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Oct 27, 2012, 10:46 PM
Registered User
CraigVMN's Avatar

How long have you gone without breaking anything?

After receiving a new motor to replace one damaged when another arm broke, I went out to fly today and made it through 5 battery packs with no issues. That got me thinking – As I was tweaking my Quadrino and learning to fly, I got to counting how many packs I could go through without breaking any parts. My longest stretch is 16, so how about the rest of you? This isn’t a contest, just curiosity on my part.
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Oct 28, 2012, 10:55 AM
Registered User
CraigVMN's Avatar
Really...noone but me do this?
Oct 28, 2012, 11:03 AM
Registered User
Mrhide's Avatar
22 minutes
Oct 28, 2012, 11:15 AM
Registered User
jimbob69's Avatar
went through 50-60 packs without even breaking a prop, then destroyed my quad (motors/arms/props/gopro mount/landing gear) 3 times in 5 packs recently
Oct 28, 2012, 11:37 AM
Registered User
malcr001's Avatar
1 year and a half! lol thats because I havent been flying much. I'm way more of a builder/modder when it comes to MC's but hopefully that will change once its finally done. Also MC's are pretty easy to fly so providing you dont do anything stupid or you dont fall victim to any flook glitch with the firmware you should not be crashing that much!
Oct 28, 2012, 02:22 PM
Registered User
CraigVMN's Avatar
I should have known I was jinxing myself starting this thread – 3 broken arms & a broken motor today. Completely lost orientation in the wind, and BOOM!
Oct 28, 2012, 02:27 PM
WiseDuck's Avatar
Weeks, sometimes months. I broke a prop today, my hexa is on the floor and the props are quite stiff. Managed to step on one. SNAP, broke off right at the motor. Meh, who cares, I have more.
Oct 28, 2012, 02:49 PM
Quad Smasher
DavidPDX's Avatar
I have different multirotors for different things. My primary AP quad has well over 500 flights without an incident. I haven't changed anything on it during that time just inspect and tighten as needed.

The others that I use for learning and playing don't always last so long.
Oct 28, 2012, 03:19 PM
Registered User
well, as a newbie, i have now flewn 6 packs without crashing! the first 5 did cost me 5 props though:P
Oct 29, 2012, 12:42 PM
Pilot not Drone Operator
hallstudio's Avatar
if you see my videos you know i feel like i fail if i dont break somthing
Oct 29, 2012, 03:00 PM
Registered User
Most of the damage done to my quads are during test flights after mods, I'm very tough on my rigs before I fly them fpv because I want to know that they wont fail.

With that said, I have over 100(200 packs?) hours my main fpv quad with no damage or signs of wear.
Oct 29, 2012, 03:17 PM
just Some Useless Geek
Hey, can you guys start recording some of this? I'd like actual statistical data if that's possible. I'm just now getting into multi-rotor with the intention of carrying cameras for commercial work. My goal is to find the setup that is the best compromise of lift capacity per dollar, ease of flying, ease of setup, ease of maintenance, and longevity. If y'all are actually keeping track of how many flight hours you get per arm, motor, prop, and whatever then you really know if your setup is reliable and serviceable or not.

For instance, on my fixed wing Longhorns I keep a track of five minute flights with hash marks. Each mark represents one contiguous five minute flight, not interrupted by a damage-inducing crash (other than prop replacement), and all on one battery. Flights of less than five minutes (smaller batteries) are not recorded. Flights terminated by a crash are not recorded. #4 has 171 such marks; #7 has 42; #5 has 32. All the others are sold off, in the hands of FBs, or retired from service.

The thing is, I did not record how many times each plane was repaired, when servos were replaced, when motors were swapped out, etc. I think such info would have been useful for somebody looking at building a Longhorn, but it's a lot less of an investment to build a simple fixed wing foamy than it is to put three or four hundred bucks and many hours into a quad. Is there another repository of such reliability data on this board?
Oct 30, 2012, 12:21 AM
Pilot not Drone Operator
hallstudio's Avatar
Originally Posted by hallstudio
if you see my videos you know i feel like i fail if i dont break somthing
this is kind of what i mean.
How I Break The Cheap Easy Tricopter (5 min 43 sec)
Nov 07, 2012, 07:35 PM
lectroglide's Avatar
last crashed when the stinkin hobbyking carona RX stopped working, other than that not for a longgggggggggggg time
Nov 08, 2012, 01:36 AM
just Some Useless Geek
HK only sells the Corona stuff, they don't make it. Now, OrangeRX is a different matter, and one that I can gladly attest to as being on the high side. I've currently got R610s in about 25 of my airplanes and I have never had a radio problem that wasn't directly traced to something stupid I did. Can't say the same about the Spektrum receivers I've used. Oh, well.

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