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Dec 15, 2012, 01:18 PM
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DJI Naza Programming for Spektrum DX8, DX6, DX9, DX10T & DX18/QQ & soon to be DX18T

My New Website Here.

This thread is to provide programming, help and SPM files for these radios for use with the DJI Naza with GPS multirotor controller system.
Warning: This thread is moderated by myself and posts can be deleted at any time by myself. All I ask is that posts stay on topic and that is programming for these radios for the DJI Naza with GPS controller.

This Thread is NOT a DJI Naza with GPS thread and so question about specific DJI components or multirotors should be ask in their respective forum section and threads.
If you have Spektrum Airware radio programming questions for a DJI Naza w/GPS controller then by all means post away and I hope I can provided you with the answers that you need.

There are two Failsafe involve when using the Naza System.
#1 Naza Failsafe. The Naza Failsafe when triggered by either Lost of Signal (when properly setup of course) or by the Failsafe Switch I programmed will do 2 things.
  • A) When using GPS and Failsafe in the Naza Assistant is set to ENHANCE FAILSAFE the unit will return to home position and land.
  • B) When GPS not is use or no GPS sat/signal available it will simply AUTO LAND.
#2 Radio Failsafe. In the event of signal failure you want the receiver to tell the NAZA to go into failsafe mode. For this you need a receiver capable of Preset Failsafe.

GPS Mode - Your multirotor when good GPS sat/signal is locked in will stay in the same spot regardless of wind conditions or any outside forces try to move the Naza, plenty of videos showing people grabbing the naza and pulling it away and the naza returns to its original position. This also includes the vertical position.

ATTI Mode - ATTI is short for ATTITUDE mode, this is what keeps the Naza Level and when you fly even if you push all the way on the control sticks the Naza will prevent the multirotor from getting in to steep of an angle and dropping out of the sky from losing altitude because the multirotor is now for example at the 90 degree angle.

Manual Mode - Manual mode means just that, you are in complete control of the multirotor with NO stabilization what so ever. So if you get confused flying and with orientation you can and will crash. If you know how to fly HELICOPTERs then you can do ok with MANUAL MODE, if you don't fly helicopters don't fly manual mode. This is why I recommend you setup for ATTI and GPS when using the DX7s and you only have 2 position switches.

Course Lock and Home Lock is something else. The Naza learns and remembers the orientation or where it's pointing so when flying and IOC is active, in CourseLock pushing forward on the stick will cause the multirotor to go forward BUT based on the orientation it was pointing in when started. For example if it was pointing NORTH then regardless where it is and how it's oriented, pushing the stick forward will cause it to go NORTH.

Home Lock uses Home Position and only works when away from away at about 10m. When in home lock pushing forward makes it go away from you if you are standing in the Home position BUT be careful, when returning and the Naza crosses into the 10m circle around Home location it will switch to Course Lock and may cause some confusion for the pilot. This is why if I use IOC I always use Course Lock only and also recommend the same when 3 position switch are not available for IOC as well.

With that said Here We GO.

Reffer to this post for Screen Shots for NazaM Assitant Settings for these SPM files.

The following posts will provide a breakdown of the programming and also provide the SPM file of the setup describe in the post. You MUST double check your setup which can be done by using the DJI Naza Assistant software you should already have.

Originally Posted by Spektrum Community Download Page
DISCLAIMER Attention- Safety First!
The model setup files provided here can greatly simplify setting up complex programming in your transmitter for your favorite aircraft. Because mechanical setups can vary on some types of models, it is your responsibility to perform all pre-flight setup recommended in the product manual, ensure all controls are operating in the proper direction and within the manufacturers recommended throws. You should also take time to understand the anticipated flight characteristics for each flight mode that might be enabled.
Please Make Sure Your Transmitter Is Up To Date Before Importing My SPM Files.
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Dec 15, 2012, 01:22 PM
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Programming guide

The Programming Guide along with SPM files can be found on my NEW website

Along with the spm file and guide New YouTube videos showing every single steps to programming your radio for use with the NazaM series of controllers will be up shortly so make sure to Like and Subscribe to my Channel.
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Dec 15, 2012, 01:22 PM
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Please Take a Moment To Read The Following Msg.

Please if you like what you see here and use what is provided in this thread just take a moment and READ THIS ..

Thank You.
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Dec 15, 2012, 03:28 PM
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Subscribing to Threads

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You can simply Subscribe to this thread in the Thread Tools just above the first post on the right hand side.
There you can also chose how to be notified of new posts.
Dec 16, 2012, 09:43 AM
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Preset Failsafe Binding

The following post is to help/provide the steps needed for proper binding/failsafe settings for use with the Naza controller and its failsafe feature.

The Naza controller's Failsafe Feature is activated by the receiver channel connected to the Naza U Port. This is the channel/port that controls the Manual, Attitude and GPS flight modes.

If you are using the GPS, you can enable Enhance Failsafe which will bring the Naza back to home position and auto-land.

For all the programming/SPM files provided here I have provided mixing allowing the use of a Failsafe Switch. This is important to know before binding if you have a switch setup to manually trigger Failsafe without having to turn the radio off.
If you do not have a Failsafe Switch setup Binding will require extra radio preparation prior to binding.
Failsafe programming with Failsafe Switch.
Radio Preparation.
- System Setup / Warning - Inh Throttle warnings. (Enable after binding complete)
- Function List / Servo Monitor - Move throttle stick above 10% (DJI recommendation)
- Toggle Failsafe switch and confirm on Servo Monitor screen Gear Channel or the channel connected to U port of the Naza has moved to Failsafe position. If the channel travel has been set to 85% the failsafe position should be + or - 42% give or take.

