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Nov 17, 2012, 01:17 AM
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For Sale

Armattan Quads Price List and FAQ

A brief history on Armattan quads. I started building frames for myself a while ago. My goal was to make a frame that would not break so easily like most commercially available frames on the market. I wanted to build a tough frame to practice acrobatics without having to keep spending time and money repairing my models. Over time came up with several designs with more or less success until I started using raw aluminium material. I sourced out different materials until I found some very nice stuff that allowed me to build something lightweight, yet very tough. Initially I did it all by hand in my workshop but recently I started contracting out a laser cutting factory and the result is quite simply amazing. Laser cut pin point accuracy, anodized aluminium, CNC aluminium arms, etc.

I have owned many frames that are commercially available, and I can say in all humility that my frames are currently the toughest frames in the world. They are indestructible. They can be damaged in a bad crash, but no parts are needed to repair them. They can be easily bent back into shape and ready to fly again in minutes. Buying spare arms for my frames is purely for aesthetics purposes as arms that have been bent back to shape may not look exactly like new, but they sure will fly just like new ones.

My quads are all built with attention to details and they are shipped fully tuned. Specs are for acrobatics so you can expect a quad with LOTS of thrust that is going to fly very fast. Being highly crash resistant, these quads make for great quads for beginners who are assured to crash often, but a word of caution to beginners is that these quads very fast so caution should be used at all times. And of course, I believe that experienced pilots will thoroughly enjoy the sheer performance these quads offer.

Previous thread:

Armattan Models (12 min 54 sec)

OK folks. I'm re-opening for orders today, but do keep in mind that I will only accept a limited amount of orders at a time. Turn around time will depend on when you place your orders, what model you want and how many orders I have on the go. I will let you know on a case by case basis. I always give myself a lot of time as I believe it's better business to tell someone 2 weeks and have it ready in a week, rather than to say a week and take 2 weeks to get it done.

Below I will list three different models I am going to be building. Prices include shipping and paypal fees, as usual, although this time I have to add a 15$ shipping charge for models larger than 400MM. This is because I can't use the same shipping method and the price of shipping is too high to justify the selling price. I have bitten the bullet in the past on shipping but after sitting down and doing the math, realized I made nothing, or just about nothing on larger quads. Quads 400MM or smaller are NOT subject to additional shipping cost.

Each model has a dedicated post below with prices, pics and flight demo videos. Note that this time I also offer DIY kits you can assemble yourself at a lower cost. Quads larger than 400mm will NOT have additional shipping charges when ordered as a DIY kit.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you want to order a quad from me, you have to be kind enough to follow the order procedure listed below. This is to help me organize myself. I will list the orders in one of the reserved posts below and update them as I go to "shipping on XYZ or shipped.". If you do not follow this procedure, I will kindly ask you to come read this post and place your order again. Thanks for putting up with my complete lack of organization.

Order procedure:

1- Read the FAQ below
2- Ask any questions you may have BEFORE you order
3- Post your order in a separate post and include the specifics of your order once you decide on your order.
4- If you want to follow up on your order in private, you can then email me. PLEASE make sure to write your RCG user name in the email title. Your email subject line should read: Armattan Order From (insert RCG username here). So something like this: "Armattan Order From RCGUSERNAME."
5- Please DO NOT sent me further emails using a separate conversation. Just reply to this original email.
6- Avoid PMs, please. (my inbox is too small) Use email and again, please do not send multiple emails, just use the same original email and add to it if you need to contact me. Here's my email addy: armattanproductions (at) gmail (dot) com

*I usually reply to emails on the same day they are received.

Regarding the price:

The price went up a little bit. This is because I no longer make the center plates by hand. It's all CNC laser cut with pin point accuracy. Also, I offer anodized center plates. I have to cover the cost for all that. Additionally, the F-20 Hobby King ESCs are out of stock so my cost for 4 SimonK ESCs is about 20$ more per quad. So at the end of the day, despite the small price increase, I actually make less money on these until the F-20 HK escs come back in stock. Thanks for your understanding.

