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Dec 11, 2003, 07:42 PM
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Setting up my first Hummingbird - Need Help.

OK, here goes. I'll be at my inlaws house for Xmas and I should be getting a Hummingbird from Mrs. Claus. I don't want to look like a total loser in front of the wife's family, so I'd appreciate if someone could step me through setting up a Hummingbird right out of the box. I've flown a HB before and can hover up to about 8 feet then bring it back down for a successful planned landing. I've been shown by a HB owner how to make sure the main blades are straight and the flybar paddles are set up correctly, so that's not my main concern. My concern is that I'll be going with seperates, and there isn't anyone I know that I can ask for setup advice. I understand how to wire it all up, but I don't know what to expect when I've got it all wired.

Here is what I'll be using.

Hummingbird V2
Futaba GY240
2 CC pixie 7P's
2 Hitec HS-55's
Berg 4 Microstamp RX
Futaba 9CAP TX
Etec 2S 1200 mah batteries
Training gear

I'll have the Pixie 7P's already wired and ready to connect to the battery. I'll be sure to take my soldering iron so as to change out the motor connectors on the Main and Tail motors to match the Deans micro connectors on my pixies. But besides installing the servos and mounting all the hardware (gyro, rx, ESC's) and pluging it all in, what do I need to do to program my TX. Or will it all instantly work perfectly in true Xmas miracle fashion. I've only ever flown electric fixed wing models, so I've got no idea of how to adjust a gyro. I'll be using the HH feature of the GY240, so I won't have to mess with programming REVO mixes (probably a good thing).

Essentially what I'd like is know what to expect, so I can hook everything up and hopefully do some hovering around the living room to show the wife's family how cool these little choppers are. I don't see them but about 2 times a year, so I'd like to get it all put together before I have to go home 3 days after Xmas.

Any and advice is appreicated, and will be printed out and stashed in my suitcase to use as a cheat sheet while they're not looking.

Thanks guys, sorry for being long-winded.
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Dec 11, 2003, 08:05 PM
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I am using a 9c with seperates also

I am using

two pixies 7 ESC
Cirrus MPG-10 Gyro
2 hs 55s
And Etec 1200 battery

Here are my radio settings with my 9C


Point 1) -37%
Point 2) -14%
Point 3) +28%
Point 4) +47%
Point 5) +83%


AIL 125/125
ELE 130/130
THR 140/110
RUD 130/130

+30% on the rudder to make it more sensative.(better control on command)

-40% on ail and ele

Since you are using the HH gyro some of these settings will not be different/unused but you might still want them.........

Dec 11, 2003, 10:45 PM
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With the HH gyro, turn OFF revo mixing. (you might want to get a replacement tail motor, the originals sometimes only last for a couple of battery packs) (edp50xc with Direct drive 3020 prop is best)
Dec 12, 2003, 10:31 AM
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Thanks guys this all helps.

Now, could someone explain what the gain on the gyro does which way to adjust it and what the effects will be. You can tell I'm completely clueless about the gyro part of the setup.