- Turn Off radio

Receiver Binding
- Insert Bind Plug in the Bind/Data/Batt port of the receiver.
- Power On receiver, receiver and attached sat should be flashing (led)
- REMOVE BIND PLUG , this step is required for proper Naza Failsafe Feature to function properly in the event of signal lost. This is the required step to active receiver Preset Failsafe.

- Hold Trainer Button and Power On the radio.
- When Binding Message is displayed on screen, trainer button can be released.

After successful Bind remove Bind Plug. Connect Naza to PC/Assistant and test Failsafe feature by powering off the radio. U channel Manual/Failsafe/Attitude/Failsafe/GPS should go to either Failsafe Positions.

In the event you do not have a failsafe switch.
The receiver binding steps DO NOT change, what does change is the Radio Preparation.
You must use servo travel to force the rx channel connected to Naza U port to the failsafe position. You will know what value to use when the Naza Assistant shows Failsafe Position on the Screen. Once you have completed the binding process you will need to return the channel back to 85% travel required for proper flight mode control of the Naza.

Spektrum Preset Failsafe Steps (0 min 0 sec)
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Dec 18, 2012, 11:57 AM
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After watching some videos and reading what a member posted in another thread I wanted to post the following.

It's very important for the Naza Failsafe to properly function that the radio/receiver failsafe be properly setup.

DJI Naza Failsafe requirements/recommendations.
- Throttle Channel low position during Failsafe condition be set HIGHER then 10%
(This is doable on ALL spektrum receiver and requires you set throttle stick position (10%) during binding) goes against what must of us are used to but it's required.
- Gear Channel or the channel connected to U port of the Naza MC (controller) be set to Failsafe position during signal lost. (Now this is very important) In order to get this to work you require a receiver with PRESET Failsafe (not all receivers have this).
For those of you with a Preset Failsafe capable receiver, you need to set it up properly and this requires you remove the bind plug PRIOR powering on the radio in bind mode.
Dec 21, 2012, 01:40 PM
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DJI f550 Naza GPS (0 min 0 sec)
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Dec 27, 2012, 09:16 PM
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Not all Spektrum receivers are suitable to use with the Naza controller.

You are looking for spektrum receivers that have PRESET FAILSAFE.

The reson why Preset Failsafe is required is simple.

For the Naza Failsafe to work in the event of radio signal failure the Naza will either auto land or return home and land when used with GPS the Naza controller must see a specific channel position on channel U of the Naza and this is most of the time the gear channel on the receiver.

Most receiver simply hold last position so your Naza would not go into Failsafe mode and land.

With preset Failsafe you can program the gear channel to go to a specific position in the event of signal failure. This specific position would tell the Naza to land or return home and land.
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Dec 27, 2012, 10:17 PM
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Ok thanks I understand now! Since fpv is not allowed in singapore I think this would give me less of a chance to loose radio signal range wise. I just did some research and it appears that only the ar8000 and some of the 7000 series carry this pre set feature :/ Are there any other receivers compatible with spektrum?
Edit: I think for now I will keep the ar6200 and see how it goes as I have yet to have an issue with my helis but I will still keep my eye out for those specific recievers
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Dec 28, 2012, 07:51 AM
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If you are just flying with line of sight then you SHOULD be good. A proper range test would also help. I would even get a helper and do a full power range test and see how far you can go before losing signal.

This way you get an idea of how far you can fly, chances are you will be good BUT just remember that IF & IF something was to happen to the radio, receiver or RF signal the Naza will NOT go into it's Failsafe Mode. (Auto-Land & Return Home & Land).

Preset Failsafe is somewhat easy to test.

Do the PRESET Failsafe binding procedure (remove bind plug priop to powering on the radio) then specificaly move a stick other then throttle to a specific position and then bind the radio.

Then test to see if the servo goes to the specific position you set during binding or if it's just holding the last command. If it moves to specific position then you have a Preset capable receiver.

I may end up making a list of the receivers that have Preset just for the purpose of this thread.
Dec 29, 2012, 01:52 PM
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I have a question. I'm new at this and been looking at setting up my DX8 and dji 450 naza with gps. Going to try you setup . Wondering why some setups have you put radio into airplane mode and you have it in heli ? Thanks
Dec 29, 2012, 02:01 PM
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Because these are more heli then airplanes but require very basic programming so if you do plan on using Heli Model Type make sure you leave the Swashplate setting to its default Normal Swash Type.

It's a preference thin, some want to have a heli picture and other don't care for it.

I can easily provide the same setup using acro model type.

The other reason for using heli is on the DX18 qq you can use the quad image for model type.
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Dec 29, 2012, 02:42 PM
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So I can just use this on my DX8 in heli mode and I'll be fine?
Dec 29, 2012, 02:49 PM
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Uploading my SPM file will automatically set your model type to Heli. You will need to rebind.

Don't forget to BIND using Preset Failsafe method and not the normal binding procedure.
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Dec 29, 2012, 04:32 PM
Crashaffinity on youtube
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thanks for the DX8 file freechip! you just saved me a load of time!!

mind you i had to go salvage a spare switch from my dx5 because i dropped my dx8 and broke the gear switch.. but that's another adventure...

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