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Nov 24, 2001, 10:40 PM
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<a href=""><img SRC="" height=82 width=128> (click to enlarge)</a><br>CBM A-10, Dare A-10 and Large A-10 - You can just barely see inbetween the fan nacelles on the back an Astro 112D charger during a fill up, Big!
<a href=""><img SRC="" height=82 width=128> (click to enlarge)</a><br>Dare A-10 using twin EDF 200 Turbo's and the CBM A-10 using twin Midi Fan and Ultra 930's
<a href=""><img SRC="" height=42 width=60> (click to enlarge)</a><br>My tribute to 9/11/01 and all who were lost. New York once had a national guard squardron based nearby. Long live American pride, strength and unity.
<p>This was a Geroge Miller kit 80" wing span this kit is no longer made and was designed for twin Turbax I's now using twin setups of WeMoTec HW 750 - Astro FAI40 - Astro 204D - 22x2400 (2200 Watts) 23 pounds RTF and ground testing is almost done. I need some stiffer tires and to adjust a positive AOA on the mains. Astro wound me some motors and I'm running these in before taking a hop. They are working great with no probems at all. The sound and power is awesome for sure, Flight video soon.
<a href=""><img SRC="" height=82 width=128> (click to enlarge)</a><br>EJF P-80/F-80 kit 54" wing span using a WeMoTec HW 750 - 1415/2Y - schulze 55bo - 22x2400, We will be switching to the FAI40 very soon as well on this setup.

<a href=""><img SRC="" height=82 width=128> (click to enlarge)</a>

<a href=""><img SRC="" height=82 width=128> (click to enlarge)</a>

<a href=""><img SRC="" height=82 width=128> (click to enlarge)</a><br> Airworld Me-262 kit 80" wing span with Twin Midi Fan setups using Hacker HBR B50S18 - Jeti 70 - 16x2400, 14 pounds RTF
<p>This is Joe B. and Ivan M. Me-262's
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Nov 24, 2001, 11:23 PM
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Astro FAI40 in the HW750 Fan?


Are we digressing ? Let's see, we all went to Aveox because they delivered higher eta at higher currents. But the 14XX series doesn't seem to have the thermal mass to survive anything larger than say a MIDI-FAN. So now we are going to try maybe a little bigger chunk of metal in an even bigger fan? The 40 is a long stack 25, correct? Was it 2 brushes or 4? Perhaps it should be 8 !!

Anyways, sorry we missed you at the AZ event. The Diegos just came for Saturday. Keep us posted on how the Astro 40 survives the HW-750 fan.


Steve Manganelli AKA Prof. Maneuver
Nov 25, 2001, 12:42 AM
Robert Wagoner's Avatar

Very soon I'm going to wrapped liquid Nitrogen cooling around the motors.

Also it's news to me an Aveox 14XX has even held up to the Midi Fan. Can you say demagnetize when you least expect it.

Hackers rule in the EDF 300/Micro Fan, Mini Fan 480, HW 609, Midi Fan and HW 730. The HW 750 is next. A new XL motor is in the works, until then it's back to brushes for awhile on the big guy.

Yes, Sorry I missed you guys. San Diego is next for sure. How's the runway working out? have you guys thought about raising it up and sloping it a bit away from the pilot line so water won't collect? You have a bunch of fill to work with I think someone mentioned to me.

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