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Nov 17, 2001, 11:46 AM
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Ideas for directing the new guys in choosing a plane

I just left the Slowflyer forum. There I saw another post from a guy who is looking to enter the hobby. He was asking the usual questions about what is the best setup to get him started. He has had a lot of help in his quest and recived a wide range of anwers. While reading his post I decided to come here and add a few suggestions that may help more people who are in his position.
It is obvious that that is no one single perfect trainer that is perfect for everyone. There are many variables that dictate what may or may not be the best plane for one to start out with.
1) $$$$$? a person with a fat wallet will have more choices than a youngster who is getting started with allowance or lawn mowing money.
2) Where can or will you be flying? My club has a 100 member cap and there are 20 people on the waiting list ( sad heh). People who are able to join a club will have access to both help and a feild large enough to fly big easy planes in.
Thoses who who need to rely on parks and school yards will likely have a smaller sky to learn in. Some may be limited to areas no bigger than the in field of a baseball field or even their back yard.
3) Do you have an instructor? Though not ideal learning on our own is quite common. It can also be incredibly discouraging. Learning on the wrong plane by one's self can be discouraging enough to make some give up. There are planes out there that are more forgiving when used as a self tutor.
4) When will you be flying? If one only intends on going out early in the morning for work when the air is calm, they may find a slowflyer to suit them well. If they expect to be out in the afternoon during windy conditions, then they may find themselves constantly watching the leaves on the trees to see if they can finally go out and fly without getting blown all over the sky.
5) Do you want or have the time to built your model?
I have seen many posts where someone has been given so much advise that they are probably more confued than when they first asked. I am proposing the we put together a page for beginers where we seperate them by each of these four variables and direct them to the plane that would best suit them.
We could have members vote on the plane of their choice for EG. Someone with little money, no instruction, time to build and repair, not limited to low wind, very large feild to learn in. For this, I for example may recommend the Soarstar package.
This may be a little much, it may be easier for people to just tell more about their specific situiation when inquiring about getting started. Let me know what you think.
John Tracey
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