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Feb 28, 2013, 11:57 PM
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Originally Posted by nick30head
great fotos

i have noticed that theres similiraties between the AX10 an HSP crawler

the chassis and gear box axles are the 2 main differences, i have the hsp crawler and wondering if the ax10 axles will fit

what is HSP ? what brand is it
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Mar 01, 2013, 12:15 AM
oh that guy
Its made by these guys http://www.hispeedmodel.com/en/index.html
Mar 06, 2013, 09:48 PM
The wind caused that!!
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if your going to ditch the stock chassis, there are alot better options than the old swx chassis now. UGC (underground crawlers), BWD (billet works design), and even the VP incision chassis are alot better. they have way more tuning options and just flat out work better.

torque twist is a big problem in the shafty. if you install overdrive gears in the front it will help. underdrive in the rear also help. if you do both UD/OD it really helps knock torque twist down. but it makes backing up quite different!!

with the stock chassis you just don't have the ability to get the link geometry right to kill the twist. with a good aftermarket chassis you can dial almost all of it out, and then the gears will get rid of the rest.

i personally ran the UGC fastback chassis (its supposed to be a bodiless chassis) and i ran the vw bug body on top of it. made for a very competitive rig that took 2nd place in state!!

on those panther leopards, take a pair of dykes and cut the lugs in half (sipe them). then take the tires out on some rough concrete and wear the crap out of them. the more they wear (like when the lugs start to rip off the tire) the better they grip.

when you really wanna get some good traction on the rocks, look into the losi boss claws or the new ottsix voodoo's. i really like the pin tires due to their more predictable track. when the crawler starts to bounce the tires basically hold it straight so it doesn't go bouncing sideways on the rocks. plus the pins really offer better traction on ledges and cuts. they just don't work to well in dusty environments.
Mar 17, 2013, 12:14 PM
Crawler Ted's Garage
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Good post Hoghead ! great info .
Some pretty sweet ax-10 builds going in our club right now .

Im rebuilding a GC-2 shafty rig right now . Myself and JD are going to run it in Sportsman class .
I run a 2.2 pro class Berg , v4 Juice as well

Still a lot of us rocking the rock grabbers out here .
The boss claws are getting more popular though .
Im still not ready to mnake the switch . need to do some comparison testing .

Are you comping this rig Slim ?
Mar 23, 2013, 09:55 AM
oh that guy
Thanks for the info hoghead.

Im want to run it in sportsman class some. But im working on a couple of scalers that will be more for competitions. I have a class 1 and a class 3 being built right now.
Jul 13, 2013, 09:58 AM
oh that guy
Its been a while so here are some updates.

I experimented with a traxxas titan monster 550 for while. It had serious torq and decent wheel speed. But it went through batteries fast and heated up way too much so its out and a 55t is in its place. Works great for now and the rig is a lot lighter

Pulled the xl5 esc and replaced with an old tekin 610-g. I know I'm going backwards in technology but its rated for 10 cells and is tunable for instant reverse. So now I'm running 3s 1500 lipo with a LVA.

Pulled the front high clearance links in favor of straight links. The skid was getting hung up way too much with the high clearance links.

Pulled the wideners for now because they loosen too much while bashing.

Mirrored the trans so tt is almost gone

Still experimenting with tires.

Made a reciver battery pack since the 610-g bec sux. And I don't have an external bec yet. I strapped the 4 aa pack to the steering servo and it helps with front bias and low cg for now.

New body. The bug body was getting worn out and I had a parma 34 pickup body so I moved the body mounts around painted the body pactra metallic burgundy and well see pics for the results. Not done with it yet

Added drive shaft retainer rings.

Took out the semi droop shock and replace with non droop internal spring shock because my ground clearance sucked with the semi droop.

I think that is all the craziness I have been up too.

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