And finally, I want to thank the community for the excellent feedback on Armattan Productions. You guys are a great bunch. Thanks to RCG itself, too. Special thanks to Creepy one for the graphics designs and to Bryan Flyin for all his help from overseas with dealings I can't handle myself being that I do not reside in the US.

All the best and happy flying, all.

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Nov 17, 2012, 01:18 AM
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Armattan Quads FAQ

Armattan Quads FAQ

1- Can I buy props from you? No. I only include one set. I buy my props from here: And there is a poster selling them at a good price in the classifieds. His prices are good and I heard he's a nice guy.

2- What size are the props? Most of the quads I make use 8045 props. Quads 325mm or less use 7045 props. Quads 400-450mm use 9045 props

3- Can I buy motors/Simonk ESCs from you? No. I do not sell components. I sell frames and RXR models. Even if you buy a RXR model from me and you want a spare motor or ESC, I will not sell. You can order that yourself through the various vendors who will be happy to take your orders. I can sell you spare frame parts, though.

4- Where can I buy these motors/ESCs? I buy RCX motors and ESCs from and I also buy Turnigy motors and Hobby King ESCs from Hobby King. RCTimer motors with the same specs can me mismatched as are the Turnigy motors. You could have one of each brand of motors on the same quad and it will fly the same. I would not mismatch ESCs, though. You need 4 of the same.

5- What's your turn around time? It usually varies between 1 and 3 weeks depending on the model you order, parts I have in stock and how many orders I have. I can give you a more specific time estimate when you order.

6- How long does shipping take? Between 7 and 14 days. Most orders take 10 days.

7- Do you ship to Europe? Yes. I ship worldwide. Shipping cost is included in the price. There is a 15$ shipping charge ONLY for quads larger than 400mm. If 400mm quads are sold as DIY kits, there is no additional shipping cost.

8- What batteries do I need? You need 3s batteries, around 2200mAh with NO LESS than 40c discharge rate. The battery connectors I use on Armattan quads are T-Deans connectors.

9- Can this quad lift a GoPro? Yes. Easily. Most people mount the GoPro on top of the top plate.

10- Why do you use motors with such high KV? It's for better performance and more thrust. A 2822 motors with 1100KV will produce about 500 grams of thrust. The same motor with 2600KV produces 850 grams of thrust. My quads are built for acrobatics. I believe that in the past, high KV motors were avoided because they would often make a quad unstable and cause oscillation. I'm using SimonK ESCs and the KK2 board on my builds and this combination can handle high KV rock solid even on hard acrobatic recoveries.

11- What are the leads I need to connect my receiver to the kk2? It depends on what kind of receiver you are using, but generlly, you need 3 wire jumper cables with female connectors on both ends. I use 1x 3 wire connectors and 4x single pin jumper cables on mine. Here's a link to where they sell the 3 pins jumper cables and single pins jumper cables as well.

12- Will the KK2 board be flashed with the latest firmware? As of now, I flash V1.4 on the KK2. V1.5 has been released but it is for camera stabilization gimbals management and not needed on sports quad. So yes, I flash the latest firmware that is applicable to my models.

13- Does auto level on the KK2 help beginners? Yes and no. If you manage to tune it right it may help a bit but it doesn't work all that well and it makes the controls sluggish. So you may need to raise stick scaling a bit to get the same response on the sticks. I flash firmware V1.4 on the KK2s and this firmware improves the auto level function quite a bit but it's still not a "real" auto level like you will find on Multiwii, Open Pilot or Naza flight controllers. I do not program auto level on my models because I think it siply doesn't work well enough to bother. The KK2 is a great acrobatic platform, but for auto level it's greatly deficient, in my opinion.

