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Dec 10, 2012, 07:20 PM
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I'm contemplating putting a door in the front compartment.

I will fly electric. So I won't need the fuel tank there. I don't know how the CG will work out. But perhaps I need to shove some batteries in there. Or perhaps some future payload. I don't think I will be able to resist putting a autopilot in there eventually.
Access only though the top where the wing connects could be a bit awkward.
I'm thinking of following the modern telemaster kit design here and leave part of the top sheeting un-glued as a hatch.
Or from the bottom perhaps?
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Dec 12, 2012, 06:08 PM
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Beef up the sides of the fus near the tail. I do not know why they made it so skinny but you can break it off. Uh, don't ask.
Dec 19, 2012, 01:44 PM
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The PIPE's Avatar

Nice "Telly-40" build you've got going there in the UK!

Dear DeepThought:

The PIPE Here...I noticed your Telemaster 40 build going here at RCGroups, and I surmised you're building the six foot (1.8 meter) wingspan version from your photo at https://static.rcgroups.net/forums/a...8-IMG_1909.jpg ...the "Telly-40" kit that's waiting for me to GET BACK TO WORK again to be able to afford building it (unemployed since September 2008!!) is from the American Hobby Lobby International firm in Tennessee, the North American distributor of them.

From my earlier thread concerning my Telly-40 kits' eventual power needs here at RCGroups, I figured that the all-broken-in Saito 56 four-stroke mill that I've got here at home would be ideal for powering it, and at the bottom of this posting is a drawing for a "designed & to be built by yours truly" epoxy-fiberglass COWL for the Telly-40 and its Saito 56 mill, to be "side-mounted" with the Saito-made aluminum motor mount I obtained for it.

Such things like a set of full Frise-hinged ailerons for it (something I've had a LOT of experience with doing, for two earlier RC aircraft) and a leaf-spring, J-3 Cub-style tailwheel...as well as a FULLY REMOVABLE set of tail surfaces for ease of transport...are also things my own Telly-40 would be getting in time, and those sorts of things can be fully designed by myself with the degree of CAD drafting experience I've had for some 20 years now.

I've also managed to get my hands on a scraped-together set of scans for the original, 1970-vintage 2.4 meter wingspan German drafted drawings (by Karl-Heinz Denzin) for the "Senior Telemaster" and placed them on my hard disk for future considerations, like scratchbuilding one from my own CAD-drawn plans for it. I've got a rear camshaft OS FS-90 glow ignition four stroke mill for that future Senior Telly, which will be built as a tribute to the enjoyment my late RC flying instructor, Sam Frey of Cape Cod, Mass. had with his own example, powered with an Enya 90-4C four stroke mill way back in the early 1980s.

Telemasters are about some of the best flying RC aircraft around if you love slow flying, as I've always preferred. And, four-stroke mills seem to fly them better than about anything else, too, if one's not going with electric power. I DO intend to try RC electric flying with the sorts of late 1930s/early 1940s free flight large size (between five to seven foot wingspan) so-called "Old Timer" models - with three channel RC control (rudder/elevator/ESC) when I can afford it (again, I AM unemployed for the present) and power them for flight exclusively with A123's lithium iron phosphate cells for safety and durability considerations.

Best of luck with the further progress on your own Telemaster...

Yours Sincerely,

The PIPE....!!
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Dec 20, 2012, 05:48 AM
Registered User
Yep, it's the good old Telly-40. Still frighteningly big for someone who only flew foamies before.
I will get back to building later this week or maybe next week when I have time off from work. I might be able to finish the wood working side of the build this year.
I will have to stretch the build over many pay cheques, so maiden will be at some indefinite time later. So far everything was quite cheap. But good servos, motors, RSC and a few batteries will cost me dearly. I also need to upgrade my transmitter... (Turnigy 9x with ersky9x.net mainboard and Spektrum hack)
I will not be able to re-use any of my small foamie parts.

As for IC or Electric. I never flew IC but they certainly sound better.
But I will be storing the plane in-doors in my office. So oil and petrol smells are out of question. I'm glad I have the option to go electric.
Dec 30, 2012, 07:43 AM
Registered User
Yesterday a huge order went out for more material.
I got a little bit stuck because I need to test-fit the control snakes first.
Also got the covering material and some filler to fix up my mistakes. I decided to go with SolarSpan on the Fuselage to make it stiffer around the tail. Wing gets regular SolarFilm.
I will also pre-tack some of the tricky areas with Balsaloc.
Colour will be classic Red and White.

I'm pretty much done. I just need to test-fit everything now. Give the Stab a level seating and add the bottom sheeting after I fitted the snakes. And put in the hinges for the controls.
So enough theory. Here some pictures.
Dec 30, 2012, 08:28 AM
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TexasClouds's Avatar
The plane looks so rustic compared to the new fangled laser kits.
Dec 30, 2012, 08:36 AM
Registered User
So true. I'm loving the experience. But I could have it so much more easy.
I get tears in my eyes when I see the build videos of the current Telly kits. But they are about quadruple the cost of what I payed for this baby.
Dec 30, 2012, 09:35 AM
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TexasClouds's Avatar
I'm building a Fokker D7 from a Gordon Whitehead RCM '87 build article. It is taking me a while to complete but I'm enjoying the build. Sometimes a simple task becomes a project all by itself, like the shaped balsa cowl. A modern kit would likely provide a fiberglass cowl and save many hours build time. But what is the fun in that?

