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Nov 05, 2012, 09:11 AM
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My reaction to most off the shelf resins is very poor as in an ER visit one evening but with Resin Research I have no such reaction at all.

I have also found that Eveeno hand cream really helps when I am doing a build that requires 30minute or similar epoxy. Again Kwik Kick from RR does not cause me to react at all but I am currently out of it.

As much as things went very poorly on the Customer service side of things recently I will probably stay with Resin Research because it is a very good resin, it is inexpensive and I have no reaction to it at all.

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Nov 05, 2012, 11:52 AM
Registered User

I presume you are wearing gloves and have some ventilation? If the answer to either is no, then I'd be making a change. My standard of practice when working with any potentially obnoxious chemical is zero physical contact. First off by careful procedures, and secondly by appropriate safety gear - in this case gloves. Given you have already had allergy reactions to epoxy, I'd add long pants and long sleeve shirt, or even a lab coat. You don't want to get a worse reaction! Additionally, we get a lot of chemical exposure through inhalation. See that you have some ventilation that either moves fresh air to where you are, or pulls polluted air away from where you are. Of course that is a good plan when working with anything dusty or a solvent, not just epoxy.


PS - Always assume any safety gear you wear is contaminated. Don't contact things with the gear (particularly gloves) that you don't want to get contaminated as well. And keep in mind that safety gear is the LAST line of defense. If the gear gets contaminated, something is already wrong with the working methodology. That may be unavoidable in a practical sense though - depends on what you are doing. Sometimes procedure alterations, such as applying fabric dry then wetting out, rather then wetting out first, can greatly reduce contamination of gloves for instance and greatly reduce odds of getting epoxy on you!
Nov 05, 2012, 01:56 PM
Aurora Builder

Its hard to beat Resin Research. I still use it in many layups. Only real reason I switched to MGS is the working time, and I haven't tried RR's slowest hardener, mostly because they never returned my email requesting pricing! I have Pro-Set as well which works fine except the hardener goes bad pretty quick.

All this mess about HDT and post-cure strength is, for the most part, exaggerated in our industry. Yes if I'm paying $700+ for a toy I want it as stiff as possible and not to deform under heat but under normal circumstances room cure RR HDT are plenty sufficient. Don't leave your toys in your hot trunk for extended periods of time.
Nov 05, 2012, 02:09 PM
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Sam their pricing is the same for any of the hardeners, as far as I know.

Gerald- Yah all of that is going on. I am very careful especially having one bad reaction to a piece of wood that had been impregnated. This is simply a case of my body saying "Enufffff". I have been working with resins and this type of stuff for a LONG time. There must be something to what RR says about their stuff being mild because the hobby shop 30minute stuff causes a mild reaction no matter what I do but I can do a lay-up using RR, with basic protection (gloves and ventilation), and I have no reaction at all.

Dec 09, 2012, 12:37 PM
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I just finished my first DLG wing using US Composites and I must say that I like it better than West Systems and it's less expensive.

The weight of the two panels using 25psi foam and vertical CF weblets are 55 and 57 grams respectively.

I bagged them at 12-15 in hg for 12 hours under no heat. Then I wrapped a heat blanket like you'd purchase for your bed and left them there for another 12 hours. Then I took them out of the bag and the mylars just fell right off like using West Systems.

So I'm very happy with US Composites.

Happy Holidays
Dec 11, 2012, 02:50 PM
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Curtis, I am glad you had good results. I had used it for years and still use it for molds from time to time. It is really nice how you can get a pretty nice cure at room temperature.

When I had my issues I was just starting out and the wealth of info we have now was not to be had. I may have left too much resin in my lay-up. With the weights you posted you obviously don't have too much resin in the lay-up.

Nicely Done !


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