14- Can I program the KK2 to make flying easier for a beginner? Yes, you can. Essentially, you need to reduce the stick scaling numbers on Pitch and Roll until the flight characteristics are tamer. Other settings in the KK2 board have no bearings on how easy the model is to fly.

15- Can you tell me what PI settings you program in the KK2?

These are the PI settings I fly myself and ship on all quads bigger than 335mm.

Pitch and Roll:




*For smaller quads like the CNC 258 or the M230

Pitch and Roll:



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Nov 17, 2012, 01:18 AM
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Armattan M (Metallic Tubular Arms)

This is my least expensive model because I don't have to coat the arms or the center plates. I actually like the raw metal look of it. Picture and videos shown below.


RXR- 185$
RXR with spare parts- 200$
Frame only- 40$
RXR DIY kit- 170$ (See video about what is included in a DIY Kit)

*Add 4$ if you want the center plates to be anodized in black.

* Carbon Fiber top plate not included. This comes with a clear top plate so you can read the KK2 LCD display.

Armattan 360 with CCD3 Open Pilot FC (6 min 52 sec)

CC3D not included. This comes with a KK2. But flying wise, it will very much fly the same. Sorry, I don't have a model like this one mounted with a KK2 at the moment.
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Nov 17, 2012, 01:19 AM
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Armattan M (Black) Coated aluminium Tubular arms

This is the famous stealthy Armattan M model that so many people bought. It now comes with CNC center plates and the plates are now anodized black, not just coated.


RXR -190$
RXR with spares -205$
Frame only - 45$
RXR DIY Kit- 175$

Note that in the picture above, these quads have the old center plates. The model I'm selling here have these CNC center plates anodized in black:

Armattan 290 Acro Flight (5 min 56 sec)
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Nov 17, 2012, 01:19 AM
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Armattan CNC 355

This is the latest model, and the best of them all. Only problem is the cost of production is high so this is reflected in the selling price.

This frame is simply awesome. CNC laser cut to perfection using top notch aircraft grade alumi.


RXR- 225$
RXR DIY Kit- 205$
Frame only- 60$

You can choose between all metal look or anodized black center plates.

Note that the CC3D FC is not included. This will come with a KK2.

All metal look:

Armattan CM 355 (7 min 52 sec)
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Nov 17, 2012, 01:20 AM
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DIY Kits


This is a new thing I thought I would offer for the experienced guys who want to save a few bucks, or for the beginners who are up to the task of learning the ropes to also save a few bucks.

Everything is included just as if you bought a RXR model but you have to put it together yourself. See above posts for prices. Note that the KK2 boards come flashed with version 1.4 and fully tuned. No tuning needed. Just plug and play, aside from the necessary pre-flight check.

DIY Kits video:

DIY kit (6 min 53 sec)

Frame assembly video:

Frame assembly (2 min 39 sec)

And here's a link to a build tutorial I made for beginners:
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Nov 17, 2012, 01:22 AM
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1- Bryan Flyin
-750mm RXR Paid + 2 skids *Waiting for motors 11/5 (approx) SHIPPED

2- Rexless
- RXR 375mm metal look, tubular arms + spares + orange rear arms 11/16 Done. Awaiting payment PAID SHIPPED 11/20

3- clp5
-RXR 375mm, metal look, tubular arms + spares. *Done. awaiting payment PAID SHIPPED 11/20

4- adrenahelin
-RXR DIY Kit CNC 355 11/17 *metal center plates requested Paid+ 2 skids SHIPPED

5- Bryan Flyin PAID
-2X CNC 355 Frames only metallic 11/5 (approx) and 11/17 SHIPPED

6- don71
- RXR CNC 355 11/17 *Anodized center plates requested PAID + 2 skids SHIPPED

[B]7- [/B]MrDusanmandic
- CNC 355 Frame only 11/17
Ordered canceled upon second payment request...

