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Dec 02, 2012, 09:48 PM
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New to rc flight and enjoying the learning curve. I have started my new hobby/addiction with a wild hawk from hf. I have fallen in love with this plane and think it is a great plane to learn with. We have had our struggles, but with a little therapy from rcgroups we have experienced great growth in our relationship........ And that is why i decided to join the blog fest.

The wild hawk is a bit long in the tooth, but any of the pusher/glider type planes should be a great learner for anyone. (bix,axn,skyhawk.....) you can stuff the nose in mother earth and not worry about prop/motor/gearbox damage. i have completely broken the front half of the fuse 3 or 4 times and been able to patch it back and continue the quest for flight. One crash destroyed the receiver, and that is the only one that cost more than some glue and tape. It turned out to be a blessing , the stock tx/rx was a little weak, and i found a spectrum 6i for $75 that can grow with me in the future.

I have been able to answer most of my questions from misc blogs on this site want to say thanks to the people that that share experiences and knowledge that help people get some air time.

I will post more detailed info about my first flights in the future. I also have some video........ I have never "posted" videos before? so i will have to figure all that out. yes i live in a cave and dont have a cell phone!

And yes, i have had about a dozen successful flights and landings ...... Probably about that many crashes also.

failed attempt (0 min 23 sec)
IMG 0075 (2 min 43 sec)
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Dec 03, 2012, 10:29 PM
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ea/ed inspired dollar tree creations

I have to give ed @ ea some props.......his video series on scratch building air craft is what peaked my interest in rc flight. i couldnt get to dollar tree fast enough! just dove right in and started building. Probably should have done more research but i am a hands on learner. some stuff might work and some stuff might not it. doesnt matter cause its fun to build and cost is minimal. (electronics still not cheap, hopefully you can reuse most of it in the event of a wipeout. ) doesnt take long to get to the point of needing components not available @ the $ store....... which is what lead me to a wild hawk thinking i was going to pilfer the plane for parts for my scratch build projects. figured i may as well see what i could learn from the wildhawk before scrapping it. it proved to be a real challenge to get my first flight. crash/repair/crash/research/repair/crash......... i kind of fell in love with the wild hawk and got a better idea of the type of plane that would be best suited for me. The orange blue version of a "Noob tube" will become an "axon" design. I am a believer in the durability and ease of repair with pusher designs. I will ultimately end up flying scratch /foam board planes. being able to replace a fuse or wing for 2$ takes some of the stress out of the inevitable crash. And i enjoy the hands on creativity in the hobby room.

those of you that havnt stumbled onto eds tutorials/video should take a look. even if you have no intentions of building a plane, its worth a peek. search noob tube, armin wing, axon, experimental airlines........ youl find him.
Dec 16, 2012, 02:35 PM
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more wild hawk flight

its starting to get a little colder out and my camera woman isnt as willing to come out. sorry no vids! but i am still getting out with the wild hawk and learning a little more every time. In fact i am ready to move on to a more agile plane. the hawk is forgiving with its dihedral and it lets you get a little aggressive, but the massive wings stress a little bit when performing rolls and loops. I still love my wild hawk and think every first timer should get a pusher type plane for learning to fly

In one of my other posts i had mentioned an accidental roll with my hawk. i didnt think it was supposed to happen with rudder/ elev planes? i did some online searching, which brought me back rc groups, and learned they are called snap rolls. fun and not too difficult maneuvers. (just get some altitude and yank the rudder/elevator @ same time) they make it look like you are pretty good, even if you are just yanking on the sticks like a 2 year old. i had to experiment with how much rudder vs elev and i am sure every plane is different. just give yourself plenty of elevation to recover from what ever happens when you attempt. (i attempted a roll today too close the ground and stuffed it pretty good! a partial crack in nose area on an old repair, but able to continue flying. this is the type of crash that would probably end your day with a tractor type plane)

if you can combine a few moves, like loop into roll and tight figure 8, it looks like you know how to fly.......... I can only handle about 3 maneuvers before i start to get behind the plane and become a little disoriented.

Happy flying!
Dec 16, 2012, 09:31 PM
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I see this blog is a running account of your learning progress. I didn't read any part of it where you asked for advice or comments but here is my.02 seeing that you have a lot of potential. I realize you are new to the hobby but I have seen many fliers who fly like you in the videos, and they have been flying for quite some time. It is like they are stuck in a learning plateau.

If you don't like my post, just say so or delete it. I know you were not asking for any advice. I just see that a few tips might accelerate your learning curve. Like I said earlier, I can see you got real potential and quite frankly, you impress me as a natural rc pilot.

No offense, but while I think you are doing a good job of staying in the air, the plane is still be doing its own flying.

From the videos, you seem to have gotten the hang of turning without losing or gaining much altitude and you are able to fly close to the ground. That means I believe you have gained sufficient confidence to try some exercises to show the plane that you are "in-command".

Before every flight, determine your "flight plan". What do you want to accomplish on this flight? Or the next 10 flights?

My suggestion for a flyer in your stage of learning is very simple. Fly the plane within a rectangular airspace, in front of you. This means that you the pilot stand stationary and keep the plane flying in an airspace, in front of you so that you do not have to move your feet nor twist your torso. Keep the plane within view such that your head does not have to turn more than 60 degrees in either left and right directions and not more than 45 degrees upwards.

If you allow the plane to drift out of this "space" you have lost control and are fighting the plane.

You can combine different maneuvers to stay within this airspace. You can do rectangular patterns, square patterns or circle patterns in a counter clockwise direction. Then fly the same patterns in a clockwise direction. Practice both left and right turns equally, or you might end up preferring turns in one direction....this severely limits your ability to control the plane.

