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Nov 13, 2012, 11:06 PM
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I don't get where you say it will be next to impossible to shut down or trim the setup if setup to the diagram. (It is at shut off point in the diagram) So if you follow your manual for the radio when you trim it or move the throttle stick up to hold an idle first start up you will be able to use and adjust the trim and the throttle shut off with no problem. Ive also discussed this issue with very competent flier's and none of use have problems with figuring how to get our throttle's adjusted so full is full and off is off. I also have talked with a person who has said you have acted like you knew what you were talking about, but when they wanted you to show them how to work on an engine you kind of wanted no part of it. I have no need to meet with you to discuss rc usage. Its a cut and dry matter which you clearly are having trouble understanding and have posted here to contort the issue when it is as simple as setting two servo arms to the measures and adjusting the perameter's in the radio. So no need to try and make it more difficult than it is. Not going to sit and argue, if the person needs more info than was given im sure they will ask. You apparently think you are one of the engine Guru's when you have only been dealing with gas for a short time as I have been told. And have seen you had to add your 2 cents to the rcu gas newb section. When it was suposed to be closed to all but Bob and the mod's. It had already been beat to death and posted many times before on how to run a simple 2 stroke. Guess you felt your way was better than the last guys way. You may have a better dialog because its clear to see you try to insult people with your little poke's and jab's you slip in along the way, but I could care less. Have a nice day
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Nov 14, 2012, 09:19 AM
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You're making a mountain out of a mole hill. Starting with the servo arm pointed directly at the throttle (as shown in the diagram), to move from idle speed to shut off reliably, the servo will need to move well beyond the travel limits of any trim I've ever used. Not all that might need/want to do this mechanical set up will have computer transmitters capable of doing this any other way?

I don't know who or what you're talking about regarding the help, but you might want to get both sides of the story prior to forming any sort of fair/intelligent opinion, especially one you want to share/discuss publicly? Stuff has a habit of coming back and biting you in the butt when taking short cuts that way?

BTW, the piece in RCU was done by invitation, in collaboration with an RCU mod. I didn't just sneak that in there. Even if I were to want to, as you say, it's locked? I was actually pretty shy about doing that. I'm not saying it's great or even close to it, but there was nothing else there on the topic (go ahead, look!), making it better than nothing. I'd love to see that made more comprehensive. After all, it's about trying to help, right? That's it. If there's something in it you disagree with, or something relevant you'd like to see added, shoot me a PM?

And one last time, if you want to throw darts, please do that via PM. That's what I meant when suggesting this be taken off line (not meeting in person?). As "almost" neighbors, I'm betting we get this sorted out pretty easily - without boring others. -Al
Nov 14, 2012, 04:54 PM
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Sorry Al didn't relize you were still flying a futaba attack 4. Most have moved on from the stone age. Even I with less money than you have upgraded to a decent radio. But I have seen a few old men stuck in there ways that still fly the vintage radio's. Honestly It's hard to believe you or anyone else would risk running gasser's on that old equipment. What's funny is I have read most threads in the rcu gas forum and you have been sending people to the same link that I have tryed to help this guy with,why all of a sudden when I try to help this guy you try and twist and contort the way it needs to be done! All of a sudden it won't work properly unless you use the second pic in the diagram. It seems you are the one who is making a simple setup into something harder then it has to be. Guys just do it Al's way or it will not work for you!! But it worked for me, worked for Jedi Jody and many many others who have read and followed the diagram. But Al can't seem to get it to work properly unless he starts at 20 degree's go figure Im not worthy. LOL
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Nov 14, 2012, 06:03 PM
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Another way to skin the varmit is with transmitter setup. After the throttle is setup normally, write down the throw settings, ie how much up and down were needed to move the throttle the needed amount.

Add the two numbers together... typically we might see 50% up and 50% down for a total of 100%. Knowing now that 100% are needed, adjust the upper setting to about twice the low setting or 33% down and 66% up.

With these numbers, the first half of the stick throw will only move the throttle 1/3 the needed travel whereas the upper half of the stick moves the servo 2/3 the travel.

Of course, if the total throw needed should be 150%, then use 50% down and 100% up or if 75% total is needed, then 25% down and 50% up.... you get the drift.

I'm not knocking the mechanical technique... I just find doing it with the transmitter settings much easier. Regarding the mechanical method, it is easier to do if one uses a servo that supplies a round blank disc. Here's how.

Install the disc on the servo and run it to low throttle with the trim fully down. Now, install a quick connector on the throttle linkage and adjust it in a position that strongly favors the low throttle direction. Tighten the quick link. Now, holding the throttle linkage fully closed scribe an arc on the blank disc with the pin of the quick link.

Now move the throttle stick fully open with full up trim after which, push the throttle fully open and again scribe an arc on the servo disc. Where the two arcs intersect is exactly the point to drill for the quick link that will give the throttle the perfect travel it needs. And... if the pin is located favoring the low throttle direction, it will have throttle differential.
Nov 20, 2012, 04:11 PM
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Originally Posted by unclecrash
You need to set the throttle up as close to the diagram at this link. Scroll down the page to post 21 for the diagram. You might want to read the whole thread seeing as its your first gasser.


Thank you all for your responds. Sorry it took a while to respond. The diagram method worked perfect. Flew it this weekened and it was great!

Thanks again

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