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Nov 12, 2012, 05:02 PM
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My New Super Skysurfer

8 foot wingspan you can't go wrong! I am decking this baby out to the max with all of the features I have been wanting in an FPV plane. My Bixler was a great intro to FPV but now it's time for more capability.

Here is a picture I took when it first arrived and I mock fitted it together:

BIG! SHE IS HUGE! At any rate one of my main gripes with the Bixler was it's lack of endurance, once it is weighed down with FPV gear and bigger battery it's not going to stay in the air for much more then 30 minutes with good throttle management, and at max maybe 5km range, at least where I live. With the SSS that shouldn't be a problem, I will be running her with 5000mah 4S, which should easily give an hour of flight time.

I also really wanted to do night flying, and after getting comfortable with my Bixler I realized lighting just wasn't going to work on it, but this time I have lighting, and BOY do I have some good lighting!

I decided on using CREE LED's, these things pack a punch. For my headlight I chose 3 3W (700ma) pure white LED's, they have a viewing angle of 120 degrees and put out a LOT of light. You can see it here in this video and pictures:
Testing 9W (2.1A) CREE LED Headlight (1 min 41 sec)

I also chose 1W (350ma) Red and Green LED's for the wingtips, these things are also super bright and will be extremely noticeable:

Also not done yet are flood lights, there will be a single 3W White LED (same as used on the headlight) on each side illuminating both wings and also providing extra light for landing. There will also be a tail light, I just haven't decided exactly what yet. I am also considering putting some color changing RGB light's inside of the fuselage to provide even more light and color.

Beyond lighting I also have a cargo bay! I have always wanted to be able to drop things like parachute men and such, so this time I have one! It will have a servo mounted internally to open and close the cargo door:

I also made an access hatch to easily get to my FY31AP as pictured below:

As for FPV setup I will continue to use my FY31AP and Hornet OSD, however I am building my own open source based 433MHz bidirectional control and telemetry link and finally getting away from 2.4GHz! I will also have a slew of custom hardware onboard for things such as multicamera switching, advanced autopilot functions, Stabilized Pan & Tilt, Camera Lock and hold, and whatever else I can come up with .

This plane is far from done, I still have a LOT of hardware to make, then install for full FPV use, however I do plan on doing a maiden within a week or two non-FPV to dial in the plane and get to know it's flight characteristics.

To keep up with this project and get more details you can follow along on the build log thread at
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Nov 17, 2012, 12:57 PM
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I first ran across the Super Skysurfer last week, and wow, I really like that plane. This is a really huge foamie! I've already got an EZ Star, which I've modified heavily and still fly. But if that ever gets totalled, I'll probably choose one of these as my new "old reliable". However, it doesn't ever seem to die.

It's cool what you're doing to yours. Should be fun to fly at dusk.
Nov 18, 2012, 06:56 AM
FPV Electronics For Life!
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At dusk, I plan to do FPV night flights . I have a Bixler and I love it, but for my FPV desires I really needed something bigger so I could get longer endurance and better equipment onboard, and this really does fit the bill.

Me ordering mine inspired 3 other people I fly with to buy one too hehe, we plan to do formation flying with all of our SSS together, I can't WAIT to do that and get the video footage . Everyone that has had a chance to see it in person has been impressed, and everyone that has flown it even more so. My buddies ordered theirs like 2 weeks after I ordered mine, and they had theirs up and flying the next day from when they got them, I haven't even got mine fully put together yet hehe, but I am also doing a lot more advanced of a setup then them too, and a bit of time is worth it for the final result in quality.
Nov 18, 2012, 10:56 AM
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But with an 8 ft wingspan, what in the world do you have to drive to transport that thing??? I have a 6 ft wingspan plane where the wing doesn't break down and that one's hard enough to transport. I can go locally with the plane in the back of my pickup truck, but could never go long distances with it. And I have a 3 meter Bird of Time sailplane that will have the same problem. But I think that one at least has a wing that'll break down.

Something tells me I need to come up with a toneau cover for my pickup.
Except that it's a 1952 and I don't know that anyone makes one.
Nov 18, 2012, 02:43 PM
FPV Electronics For Life!
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Wings can be left detatchable. On mine the plan is to do up all of the wiring on the wings into quick connect/disconnects so the wing can easily be slid off and on, and use 3M hooks + rubber bands to lock the wing on.
Feb 12, 2013, 04:29 PM
Originally Posted by NorCalMatCat
Wings can be left detatchable. On mine the plan is to do up all of the wiring on the wings into quick connect/disconnects so the wing can easily be slid off and on, and use 3M hooks + rubber bands to lock the wing on.
I was fitting mine with velcro.
I used it on my Bixler, it worked so well I decided to use it on the SSS.

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