I noticed you are in England, Gordon lives there. I'm also using solartex covering from there. It's nice to avoid the Asian made products whenever possible. No way around them for the electronics though.

Dec 30, 2012, 10:47 AM
Bellanca Kruesair
epoxyearl's Avatar
Listen to you guys talk....folks who understand me..Rustic ? antiquated ? I build ARFs to finance my scratch builds....There is no satisfaction in that.
I built cars for General Motors,installing left side door mechanisms.After doing that about a thousand times,your mind goes numb.-Building ARFs numbs the mind also..Did you hear the guy who asked for a wing rib pattern?He had no idea how to make a reverse pattern from cardboard..
We,on the other hand, handle every piece in our builds..We fit,glue,modify,and 'beef up' as necessary.
I just wish I could put Ultracote over Ultracote.-Don't tell me how- I CAN'T DO IT !!lol. Keep on keepin' on.
Latest blog entry: Rut-roh !
Dec 30, 2012, 04:01 PM
Registered User
Originally Posted by TexasClouds
I noticed you are in England, Gordon lives there. I'm also using solartex covering from there. It's nice to avoid the Asian made products whenever possible. No way around them for the electronics though.
Solartex was just the easiest to source actually.
I feel like I have only scratched the surface of the local scene. I keep finding great things all the time. And the prices are generally low.
There is a lot of scale plans and kits floating around. But I wanted to do a Telemaster first. Surprisingly they where really hard to find here. I got lucky on Ebay.
I'm liking the West Wings stuff, they look a bit labour intensive but are cheap and good looking.
I think my next project will be a SIG Four Star for a mate who does not have the build space. Or maybe I can get my hands on a Cris Foss Acro Wot for a good price. If not I will get myself a West Wings Fournier.
Ebay is full of failed kit builds. Who knows what I will find next...

@epoxyearl I fully agree. Though I would never have the nerve for a pure scratch build, but RTF or ARTF are just boring. My first plane was a simple foam flying wing covered with packing tape. I love the personal relationship you have with something you actually built. Since I started with this crazy hobby I dreamt of building a balsa kit. And now that I did, I want more.
Dec 30, 2012, 08:05 PM
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TexasClouds's Avatar
I've heard good things about the acro wot, go for it!
Jan 06, 2013, 07:09 PM
Registered User
Sorry I did not document very much lately.
I'm almost done.

I sanded everything and used filler for all the nicks the model got due to various mishaps. I used Grip Filler, it's total Sheit. It was dry, but a drop of water fixed that. Nowhere was documented that that stuff is water solible. But then it did not stick very well, took ages to dry and when it was dry it sanded terrible. It came off in chunks which rolled into gooey sausages on the sanding block which themselves dislodged even more chunks.
Maybe it was just too old. Maybe they are all that bad.

Anyway. To the fun part. I covered it all up. I primed some of the more difficult spots with Balsaloc, that was well worth it. (That's basically the same glue as Solarfilm uses in liquid form)
As I said, I used Solarspan for the fuselage and Solarfilm for the wings.
I did not do a terribly good job with the wings, but it will do.
But let me tell you, going with Solarspan was a really bad idea. I thought well, it's a box shaped fuselage, why not go with the stronger film since it does not need to follow any tricky contours. That might be true, but still Solarspan is terrible to work with. It shrinks very little. Does not stretch and it sticks really bad on itself.
I don't know what that stuff is good for, but I will not use it again.

And some pictures for your entertainment.
Thank god I'm not too concerned about looks and perfection or I would be quite pissed off with myself now.
Jan 08, 2013, 09:50 AM
Visitor from Reality
Not much appears to have changed in England! I used Solarfilm for all my models when I lived there, tried Solarspan once when it came out and didn't use it any more after that... Solartex was nice, but not exactly light weight, and it could reduce a light tail surface structure to a crisp (potato chip, for y'all Over Here ) when it shrunk.

Deep Thought - wouldn't be a Douglas Adams fan, perchance? Okay, I have all five books from the HitchHikers trilogy and all of his other books too.

If you can land a Four Star 40 kit in UK, they are a superb sports aerobatic model, glow or electric. A lot got somewhat modified a little - mine lasted 11 years, five different electric motors, several different battery sizes, two sets of tailfeathers and basically only had the wing section un-modified at the end of its service. Head up to the electric sports model section at the top, the Four Star is about the most popular kit ever electrocuted, so there's a ton of info on diddling around with them.

Building from a plan is easy. You know the guy who's cutting the parts out cares about the finished model After that, you glue them together.

Good luck with the Telemaster, they make great sports fliers

Jan 08, 2013, 09:58 AM
Registered User
Originally Posted by Dereck
Deep Thought - wouldn't be a Douglas Adams fan, perchance?
Is that so obvious?

SIG fourstars are even available here. Hobby Lobby insists on a monopoly on sales, totally ignoring how they screw over overseas customers. Taxes and fees on imports are just
Anyway. Yea, I like the way the fourstars are put together. Looks pretty simple, no building rig required because of interlocking fuselage parts. I only have a little twist in the tail, but it did not go without.

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