Once proficient in doing these CW and CCW patterns, try doing figure eights. Square eights, round eights, rectangular eights. Make sure you choose a reference point as your target intersection. Try to hit this imaginary target intersection consistently. I like to place this intersection directly in front of the pilot, about 50 - 150 ft away depending on the size of the model and the flying field. During all these turns, keep your altitude as constant as possible. It is ok to make the plane climb or descend during the turn, if that is your intent. If you intended to keep the altitude constant and the model climbed, then you know you fed too much elevator back pressure. Start with large circles/squares. Make them as tight or as large as your practice routine or flightplan requires.

Again the idea is to make the plane know that you are the boss.

Try these exercises with enough altitude to recover from mistakes. Say start with a two-mistake high altitude. Fly these patterns at 3/4 throttle or less.

Keep the plane two mistakes high then try to fly slower and slower until you determine the slowest possible patterns without stalling while keeping absolute control over the plane.

When you can consistent perform these figure eights or rectangular/circular patterns down to about six feet altitude or less, from 3/4 down to near stall speeds, then you are ready for the next move: landing the plane (touching down) within a twenty foot square in front of yourself (assuming your club or field allows that). Make sure you can land from a CW and CCW landing pattern. This way, you can land at will, regardless of wind direction.

Just remember that every flight must have a reason....a purpose. Don't just fly aimlessly about the sky. It is a waste of time and you are not learning anything new. If you can fly your plane in this manner, you are ready to move up to a faster plane with landing gear.
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Jan 26, 2013, 01:09 AM
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going to ry my luck with 1st scratch built in the morning.....

Just finished one of my scratch builds tonight and going to try my luck in the morning. The plane is based on Eds armin wing foam board building techniques. The plane i will attempt to fly is the orange and blue one pictured above. The plane has 40x9 two piece wing, 36" fuse, 3 channel and brushless set up. I will be adding ailerons later. When I first started building the plane, i was going for an easy slow flyer as i was just learning to fly with the wild hawk. My flying skills have progressed faster than the build did..........(still tons to learn in both departments) But i only ordered two servos when i started the project. The plane came in a little porky @ 22 oz. So we will see if the motor/prop set up I selected is going to work. if not, i will order up a new set up and some servos for aileron. I will get some pics up tomorrow and go into a little more detail about the build and materials.

wish me luck!
Jan 26, 2013, 11:52 AM
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Epic Fail!

prop/ motor combo has enough poop for the slow fly set up......thats good. I thought my cg was good..... Not so much! the plane wanted to climb like crazy and was pulling hard left. stuffed it good! I am back at the house and added some right thrust to motor mount. I had some down/right thrust, but needs more. I think the bigger slow fly prop requires more thrust angle than i have dealt with in the past. Also adjusted cg. Back to the field! video and pics later this after noon.
IMG 0117 (0 min 17 sec)
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Jan 28, 2013, 07:20 PM
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before and after.....

the damage to the plane was minimal considering i stuffed it full throttle!
Jan 28, 2013, 07:37 PM
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2nd try....

After going back to the house and making the changes i mentioned before, I went right back to field for another try. The videographer had lunch plans and couldnt come with...... So sorry, no vids of 2nd try. What i can say is the cg had to be pushed way to the front of the wing? not sure why....... and she still wanted to climb. I had to use all my down elev. trim to get it to fly reasonably. The added thrust angle fixed the left pull and she floated nicely and looked great doing slow wide turns. The rudder authority was crap, and it tip stalled like crazy. I knew i was going to have a hell of time landing the thing with the delayed rudder response, so i just tip stalled about 10ft off the ground and smashed it again!

I am new to rc planes , and certainly not an aircraft engineer. But i am pretty sure what the problem is. slow fly power and 3 channel + flat wing and no ailerons is a bad combo! this wing probably needs to fly 2x as fast to perform properly. The fuse has held really well with 2 hard smashes. I will add some dihedral to the wing abd add some height to vert stabilizer. If i can get it to fly well in an "old timer" type set up I will build a new plane with a more sport/ trainer design and add ailerons.
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Jan 28, 2013, 07:47 PM
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Frustrated with scratch build.......Fly wild hawk!

The weather has been super nice lately(60's in colorado in january?)........And the scratch build had me a little down......... Time to bust out old reliable. There were several people flying this week end at a local open space/park. The first vid was my fist time with another plane in the air. We get pretty close around the 1 min mark

IMG 0121 (3 min 54 sec)
Jan 28, 2013, 08:14 PM
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More vid with wild hawk

The wild hawk is just a great beginner plane. I am ready for a little more power and ailerons, but this thing is still fun. ( just a little under powered). I was even able to get a few, short, inverted flights. (like 20-30 ft) I just jammed the rudder like i do for a snap roll, just dont hang onto the rudder as long, and leaned into the down elevator (which is now the up in inverted flight....) I got scared and jammed all the down/up elevator into an inverted loop.......But the hawk doesnt have the poop for that....... and just kind of stall turned out the whole mess. With a little practice you could fly a stock wild hawk inverted. (This hawk has a 6x4 prop and extended control surfaces. Stock brushed motor/esc, and nimh batts.) And no, i didnt get video of this maneuver. The wind was gusty, and switching direction in this vid, but it was fun to climb up and try and glide on the wind. i messed up the landing and let the wind stall the plane. i believe this is whats known as a pancake landing? No worries, just pop in another batt and chuck it!

IMG 0120 (2 min 42 sec)
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