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Nov 24, 2012, 07:14 PM
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BEASTX and Aurora 9/Optima 7 Programming

I have asked the same question many times on different groups and sections, BUT have to date not gotten any one has given me the answers I need.

Can someone PLEASE post step by step instructions on how to program the beastx flybarless system for use with the hitec optima 7 receiver. I have looked at the beastx manual and it confuses me with the way they jump around on things. I even asked the company for help but they instead pushed me aside telling me to go to forums which is NOT what i asked!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! I only want replies from people that have programmed the beastx for use with the optima 7/9 receiver!!!!!!

If you have done that please post the step by step instrucions so I can get mine programmed. I have spent over $800 on my Embla 450E flybarless and 3 hitec HS-5065MG (swash), and hitec HSG-5084MG (tail) and i would hate to destroy it due to a programming mistake.

SO PLEASE if you don't have that combo rx & beastx don't post. I don't need any more just read the beastx manual stuff
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Nov 25, 2012, 06:23 AM
as much as I can
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I've programmed the BeastX with the optima 6. It's no different to any other Tx/Rx method, so you shouldn't rule out anyone else helping you out.

A step by step would take longer than the time I have to help you. Perhaps if you told me what you done so far and what parts you don't understand...
Nov 28, 2012, 04:08 PM
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OK thanks here goes!

i'll try to simplify and ask only the steps that really have me.

How about?

Cabling i have the full set that comes with many of the version 3.x.x, so for the optima 7 which cables do I connect and where on the beastx and the optima 7

the steps in the quick card i think i have it correctly, I have: As read on Beast 3.0 Overview:

(a) Mounting Orientation - Flat Horizontal
(b) and 3 Hitec HS-5065MG for the swash 200 Hz
(c) Hitec HSG-5084MG for the Tail which I set to 1520 us for the center position pulse length
(d) Tail servo frequency is 333 Hz Blue Flashing
(e) i have not done
(f) UNKNOWN for Tail sensor direction: is there a side on the beastx that you can say the tail sensor is that way?
(g) i have not done
(h) my embla 450S says its a 120 ccpm

how about this 4 now

Nov 28, 2012, 07:23 PM
as much as I can
beenflying's Avatar
Firstly setup a new model in your Tx as Helicopter, 1 servo 90 degrees.

Then in the system menu/channel write down the function assigned to channels 1 to 6, and post the result. I have a custom layout for mine, so I need to see yours to advise on the connection to the Rx.

(a) to (d) look good. Watch the temperature of the 5084 on the tail. If it runs too hot, drop the frame rate frequency to 270Hz.

(e) Sets the limits of the tail pitch slider/tail servo.

(f) This is the tail correction direction. When you push the tail the leading edge of the tail blades should move towards you (pitch against the direction). If it works the opposite change the direction.

(g) Sets the cyclic servo arms to servo center, usually 90 degrees to the pushrods.

(h) Should be 120.

(i) This setting makes sure all of the cyclic servos move up and down together (collective pitch). Try each setting until they do.

The BeastX manual has a pretty good description of what is required for each setting.
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Nov 28, 2012, 10:03 PM
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Ok great! thanks i'll let you know what happens.
Nov 30, 2012, 06:35 PM
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I have created the new model memory #10 Hirobo Embla 450S

1 Servo 90

Channels Assignment:

1 - AILE : J1
2 - ELEV : J2
3 - THRO: J3
4 - RUDD: J4
7 - AUX1 : NULL
8 - AUX2 : NULL
9 - AUX3 : NULL

Everything else is set to Factory Defaults or turned off.

My unit came with the usb programmer and Many cables , 2 of the cables are 3 wire straight brown,red,orange. 1 cable is 3 wire brown,red,orange with each cable ending on it's own connector, this one is I guess the data cable. 1 very long cable i guess for solo use as a gyro.

Can you give me the connection at each end of beastx and optima 7? i would like to use a small 2 or 3S battery for just the beastx and maybe the optima 7 but not the servos. How can i connect that? The Optima 7 has the following connections available:

CH1 - CH6 plus: DATA, SPC, BATT/CH7

Thank You so much!!!
I am only planning on learning to hover on this one since i haven't yet flown even once so maybe some settings set to hovering ONLY to make it mild for now.

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