thin coat or two of 50% elmers glue/50% water stiffens up the nose pretty good as an alternative to that.
never heard of that, but it sounds like something i'd try !!

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