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Oct 25, 2012, 05:46 PM
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Build Log

Alzrc Devil 450 FAST

So I got this Alzrc Devil 450 FAST kit form OOmodel because I have a lot of electronics laying around and I wanted to use them up. When I was there I noticed they had Spektrum AR6200's w/ sat on sale for 25 bucks so I grabbed a couple of those too. I had heard good thing about the quality of Alzrc and I wanted to get something different from other 450's so I chose the Devil 450. First pic is what came in the box. 2nd is after it was all out of the packaging.

I didn't really take any pictures of the build process. The specs are as follows:

Turnigy H2223-2900KV motor w/ 11t helical pinion
Align DS415m on cyclic
Align DS520 on rudder
CC Phoenix 35a w/ bec disabled. Governed to 3100 rpm
CC Bec 10a @6v
Tarot ZYX-s from Miracle Mart
Spektrum AR6200 w/ sat.
Lightning Power 1850mah 14.8v 45c
All up weight: 917g
w/o battery: 704g

Tx: Walkera Devo 8s with Deviation Firmware

The quality of the kit was generally good, on par with the Tarot 450 I have. The Alzrc tail drive system leaves something to be desired however. The tail drive gear was out of round and warped. Both sets of umbrella gears are poorly made and have excessive friction. The tail drive shaft was straight(surprisingly) but the ends were not straight in the shaft. I have replaced all those parts with align and it is problem free now. The slant 121t main gear is good however, and meshes well with the Align 11t helical pinion.

The Alzrc carbon fiber parts are maybe not as precise as Tarot's but I didn't have to do any modifying, all the holes did actually line up after some fiddling

One thing Alzrc has better than Align even is the screws. All the frame screws are 2mm drive and show no sign of stripping out. My Tarot screw heads tended to strip out from looking at them wrong.

The Alzrc SDC(DFC) head is good quality, smooth and without play. It's kind of a blend of Align and Tarot DFC heads. It has Align style arms but the feathering shaft is thicker and uses a bigger screw like the Tarot DFC.

Edit: One thing I forgot to say is that in the head and tail, everything that should be loctited was, suprpsingly. It is always best to check anyway.

One thing I don't like is the swash plate guide has only two screws in it, one on each side and relies on the screw tightness to keep it straight up and down. Seems to me that it should be designed a bit better than that.

The Alzrc blades have a CG that is much farther away from the blade root than any blade I have balanced. Not sure if that's supposed to help the fbl system or what.

Maiden: Everything worked right. Head speed was too slow, I had set 2800 to start with. Just hovered around.

2nd: Set head speed to 3000 on idle1, 3100 on idle 2. It definitely likes 3100 better. Tail hold is rock solid even in max pitch pumps. I had to turn the ail and ele gains down in the zyx at the higher head spead, it was wobbling when a wind gust hit it. Did one tic toc, otherwise just hovered.

3rd: Head speed 3100, gyro gains and everything seems to be working good. Tail deceleration isn't as crisp as it should be, I adjusted it in the zyx now. Flip rate is comfortable, not too fast and not too slow. It has loads of power with this 4s setup. I flew 5:30 and I could not tell any difference in power from the beginning to the end. Pack voltage was at 15v (3.75v/cell). I did forward and back flips, hovered inverted, inverted punch outs, hard pitch pumps, and tic tocs. Which is about all I felt comfortable doing since it was so windy. It performed flawlessly except for a bit of flutter when wind hit it. I lowered the ail and ele gains a bit more.

4th: I mounted my Ice 50a so I could do a data log. The ZYX feels perfect now. Rock solid tail, no fluttering when wind hit it, smooth and predictable throughout every manuever, and surprisingly good performance. I was expecting it to be worse than my Tarot 450 because it weighs about 60g more. But the 4s setup makes up for it because it has less bogging and more power than the Tarot. It was 35 degrees out and I was running without the canopy. I think it hurt battery performance, because near the end of the data log you can see the voltage dropped a lot when I did a few tic tocs in a row. It didn't do that at the beginning of the pack,so it must have been getting cold. But this must be a pretty good pack because the voltage ripple was only 0.68v max. The highest amp spike (36a) at the beginning was a full negative pitch fall of about 40 feet to full positive pitch. And the tail didn't budge. Also the amp graph isn't very smooth because my governor gain was set too high with the ice 50, so it was fluttering the motor a bit. The Phoenix 35a should be plenty, the average current was only like 15a. The Phoenix 35a is rated 35a continuous, 50a surge.

5th: The Phoenix 35a with CC 10a bec is back on. It flew perfect. Nothing left to tweak except the governor gain. I could still hear a tiny bit of motor pulsing. The tail hold is really impressive to me compared to my Tarot with the 2702v 3-axis. On the Tarot the tail will kick out maybe 2 inches in hard pitch pumps then go back to where it's supposed to be. There was none of that with this ZYX. After 5:30 the battery had 14.9v (3.725v/cell), so that's pretty good for this 917g bird turning 3100rpm. And it wasn't all taking it easy, I was thrashing it pretty good. I also put on my Tarot CF skids, they look a bit better on this than the plain ones.

6th: I plan to do just one more flight with this to get a video. But not until my ZYX sat adapter gets here from china. I want to get rid of that ugly rx and wiring. Then I plan to put this up for sale bnf so if you want it, keep an eye out for it.
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Oct 26, 2012, 05:57 PM
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Good timing! I'm just shopping for one of these myself. Where did you get it? How long did it take to ship? And the final question -- would you buy one again?

Do you find that the overall parts quality of the Tarot to be better?
Oct 27, 2012, 12:18 PM
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I got it from I ordered it on the 8th and it got here the 24th so I guess it wasn't terribly slow.

Yes I would buy one again. I had pretty much planned to replace the whole tail drive line with align stuff before I bought it so it wasn't a let down that the gears and stuff were bad.

If you were just looking for a regular 450 pro clone, I think Tarot is better quality. And cheaper. But I would plan on buying align torque tube parts either way. Also Tarot doesn't have a kit with a DFC head that I know of, only regular flybarless. But I see Alzrc doesn't either, except the Devil 450.
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Nov 03, 2012, 04:47 PM
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Dec 07, 2012, 03:48 AM
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May 22, 2015, 09:06 AM
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No more update?Thanks
May 22, 2015, 10:23 AM
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I sold this heli shortly after I built it in 2012.

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