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Dec 05, 2003, 03:01 AM

[RCSE] "Chosing your new Molded Contest it quick!"

So my last post said, it doesn't matter much which plane you choose cuz its
not going to make a contest result difference if you aren't practicing with a
countdown clock and a landing target. (Obviously the first part of that
statement doesn't apply to those pilots who can know and can take advantage of
specific features of some of the sailplanes available today...but then they don't
need to be told that :-)


Its incredibly simple...chose the one that turns you one. The one that looks
the way you like or has some feature that makes you feel all warm and
powerful. But CHOSE ONE!

Call Tom Copp at or Dieter at or Maple Leaf, orSoar or Sal at Northeast Sailplanes... But call quick... there is a huge
waiting list for planes and its not going to get smaller by waiting past Christmas.

DO IT....its been my mantra all year... make a decision, get off your duff,
get the details, mix them in a pot with your experience and interests and just
do it.

You'll feel almost as good as me :-)

Tazmainia or bust

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