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Dec 21, 2012, 01:26 PM
What Do You Drive?
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The Best Micro Quads to Fly Into My Office Walls

When you're self employed and the economy is starting to get back on it's feet and when the big project finally hits you've been praying for last year finally kicks in gear you really don't have a choice but to dismiss everything in your life but work so you can pay the bills and bank a few shekels for the next rainy day.

So what if you only see your wife in the morning, at dinner and while watching Dexter and Homeland on Sunday. And as far as having time for driving my 300 hp Vette vibrating through custom dual exhaust and headers around the block on Sunday afternoon waking up who fell asleep while watching the Philadelphia Eagles lose another football game. But that's gotta wait till the weather turns around.

So when it comes to pulling out a new micro quad and run it into the office walls, well, that's gotta wait till all the big checks are deposited and I'm down to the usual "I need this yesterday" routine.

So while everyone is flying FPV I'm sitting on my *ss clearing out my backlog and waiting to fly something. And I gotta admit I'm pretty burnt out this week so I dusted off the micro quads I bought two months ago and started to mess with them.

And ya know, I really suck. Yeah, I made 2 marginal V929 vids and I can fly a V911 like it's on fire around my office perimeter but add 2 more rotors and my reflexes look like a 90 year old man eating soup. A good soup, not that crappy canned stuff with allot of salt, the stuff my little Italian grandmother used to make.

So I took the advice I gleaned from Stonecutter's vids where every heli he owns are all over his office so he can grab something and make a vid in less time a bad sitcom gets cancelled. I figure if I see what I have maybe I'll be more prone to fly 'em. So I cleared a shelf and stuck a few out.

When it comes to total performance a V911 will really kick some major ass especially for the price. It's easy to control, runs under a T9x which is the big draw, and who can resist their heroin in multiple colors. I am not a big fan of the black/orange combo so the canopy magically found itself on the wet side of a can of flat black.


I don't think a cheaper quad can be bought than the V939 but for me, it's awfully difficult and I need to put 6 clicks in two different directions to get it to hover. I broke the V+ wire two days in a row trying to get the battery off. So today I hit all the male connectors with a black Emory board and things seem allot easier to deal with. I still need to do some soldering again. And for the price it flips and can be run under a T9x. For me, I just want to fly as fast as possible but these things slide like 9958 and I need to throw a little aileron in there for the turn and quite frankly there is some magnet in my office walls that pull this ting into it. Using the stock TX, at 40% it gets responsive and too fast for me.

I love my Walkera QL LB, its fast, crisp and does what you want it to. The red body is a deep burgundy that reminds me of my fathers's 1968 Buick Electra 225 that I used to take and go parking with this girl that I dated. In retrospect the car was better, allot better than she was. I am using a 2402 now but have a Devo 7 ready for when I grow up and become a big boy. Quite frankly I hate the Devo 7 display but the Devo 10 seemed too expensive. Anyway... It's my choice of the two.

I picked up the above stock for an excellent price, even though I swore 6 months ago I was not going to buy another heli this year. Then I bought a V929, Y911, V939, QR LB, so that's IT!!

Well, ehh... not really, there is a Hubsan X4 coming next week, but I won't fly it till 2013. I swear.

Left to right

Tx - Devo 7 - not yet used, D2402, WL V929/939 controller
Walkera QR LB, V939, V911/Blue

In my go case, V929, V911/Red and T9x, now I gotta go somewhere

Nine Eagle and Great Wall heli's not shown.

Looks like Santa is bringing me some cold wx and a bit of snow as a prelude to Xmas.

Thanks Old Man, I really need it.
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Dec 22, 2012, 05:34 PM
Gone with the Mistral
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Nice case

Ciao Al,
I like your go case, really neat. What is the "black-grey ball" on the left side ?
Is it a canopy ?

Dec 22, 2012, 06:28 PM
What Do You Drive?
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Hey Olivier, how you doing?

The black- grey ball is really a red V929 canopy painted flat black with a silver stripe. Actually, the silver stripe is Stainless Steel paint I use on my Corvette engine compartment.

There are slots in the case for my Canon camera, a slot for my 808-16 covered by the canopy and a few different batteries styles.

I did a video on case creation techniques but I guess you could use a few extra large croissants to carry things around.
Jan 02, 2013, 05:39 PM
Sir Crashalot
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Al, is that a VHS player on the shelf? Watching XX on your coffee break?
Jan 05, 2013, 12:19 AM
What Do You Drive?
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That is a VHS-DVD converter and use it to watch movies, they are in the photo as I work.

If you look at some of my vids you will see a tiny mirror mounted to my shelf allowing me to look view the TV w/o turning my head.

As far as VHS X-X, that's old technology.


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