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Nov 19, 2012, 08:35 AM
What's 3D?
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The birth of another of Ivan's 480 Solent's

I have finally decided that it was about time to have a crack at one of these big beautiful birds. I have done one plan build before, Peter Rake's Sopwith Pup, but since then have been spoilt with beautifully cut short kits from Manzano's which go together so nicely it is almost cheating.
i will be building this as a Sandringham, and in particular as Beachcomber which was operated by Ansett Flying Boat Service between 1952 and 1974, during which it flew 1360 trips between Sydney and Lord Howe island. her operational life before and after this was quite extensive, and she logged 19500 flying hours which i would imagine made her one of the longest operated flying boats to have ever been produced by Short Bros. thankfully she survived the scrap yard and now resides in the Southhampdon Hall of aviation after being restored with one of her A.F.B.S liverys. ther is a great web site detailing the history of this plane with a lot of photos showing her in sevice, plus interior detail. think i will have to order the coffee table book that they have produced!
the major differences that i can see betwen the Solent and Sandringham are in the vertical stab, and the outboard floats attachment, both easy changes.

after several emails with Ivan ( a fantastic gent to deal with ) the plans were ordered, originally i was going to build the 400 size, but aftera minor mix up ended up with the 480 plans being sent, this works out just fine as the 3 piece wing will be a benefit come transporting her, also if Ivan says she is his favourite then who am i to argue
the plans arrived on Thursday and after a good long look at them i decided that the wing would be the place to start, who would believe that a 99" wingspan model would use a mainspar of 2.5mm balsa ( not me). the spar was cut and built up, had to use 3/16 square bass to reinforce the spar instead of 3/16x1/8 due to the general lack of wood stocks available at the local hobby stores these days, but such is life. after cutting the ribs and starting the framing of the center section i have come to the conclusion that the templates are pretty much just a guide with each one needing to be tweaked to fit, all part of the scratch building fun though, will require a bit of sanding and dressing up before sheeting and covering but should be just fine. motor wise i am thinking that turnigy 2217 1050kv motors will be the go, spinning 10x7 3 blade props, hopefully a couple of 2S packs will be a suitable power system, i have used the 860kv version of this motor in my Pfalz spinning an 11 x10 prop on 2S and it produces 112W so 4 of these should be close to the money. when the time comes for the fuse i will notbother with the water rudder, and just go with Differential throttle.

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Nov 19, 2012, 08:57 AM
I eat glue
Dude, watch out! There appears to be a little Australian rat down by your feet!!
Nov 19, 2012, 09:16 AM
What's 3D?
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LOL, one of our 3 kids, 3 rescue dogs, 2 bitsa chiauas, Bubbles and Squeak, and their big sister Coco the greyhound.
Nov 19, 2012, 10:59 AM
I eat glue
Yeah, pretty much all our pets are rescue critters too, or from homes where they just had to get rid of them. Shitzu/Bichon, Min.Pomeranian, and my Golden Lab/Border Collie. The last one doesn't appear to have too much of the Collie in her though. Then there's the 2 cats we picked up too.
Nov 19, 2012, 02:45 PM
Student of Ivan
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Great to see another Ivan build and a Solent 480 at that. Looks like you're off to a good start on the wing. The three piece design does indeed make it quite easy to transport.
As you mentioned, Ivan is really a gem of a guy. Always willing to answer questions and help with your builds. My last five planes are from his designs and I will start on the sixth shortly. All fly like a dream thanks to his design.
I have some interest in details on your power system, that is using brushless on four engine planes. I have heard some issues arise in synching the motors but I did not have such an issue with brushless on my twin Comet. Certainly four engines can and have been done successfully but please post any tips or details for setting up your system when you arrive at that point.
Nov 19, 2012, 03:32 PM
Slip the surly bonds...
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Hi Craig, welcome to the Ivan's club! I too have the Solent 480 plan but am still in the stage where I really don't think I have room. They do fly well though, and so slowly, you would not believe it.

Best of luck!

