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Dec 03, 2012, 07:31 AM
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Originally Posted by doddlepots
Do you have a trade name for the vynil you used? It looks like what I need for my "Magic" re-build.

Dear Christopher , I send to you a pm

best regards

Fuselage painted with bi-component white. Rudder and Elevator covered with vynil. Now I'm ready for electronic installation. Picture will follow.
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Dec 26, 2012, 02:50 PM
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So, what happened with the Alpina, Enzo?

We are all waiting with baited breath?

Has it flown yet?

Happy Christmas, in any event

Jan 12, 2013, 03:10 PM
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Hi Folks

You might be interested in my Alpina M journey.

I bought a used AM from an estate for a good price BUT it had a few problems.

I fitted new servos and had some flights. I could not keep the wings locked in with the AM clamp.

After asking many questions I could not discover how the system worked nor could I see how it worked The problem was during launch the wings bent up and slid out when they relaxed on the glide the spoilers were slightly open.

I had the correct clamp. I later discovered that the previous owner had replaced the steel blade boxes and did not drill the front and back holes to enable the clamp to lock the blades.

So I made a clamp arrangement in the ballast tube boxes and a serious spring to hold the wings closed.

The covering was wrinkled An no amount of heat would fix it so I stripped all the covering and re painted the wings and tail.

That is when I discovered the wings had been broken at the inner end of the ailerons.

They had a poor repair. Easy fixed? No! The previous owner bogged the wing up and glued in the servos and wiring.

Removed wiring and servos with much dremil grinding etc. While doing this surgery one wing fell over in the work shop and stripped the new gears in the servo.

I figured the old stripped gears may have caused a crash hence the wing repair

New JR servos and a mount so that the servos can be removed. I do not like servos glued in. That is just me I am old fashioned and all parts should be able to be maintained.

During all this I fitted a home made aerotow unit in the nose.

During the first half of 2012 I had my first flights with the "new" AM at an aerotow rally.

Actually the first flight was with a new radio with unknown throws and my first aero tow. I had a good mentor.

I had 12 launches that day. What a trhrill. As I was getting to know the model, it had a strange quirk. Half spoiler produced a roll in one direction.

I discovered one spoiler was opening further than the other.

I had adjusted the spoiler mechanics to lock up and down but never thought to check the throw at half stick.

There was slop in the linkage in the wing. The old system was one aileron servo in the fuse.

With the new radio ( my first computer radio. I have been using my old KRAFT in wooden RES models.) I knew I could fit a servo on each spoiler.

Hacked up the wing to fit a servo. Glued in a box for the servos and a wooden tube for the push rod to the spoiler. Filled the cavitys with foam and covered the patch with glass as a precaution.

During the repair, the lift pin on one aileron broke. That was a low point. But I found a place in the US that sells look-a-like spoilers. A set arrived and I am quite pleased with units.

A new ply mount was fitted to the wing glassed and painted.

This forum had a discussion re the failour of the elevator horn. Will I or wont I dig in and look? I decided to dig. Glad I did. Made a new horn from novastien.

A new brass bush was made for the fin to pivot the elevator.

Just in case novastien is unknown by that name in the US a description follows.

It is a sheet stuff that looks like compressed fabric in a resin. It is an electrical product, nice to cut, drill, tap etc. It has a horrible smell when cut on a bandsaw. I used 1/16 with two extra pieces either side of the pivot.

Early Feb this year we have a local aero tow.

I am almost very happy with the final product.

I would like to aquire some 3mm spring steel for the elevator pivot rod. That is the size used by the German Kit maker.

7/64 K&S is just a bit loose.

If any one knows where this can be obtained in EUROPE I would be grateful.

Hope my story has been intersting.

Cheers John Quigley Down Under
Jan 12, 2013, 04:15 PM
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John - great story !
There's probabaly quite a few hacked/bodged Alpinas out there in need of TLC.
for 3mm steel wire/rod - try "Gliders Distribution"

Always very helpful - I got some 2.5mm from them a while ago. Tell them what its for & ask them to cut it down into smaller pieces for shipping

Jan 12, 2013, 04:42 PM
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Good one, John !

Jan 25, 2013, 06:03 AM
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Originally Posted by doddlepots
So, what happened with the Alpina, Enzo?

We are all waiting with baited breath?


Hello everybody..and sorry for delay.
A/C is almost ready for test flight..just waiting for snow going away from my favourite slope

I will keep you posted with final pictures and with feedback about flights


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