8- Phasor
-CNC 355 RXR 11/17 *black center plates requested PAID + 2 skids SHIPPED

9- Valkyrie
-335mm metallic RXR + spares 11/17 *PAID SHIPPED

10- Redfarren PAID SHIPPED
-CNC 355 frame only 11/17

11- noahb
- 2 X RXR CNC 355 11/17 *1800KV motors and anodized center plates requested PAID + 2 skids SHIPPED

12- Kopterkat PAID SHIPPED
-CNC 355 frame only 11/17 *metal center plates requested

13- rc1001
-RXR CNC 355 metal look DIY KIT 11/17 * PAID+ 2 skids SHIPPED

14- Chingus (Ron's Bro) PAID
--RXR CNC 355 *black center plates and orange rear arms + black front arms requested. 11/18 SHIPPED

15- T3PRanch
-CNC 355 RXR DIY Kit *Anodized center plates requested 11/18 PAID + 2 skids SHIPPED

16- overmyhead
- 230mm metallic frame only Paid SHIPPED 11/20

17- rc1001
-230mm metallic frame only Paid SHIPPED 11/20

18- LjayLE
- CNC 355 Show Model Paid SHIPPED 11/20

19- fwuzzy
- 2X 230mm frames metallic Paid SHIPPED 11/20
- 2X CNC 355 Frames only 11/19

20- boxfan
-RXR 230mm micro 11/20 SHIPPED PAID

21- Th3UmBrA
-CNC 355 DIY Kit all metallic 11/20 PAID SHIPPED 11/20

22- Cameron E (see email)
2x arms, black, for M356 model Paid SHIPPED

23- Daskim
-CNC 355 RXR metallic *orange rear arms requested PAID+ 2 skids *5$ for extra 4x skids SHIPPED 11/20

24- RCcrashTest
-4X arms for 700mm quad with wires extensions [COLOR="Red"]Paid[ /COLOR] SHIPPED

25- Bongo Billy PAID Shipped
- CNC 355 RXR *orange rear arms requested

26- badbill
- 230mm frame only PAID SHIPPED

27- jsflyrv PAID SHIPPED
- M230 RXR DIY Kit + spares

28- flatlandrobin
-CNC 355 RXR * Requested black front arms and orange rear arms with black center plates
Order cancelled. Robin bought my Warthox build instead. Thank you. PAID SHIPPED

29- itsme1 PAID SHIPPED
- CNC 355 RXR

[B]30-[/B] jsflyrv
-M230 RXR
Duplicate order cancelled

31- bobby1983 Payment Due Friday 12/7 SHIPPED
-M230 RXR

32- lostheli PAID+ 2 skids SHIPPED
- RXR CNC 355 metallic

33- bluzharp PAID SHIPPED
-M230 RXR

-RXR CNC 355 metallic

35- Creepy 1 PAID SHIPPED
- M450 frame, black with orange front and metal landing skids
- 2 spare top plates
- 8 spare long standoffs
- 8 spare nylon screws
- 4 spare metal landing skids with longer mounting bolts for M model
- a few spare metal bolts/nuts for the frame

36- vartaz
-CNC 355 RXR *orange front arms and black ANODIZED rear arms. 8$ extra for anodized arms PAID EMS SHIPPING PAID SHIPPED

37- Samcro Paid SHIPPED
-M400 RXR. * CNC landing gear included

38- N3SHXX
-Armattan M355 tubular arms metallic with black anodized center plates. + 2 spare arms PAID SHIPPED

39- joc1618 PAID SHIPPED
-CNC 355 RXR

40- ddub134 PAID + 2 extra skids SHIPPED
- M360 Black DIY KIT

41- Ayodhya PAID SHIPPED
- CNC 355 RXR
- Front arms black anodized
- Rear arms orange
- 8 CNC skids
- 4 nylon skids
- matching colored props
- black anodized center plates ( the new v2 type which can hold cc3d board n kk2 LCD type boards)
- 2 black anodized spare arms
- spares of all screws required including the nylon ones
- battery alarm
- 2826 motors and 30 amps ESCs.
-1 spare top plate with logo