Nov 19, 2012, 06:54 PM
What's 3D?
trumps's Avatar
Cheers John, and Mike. Mike, i know i don't really have the room to build this, my building board, is a 1 x 0.5m cork tiled cupboard door on a fold out card table! it will work out fine for the wing and tail feathers, but the fuse willbe taking pride of place on the dining room table (my wife is a gem, and loves it when i am at home gluing sticks together as against at the pub with the boys! ) ' where there is a will there is a way' as they say!
John, to be honest this is my first multi, and will be my first real waterplane, i have a foamie Waco YMF that i bashed floats onto a few years back, it does fly very well though from water. the prop synching thing should not be a real issue, heck if 50 million Chineese foam factory B-17's can do it then i cant see why i wont be able. the notors and 30A ESC's are ordered, now my biggest concern when the time comes is ESC mounting/battery lead length, and what i will need to do with regard to adding capacitors into the circuit, which i have heard is a good idea for reliable ESC operation! lots ofsticks to glue together before i get that far though, so i will read up on it while away for work (i work away week on week off)
That is amazing, 5 of his designs, none of them are what you would call small projects, well that is a perfect testament to his designs, well done!

Cheers for the welcome!
Last edited by trumps; Nov 19, 2012 at 07:00 PM.
Nov 19, 2012, 08:48 PM
I eat glue
I'm trying to get my ambition level up to start Ivan's Mars.
Nov 19, 2012, 09:54 PM
Registered User
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It is your turn now. I will keep watching......

Naoto Sakaue
Nov 19, 2012, 11:59 PM
It's a fine fiddly business.
Robert R's Avatar
Following along with interest. It should be a great build. Today, here in the great frozen north, the sky was solid gray and low. The wind made the heavy rain fall horizontally. So whats with the sunshine and shorts? Are you in the southern hemisphere just trying to make us feel bad?

You too, Naoto. Your skies are sunny as well.


Last edited by Robert R; Nov 20, 2012 at 01:49 AM.
Nov 20, 2012, 01:21 AM
a.k.a Maltone
Pat Lynch's Avatar
Craig - great to see you are not slacking off after the Heinkel
I too have a new major project organised for when I need a break from the He111 - but my main spar won't be anywhere near as impressive as yours!

Pat (....and our rescue Jack Russell is asleep near my feet...)
Nov 20, 2012, 02:53 AM
Registered User
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Good luck with this one.
Hope you're not forgetting the Bristol! And Pat tell.

Nov 20, 2012, 05:17 AM
What's 3D?
trumps's Avatar
Cheers guys,

Robert, the weather over here from now until about April is more often than not too windy for flying anything other than heavier types, Summer in Perth is our building season.
The Bristol is patiently waiting it's turn, the whole rib stitching plan got frustrating, i will probably take all the covering off at some stage and start again with a simpler method.
Pat how about a hint, you have been a bit quiet lately, was wondering what you had up your sleeve!

Great to hear thatso many people are giving these dogs a second chance

Nov 21, 2012, 02:40 AM
What's 3D?
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my week off is pretty much done, so it's back to the circus tomorrow, reasonably happy with the amount achieved even though it doesn't look like much. i can see how a lot of these Ivan builds take a while, the prep for each part of the puzzle is a whole lot more involved than a lazer cut CAD planned kit, I'm really enjoying it though. i decided to build the washout into the outer panels while framing up, seemed easier than trying to introduce it during sheeting, more controllable in my view, and makes the sheeting process easier than trying to get it conforming to the LE, and twist the structure at the same time. almost struck disaster framing up the first outer panel, i had the 8A root rib aligned with the center section on the dowl,and the outer spar plugged in to make sure that every thing was going to be square, a bit of grease proof paper between number 8, and 8A ribs and went to tack it to the spar with somemedium CA, you guessed it , i grabbed the thin CA by mistake, and my little tack turned into an all invading run that got into the joiner socket, an hour and a lot of blue language later i managed to seperate the spar sections without damage. for a short while i thought i might end up with a 2 piece wing instead of 3!
Next break the plan is to finish the wing framing, sheet the outers, cut and sort the ailerons, this will be a 2 aileron servo effort (i detest bellcranks) and if my motors and ESC's have arrived which i doubt due to being on backorder start to get my head around motor mounts and naccels. good times good times

Nov 21, 2012, 03:32 AM
a.k.a Maltone
Pat Lynch's Avatar
Craig - I reckon the early days of a build are the most exciting All you've been thinking about for a while starts to take shape......the ARF guys dont know what they're missing! Then again, they dont have to worry about thick and thin CA


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