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Nov 11, 2012, 03:11 PM
Low'n Slow is safest, right?
KaiWE's Avatar
I went from foamies to balsa profiles (Aeroworks Extra 260 and PA Electric Shock) and then to full fuselage PA Addiction X and 48" EF Edge...

I agree with hone1er about the CZ Yak, really heavy feeling...
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Nov 12, 2012, 11:33 AM
Registered User
Mr Oz's Avatar
Originally Posted by hone1er
For 3D the CarbonZ Yak is a pig. It's very heavy feeling. The good thing about the Yak is that since it's not the easiest to do 3D you'll find balsa planes easy to fly and much better all around compared to the Yak. People that go from the Parkzone Extra 300 to something like a 3DHS or EF Edge they're blown away how much easier the balsa planes are to fly and land. Going from a profile foamy to a balsa plane is a little intimating because the balsa planes don't float like those foamies, but they do float waaaay better than that Yak.
Thanks! So it's kinda like learning to bowl on Pro conditions then rolling a game on the much easier house shot?
Nov 12, 2012, 08:40 PM
SoCal fair weather flyer
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Foamy to balsa, the main thing is you can't go from the really light weight ones to balsa, the small profile planes are deceiving, you think you can fly but the truth is those planes are super easy to huck around. I spent a lot of time on the heavier Techone planes before getting my Buck Huck. Even then I found the buck huck a real handful, it was not easy. After 150 flights on it I'm still surprised how responsive it is and how quick. I just built a Telink 44 inch Extra Slick, spec wise its close to the 41 inch Edge but I can do all sorts of things with that plane that I wouldn't even attempt with the balsa. I love the 3DHS Edge, but as mentioned earlier it is a little beast, small and quick. I'm currently building a 3DHS Extra SHP, I wanted something a little tamer and stable.

If you are decent at building, I would highly recommend one of the Telink planes as a balsa transition, they fly awesome. They are not cheap though, but they are very durable so it should last a LONG time.

Everyone is different, and everyone has differing amounts of time to spend flying, and some people have a certain amount of natural ability, Hone1er seems to have progressed at an incredible pace. I fly with a heli guy that after 2 years he 3D's the hell out of his TREX 700, truly unbelievable.
Nov 12, 2012, 08:52 PM
ride hard and fly low
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I started with a UM Mustang, then a T-28 Trojan by ParkZone and finally a balsa (3DHS 41" Edge).
Nov 12, 2012, 09:58 PM
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I went with TechOne route as well, the price of 44" yak 54 package is too hard to beat but you need MG servos all around; and then a 3dhs 48" EPP Extra- the only EPP plane I still fly regularly. After that I bought two cheapo balsa 3D from eBay- both crashed at maiden. First one due to ailerons were reversed. Took the guts out and put them into another cheapo airframe not knowing the RX was cooked at previous crash, 200 feet out it lost signal completely. Those are the rookie mistake I guess many people has experienced- getting too excited and nervous while stepped into "balsa 3d" game. After that I still wanted to save some money and bought a Yak 54 from Value hobby (same as a Cermark one with downgraded hardware). This bird flew so well until her cheap hardware cost the plane- z-bend and the super soft pushrod resulted the elevator bind/lockup at full throttle dive. $200 wasted (for three ARFs) and lesson learned. So, go with brand name will actually save you money in long run.
Nov 12, 2012, 10:04 PM
Registered User
BTW, I got a simulator after the first two 3d Balsa crashed, this might save me more airframes than I thought of.
Nov 13, 2012, 09:45 PM
certified crash instructor
Originally Posted by Mr Oz
In you guys opinion how does the CarbonZ Yak 54 compare to balsa? I love my foamies but want to transition to balsa. I bought a CarbonZ for just that, I'm still learning and don't want to destroy a balsa plane. Was this a good stepping stone or did I waste my time?
The carbon z yak is a bit heavy and lacks float, I find it much better 5 ounces lighter and on 3s lipo, has more of a balsa feel and floats much better. Good thing about the yak is parts are fairly cheap and available, and it's easy to repair. My first balsa plane was the pa addiction. It's an easy build and it floats almost to a crawl without stalling. It also seems pretty tough, I've laid it over and have had no damage so far.
Nov 21, 2012, 01:17 PM
Moths do not fly inverted
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I actually went the other way. I started flying 15-17 years ago and was very active till 5 years ago when we had our forward to a month ago and the Wee Man started asking about my planes which got the flying juices going again. I resurrected some of my old slow/park fliers and then got the itch to start flying aerobatics again. I have 25+ planes and the only foamy aerobatic plane I have is a old Inferno Depron foamy bipe which needs some love and is also quite fragile. I started looking around and found the Techone Venus and pulled the trigger. I could not be happier, while it is not a true 3D plane, more of a pattern plane, it flies VERY well and it has allowed me to get my fingers back and being that it is EPO it is pretty tolerant of dumb thumbs. Over the last month I have bought some more batteries (can't believe how cheap they have gotten) and have been flying the pants off of it and having a ball. My fingers are coming back slowly and I am now at the point where I am working on my balsa stuff to get ready to fly. Foam is great but balsa flies very differently and allows you to do stuff that foam just will not do....can't wait to get some of my balsa stuff in the air.


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