42- Justin83 PAID SHIPPED
-M230 RXR with spare parts 12/7
- 4 spare arms not drilled + spare hardware

- CNC 355 DIY kit.
- 2x black arms
- 2x orange arms
- spare skids
- black center plates

44- Jim Frahm SHIPPED PAID
1-M360 RXR show model
2- CNC 355 frame:
3- M360 frames x2:
4- 3 sets of CNC skids
5- 8 spare arms not drilled

45- boxfan PAID SHIPPED
-CNC 355 RXR metallic
-2 spare arms for M230
-M230 landing skids + rubber knobs

-M230 frame only. NO center plates and arms NOT drilled.

47- RCCrashTestDummy PAID SHIPPED
-2X metallic arms/drilled: 327mm
- 8X CNC skids
- Standoffs to mount distro board and FC+top plate

48- tmelvin2012 PAID SHIPPED
-CNC 255 RXR metallic

-CNC 255 Frame only

50- Knighthawk517 PAIDSHIPPED
-CNC 255 frame only

51- Tailwind1 PAIDSHIPPED
- 400mm RXR Rear orange, front black arms + spares (orange (red?) and black props requested.)

- CNC 355 DIY KIT with BLACK center plates

53- Muench (see email) PAIDSHIPPED
-M371 RXR - Black with spares.

54- cmeisteriii PAID SHIPPED
-CNC 258 RXR with one spare top lexan plate. (2826 motors requested + Black center plates)

55- Birdman 4498
-CNC 355 Frame only PAID SHIPPED

56- mrexx
-CNC 355 Frame only with spare skids
Order cancelled

-CNC 355 DIY Kit NO FC and No ESCs and Black center plates. 2822/1800kv motors requested. (see email for props choices 7-8...)

58- Justin 83 PAID SHIPPED
-CNC 355 RXR with spare parts; two top plates with necessary standoffs, one spare arm and spare CNC skids

59-Bking1340 Paid SHIPPED
-CNC355 DIY KIT all metal (4 X CNC skids included)

-M230 RXR (black center plates- metallic arms- black props) + spares

-CNC 355 Frame Only (arms and center plates anodized black)

-Armattan CNC 325 second hand
-M230 with spares RXR

63- jsflyrv PAID *To ship with order # 67 SHIPPED
-M230 frame only

64- LifeStyle PAID SHIPPED
-CNC 355 RXR all black: arms and center plates anodized.

65- rc1001 SHIPPED
-M 700mm Frame only. PAID
-6 clear top plastic plate
-6 x 4 plastic landing skids

66- Maseo54 PAID SHIPPED
-CNC 355 RXR with black venter plates and black arms anodized requested.

67- jsflyrv PAID SHIPPED 2 free CNC skids as spare
- CNC 258 Frame Only with black center plates

68- adrenahelin PAID SHIPPED
-CNC 258 Frame Only-Metal center plate-Modified distro board to fit the CC3D

69- miniquad22 PAID SHIPPED
-M 330 RXR tubular arms All black with CNC skids

70-nerwin SHIPPED
2 X CNC 355 DIY kits (Black center plates) PAID 4X free CNC skids
2 X spare arms

71- Bobby 1983 PAID SHIPPED
-- 4X M230 arms drilled

-CNC 355 DIY Kit with Black plates

73- Michael L PAID SHIPPED
-CNC 355 RXR Black plates

74- spanky916 PAID SHIPPED
- Last CNC V2 355 with scratched up black center plates+ modified distro board for a CC3D
- KK2 set for a beginner- stick scaling 25

75- NYREPZ (set stick scaling to 85) PAID SHIPPED
-CNC 258 RXR (no color specified) with RX802 receiver.

