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Jan 24, 2013, 09:17 AM
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Now we checked the items that we´re going to use on this project. A Aeronaut 13 x 6´5 carbon classic folding prop, a HK turnigy Trusth 55 smp. series speed controller; ( maybe too much but I have it at hand... 45 amp. should be fine ), and Frsky 2.4 futaba compatible rec.
We had to work a little bit sanding the blades and checked that they folded smooth. Of course during these operations motor wasn´t yet ready to go. After we checked the opening and closing of the prop blades, they were dismounted .
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Jan 25, 2013, 03:28 PM
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Ok buddies, let´s posting a little bit. After soldering the conectors to the speed control we fit inside the battery area with double side foam tape. A velcro strap is nice to keep the folding prop with the blades closed for transport and storing.
We traced also the CG area per plans and checked it with a 1.600 3S batt. and another 2.200 3S ..., so the best place for a good CG without any lead at all is to install the receiver on the rear...
We tested also the motor spinning direction and checked and programing all travels and adjustment on our FF10 transmiter.
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Jan 25, 2013, 03:37 PM
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Here we go again... We installed the horn screw in the servos arms. and added some lockthread glue for added security. Receiver were installed also in the righ place with a little square foam and double face tape with antennas secured at 90 degrees one from another.
We installed a belly landing skid that we cutting from a dense foam piece from a closed kindergarden lot and fitted to the bottom of the fuse with double side tape also after a good cleaning of the area with alcohol.
some velcro were also used to hold the battery and a strap...
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Jan 26, 2013, 02:10 AM
Rolling Takeoff
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I had an Olympic II a long time ago. I remember that RCM cover too. Been in this hobby a long time.
Jan 27, 2013, 02:01 PM
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Originally Posted by japan3d
I had an Olympic II a long time ago. I remember that RCM cover too. Been in this hobby a long time.
.... Absolutly right, buddy.... I was 19 when begin my first Ole build... and now 55 years .... many years between pics..., many things, experiences, peoples,... really a long way... as times flies , ...many defeats... few victories...
ĦĦĦ We have lived .. mate...ĦĦĦ
But illusion for the hobby like the first days....
Tx a lot for remembering Japan3D.

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Jan 27, 2013, 02:17 PM
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And said that to friend Japan3D, let´s posting a little after we finished the radio and propulsion set-up and all that stuff, my small grandson Abraham came home to see the old-new Ole..., maybe soon he will learn to fly with it and catch thermals...
And now before flying the final touchs... We did this sailplane name logo with the plotter and vinil, using a font called Distant Galaxy... for the LSF logo, cardboard and elbow grease were used, as some pieces of vinil and monokote trim aztec gold...
As really hard to exact match the weight of both winghalves even after checking pieces weigh during all build structure. Logo and Ole name was sticked on the lighter half..., now both halves are equilibrated...
Jan 27, 2013, 02:24 PM
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Here we go again with the final touchs... We put the name near the trailing edge and the LSF on the same place as the original Airtronics Olympic II pics in the kit box cover...
Jan 30, 2013, 03:10 PM
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Hi buddies, lets posting a little bit the final touches before flying...
For protection of the decoration jobs, as pinstripes, name, logo and so... on covering finish jobs what we do is to coat these areas with clear, high gloss; ( no warbirds planes ), transparent sintetic barnish aplieed with a artis brush just only on these area. This way tips of the logos or stripes doesn´t begin to peel after little time and with some care, finish could be as good like the first day for years, ( No crashed incluided...).
My wife Ann, did for me a nice set of wingbags to keep wings tidy stored and transportation..., nothing like a comprensive and lovely lady...
And that´s all folks..., the build of this electric Ole2 is finished. Next posts we will talk about maiden flights, impresions, flying in differentes weathers or against modern type sailplanes, and so on... I want also to fly on the slope and add a little camera for on board film...
I spend over three months aprox. in this project and for me, it was like a trip to the past times, and during buildings many deja vu feelings and old time forgotten
memories come back to life again; flights, places, mates... a truly experience that also wish to share with all you.
The best from me was put on these sailplanes and blog so wishing that ideas exposed or showed tips will be helpful to other hobby mates and let a more enjoyable flights and fun.
Nowdays I´m just involved on the build of the third and maybe the last on this sailplane category, as said sometimes before R.E.S. sailplane of my youth, a electric conversion Blaine Rawdom´s Mirage from a Isthmus Models short kit.
My friend Juan Martinez AKA Tio Juan and me are both building a couple this nice, classic oldie beauty... but that if, of course... other story...
Tx. you all.
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Jan 30, 2013, 03:49 PM
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All I can say is - WOW. Great thread, great photos and a lovely plane!

I'm building a Oly II with my son from the Skybench kit and we'll be electrifying her.
Feb 02, 2013, 11:20 AM
Good, fast or cheap, pick two
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Beautiful results Manolo! I enjoyed your thread, and numerous photos, very much. Great information and education in here -thanks! Here's looking forward to watching your next build!


