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Old Nov 11, 2012, 10:06 PM
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Composite Failures / Damage

I am working on a study of model aircraft structural failures.
Photos of composite type construction failures would be greatly appreciated along with explanation of how damage was induced.

Thank you,
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Old Nov 11, 2012, 10:15 PM
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I know this is not what you mean but couldn't resist.

Old Nov 13, 2012, 09:56 AM
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You ought to look up the photo of the fin attach area of the airbus that crashed into a N.Y. neighborhood right after 9/11. I know it's not a model but it show's you what can happen. I used to work at Grumman's Advanced Composites Facility in Milledgeville Ga. for many year's. For the most part composites of various type's fail differently. Carbon explode's, kevlar fail's the resin but remain's together and fibre-glas can go either way depending on the severity of the impact or load. One of the most facinating piece's of equipment I've ever been close to at Grumman was our ultrasonic water fall inspection dept. We used it at that time to inspect the spoiler's we were making for Boeing. Pretty neat. In real time it could show delamination's and print out a hard page of it. This sure beat using a hammer so to speak. It was way faster too.
Old Nov 16, 2012, 08:42 PM
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I just built a batch of stabs with varying layups. I ended up failing all of them until I found the strength I was looking for.....

They went into the garbage a couple weeks ago

What kinda info are hoping to retrieve from pictures?
Old Nov 16, 2012, 09:42 PM
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The photo's were just to show what can happen to an airliner. The fin sheered off at all the attach point's. I was with Daryl Perkin's doing stab testing on the Icon 2 and he was proving the strength of the new stab's after some customer's failed their stab's. And I think the only difference in the stab's were the thickness. See if you can find the book Composite Construction for Homebuilt Aircraft by Jack Lambie, 2nd edition. It's got some good info.
Old Nov 21, 2012, 08:29 AM
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BTW it just so happen's that there was an article in USAToday about the airliner crash I mentioned in my first post. It's amazing that the FAA has just gotten around to making recomendation's to keep this from happening again. Have you brought up your request over on the composites forum?
Old Nov 21, 2012, 03:26 PM
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