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Dec 17, 2003, 02:05 AM
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Motor/prop/battery suggestions for powering micro SPAD glider?

Hello all, I'm working on coming up with a suitable powerplant for a micro SPAD sloper that I designed. It's got a 24" wingspan, single-surface undercambered airfoil, 138 of area, and the airframe w/o Rx battery weighs about 3.4oz. More details (plans) available here.

In any event I'd like to go with something that will give it decent sport/aerobatic performance. I would like to stick with a brushed motor but want to use Lipolys for the added duration.

Would a GWS EPS 350 setup work for this plane? What size prop would be appropriate? Would something like 700mAh LiPolys be acceptable?

I have previous experiene with a microheli running LiPolys and am familiar with their safe "care and feeding".

Thanks much,

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