Feb 03, 2013, 06:09 AM
Fly to live- Live to fly
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Tx a lot for your gentle words mates ..... I really apreciate and are a truly support...
Well as said before, the OlyII build post is finished as the construction, set-up, covering and finishing touches are done. But now, actually is when it begins the fun...
Maybe as german aviation pioneer Otto Lilienthal said : " A idea is nothing, build a plane is something. The flight is all "... we have a good time on the bench, but the reason of so many hours is flying so let´s go with the maiden.
First flighs were done on a cold, early morning of 29 Dec. 2.012, a little wind from the east of 10 km/h. no thermal actitivy until noon. As always when I go with a new ship to the flying field is to do some pics of your new pride and joy; , just in case, because your airplane never will be as pretty than now, so take your time, relax that nervous..., ( at least for me, I doesn´t matter that you maiden a 60 c.c. gas aerobat, a EDF jet, a 3D airplane, a warbird or a glider..., I have always belly on my stomach... the first time before flying it ).
A good launch from a buddy, a little up trim cause I feeled at the begining some nose down tendency and she begin a slow but steady goes up... In a minute or so we´re at 150 meters, so it´s time to cutoff engine and check the glide..... ĦĦĦĦ Wow ĦĦĦĦĦ it is a truly Ole2.... very light and sensitive to little thermals, a very slow flying, good rudder response .... The electric conversion added maybe seven or eight ounces but still keeps all the good manners and flying of the original desing... and at least for me..., on the air it kees also the classic looks of the old and faithful first Olimpic II I have on my youth...
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Feb 03, 2013, 06:23 AM
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I know it´s posted before, but just in case, ... maiden video... and some pics of the first Oly II my friend Carmelo and me shared when we´re younger and done by the little plans incluided on the RCM review...

OLIMPIC II (4 min 44 sec)

I think that compared with the original, our new aproach to this classic sailplane preserves the original looks even with the changes on the nose done to adapt for the electric conversion...
Now I have my own... " Time machine "..... Excuse me for the expresion buddies, but as you may supossed I´m a nostalgic, or at least many times; ( if not I never build again those classic sailplanes.. ).
After over 20 minutes or so we think it was time for came down... cause with a flighpower 3S 1600 mah. batt. we have enough juice to goes up to thermal height four or five times... we landed without spoilers yet to get the feeling of the touch and handling and let came back " stick feelings " long time forgotten of how to fly this ship likes to be flown.
Once again on the pitts, we checked everything... prop is tigh, motor mount, cables, batt. charge, servos, links connectors, remove battery for a new charge and just be sure all stuff is OK.
After that and some talk with the buddies and newbees explaing the story behing this classic and differences between old scholl woodship and modern composites or foam and similars e-gliders now very often seen on our flying fields..
Over a half and hour or so we were ready to the second flight...
" See´ya soon " mates.
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Feb 05, 2013, 03:17 PM
Fly to live- Live to fly
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Let´s continue reporting the second flight....
A new launch, this time once trimed by ourselves a shallow climb with 1/3 throthe power and about a minute or so later we´re at 150 meters or so...
First flight was only for triming, photos and remember the feeling at touch of this sailplane. Now let´s see again.
It is very easy to fly..., maybe the easier plane I ever had.. once trimed it flies hand-off during minutes circling and thermaling itself like a true free-flight on days without wind...
Turn response is really very good, as elevator response is also excelent and trim control is truly efective. The true flight performance is superb on light air, she may goes up when others heaviers and moderns e-sailplanes are landing... as we checked a few flying sessions later..
In calm weather with up trim she will float around nose high without stalling with a beautiful sink rate. I know that her flat bottom airfoil may looks primitive in these days.., and new versions with more state of the art airfoils profiles have more penetration and maybe are more versatile..., but for more active flying, faster flying or heavy weather I have other better suited sailplanes. What I was searching it was to have this " gas bag feeling ", of very slooooowwww flying without stalling and stay up when almost no one could.
About half and hour or so latter I feeled it was time to landing and coming home...., the only and really problem that I had it was almost all dudes on the flying field want to fly it.... hummm, relax buddies, this is the maiden. Maybe next day...
See´ya soon mates with new flying reports.
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Feb 10, 2013, 02:12 PM
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On 31 Dec. last year, a clear, windy and cold morning, I went to fly again the Ole II to the flying field. There were some sailplane pilots, so after a little asking for... I let then fly the O2.
One of the pilots was my buddy Paco, he also built a O2 on the eighties and doesn´t know that we did a new version.... when I show it to him all we could see a smile on her face and even some tears... so I let him fly it during a long, full flight....
After landing his face was a truly poem....good friends are like good wine ... when they age well.....
Feb 20, 2013, 03:18 PM
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The last day I went with our ole friend to the flying field a cold and sundy Jan. morning but at noon weather goes up and was fine , there were our buddies Fernando with his nice modern Multiplex Cularis and Manolin with his HK beautiful scale ASW. When they saw our classic wood 02 they asked for a comparation flight so this way we could check their thermal performance. Weather was light breeze 5-8 km. hour from the East and 18 C. degrees, good thermal activity... Maybe the best weather for thermalling with a OII but I doesn´t said nothing about to my flying mates.....
We all agreed to a two minutes powered flight and then stay aloft all time that you could plus a bonus precision landing on the helicopters circle round paint in the middle of our runway....
We launched at the same time and the three sailplanes goes up...
The HK ASW was the faster flying of the day..., their fast passes were glorius and their scale look with the full cockpit details were superb. It landed the first one but Manolin is a very good pilot indeed and did a really good landing on the heli circle...
The Multiplex Cularis is a truly nice performer... It does all and good, a fine speed, l/d range, good thermalling, with his ability to get the max performance with a new modern computer radio and the camber option, flaps, and different mixes is a really good and sound desing... I really love this glider.
After 15 m. aprox. Fernando landed, a little far away from the circle but did a good time...
And our woody Oly...., well what can I say...? She was by far the slowest sailplane of the three, but catched thermals almost itself one after another and looks that never want to come down...
After 40 minutes flying my neck were a true pain and heli pilots were a little aaaaannngry cause it was their flying time; not really a good idea to let waiting to the " Dark Side " boys...
I tried to do the best of my own in the landing and planned a good aproach and over 1 meter or so high I aplieed full spoilers near the heli circle.... bingo...ĦĦĦĦ
After that what can I say.... as before I fall in love again with my classic beauty...
Best regards buddies.
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