1 X Armattan M - RXR 370mm with spares
Black anodized center plate.
Battery Alarm.

1 X CNC 355 RXR with spares
Black anodized center plate
Front arms Orange
Rear arms Black anodized
Battery Alarm
-2 spare arms
-spare nylon screws, standoffs and top plate
- 2 spare skids

77- Creepy 1
-Armattan One RXR

78- ikarous PAID SHIPPED
- Armattan M (Black) Coated aluminium Tubular arms -RXR 370-
(front arms if is possible red or orange)

79- romeodz PAID SHIPPED
- V2 RXR metallic CNC 355 (Note to myself- This one is packed. Twas for pablocopter canceled order)

80- steveiewonder PAID SHIPPED
- First CNC 355 V3

81-Birdman4498 PAID SHIPPED
-CNC 355 frame only- All metal no anodized parts- Plastic landing skids with rubbers.

82- mydoddy69
-CNC 355 DIY KIT metallic with CNC skids and KK2 programmed for a beginner

83- Manuel (see email) PAID SHIPPED
-6 X 200mm M black coated arms- Not drilled

-- V3 center plates with all hardware and nylon skids + square alumi tubing arms not drilled

85- nate25j
-CNC 355 DIY kit with black center plate.

86- Soldering tool for major.monogram and adrenahelin and GoPro mount for Thurmond and Bryan's Flyin FREE SHIPPED

87- nautique PAID SHIPPED
-CNC 258 anodized black. This model was listed in the classifieds.

88- samcro PAID SHIPPED
-M290 frame only metallic drilled for Emax CF motors (133mm arms)
-2 spare arms for M400 16/19 black

89- flyboy320 PAID SHIPPED
- CNC 258 DIY kit

90- micool72 PAID SHIPPED
- 2 X CNC 355 frames only

NOTE: When your order is ready you will receive a picture (frames and DIY kits) or a flight demo video (RXR models). I will send that to you along with my paypal info and if you like what you see, you pay me and I ship to you shortly after that. When sending payment, PLEASE include your user name and shipping address as well as order number (the number left of your user name above) in the "note to the seller" section of your payment. Thank you for helping me stay organized.
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Nov 17, 2012, 01:58 AM
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tasop7's Avatar
Awesome job Chris! I love the look of the CNC frame.
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Nov 17, 2012, 02:24 AM
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If you are still not convinced, just look how noob like me throws this quad around after a few weeks of practice

Before Armattan's i've only flew V929,V939's and look where i've landed

Armattan acro (0 min 0 sec)

Thanks Chris
Last edited by shafter; Nov 17, 2012 at 12:41 PM.
Nov 17, 2012, 04:36 AM
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Armattan CNC 355

I'd like to order a CNC 355, RXR DIY, all metal look. nice work!

ok, order confirmed, paypal ready, thanks.

11/19: Chris, if you prefer to ship when new design landing gear is ready, that's fine with me, you're call, thanks.

11/20: payment sent
Last edited by adrenahelin; Nov 20, 2012 at 11:06 AM.
Nov 17, 2012, 06:25 AM
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Nice work Chris

Like the improvements
Nov 17, 2012, 09:30 AM
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Originally Posted by adrenahelin
I'd like to order a CNC 355, RXR DIY, all metal look. nice work!
Order confirmed. I might be able to have this in the mail for you before the end of the week. I'll contact you for payment when it's ready.

Nov 17, 2012, 09:51 AM
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What's the motor to motor distance on the CNC 355? Is it 355MM?
Nov 17, 2012, 09:58 AM
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Originally Posted by MrDusanmandic
What's the motor to motor distance on the CNC 355? Is it 355MM?
Yes. 355.5mm

Nov 17, 2012, 10:03 AM
Trader Rating: 34
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Awesome thread. I love the 355 and will need a couple of them, at least. Email sent!

Thanks for all of your work on these Chris! Excellent!

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