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Dec 04, 2003, 07:15 PM
Aurora Builder

Best Micro Heli For Newbie

Hi all,

I know this question has been asked multiple times and is really an opinion question. Anyway, I am a complete heli newbie, although I do have a summers worth of Realflight Deluxe training plus FMS w/ joystick. Also, I fly R/C airplanes (electric glider and glow powered .40 trainer, both soled, glider test flew (2nd plane), "outrageous" power for a trainer (i'm sure somebody has done more, .46 O.S to get out of once tall grass at a flying site, don't fly there anymore, not an issue with grass). I have some paramaters that I would like to be met: A: Is a micro heli B: can be flown outside and inside C: can be flown outside in high winds, preferably 10-15 mph with gusts to 20 (many windy days in Maryland in spring and fall, much less in june and july, though we still have a few) without to many long and expensive mods. D: Relativly Cheap! (excluding comp/reg. radio, getting a comp radio anyway)

In my research the CP Hornet or Piccolo seem the fit the bill, though the Hornet more. According to the Model Airplane News review, the CP Hornet is supposed to handle Highish winds easily and be easy to fly, although this is probably a somewhat biased review. I also know the Piccolo is abit "stronger" tending to pop apart in crashes instead of break.

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Dec 05, 2003, 09:30 AM
Frequent flyer
Is a micro heli B: can be flown outside and inside C: can be flown outside in high winds, preferably 10-15 mph with gusts to 20

You might have to lower your expectations a little, most glow heli pilots i know won't go up in winds 15+!! micro helis in general, especially the ones you will start on (fixed pitch) are basically limited to under 5 mph.

What do you want it for? mainly outdoors? go corona or raptor if you want glow. mainly indoors with occassional outdoors during very little wind, go with a piccolo. My personal choice on that matter is that I went with a piccolo for indoor use during the winter. During the summer I am afraid to say it, but it doesn't get much stick time when I'm out flying the 3d glow planes... Although I have been flying quite a bit this winter outside, snow makes for a much softer surface to impact!

also, helis, and micro's are no exception, aren't as cheap as they appear. (I have more money sunk in my piccolo than any of my other 3 glow models and 2 other electrics.) You have lith batts, good charger, neccessary mods/upgrades, and replacement parts. Then you go overboard and things like brushless motors start showing up in the mail! (hopefully that astro 10 makes it in today!!)
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Dec 05, 2003, 03:57 PM
Aurora Builder
yeah, I know my expectations are a little bit to high (come to think of it I don't fly my planes over 15 mph, why would I with a heli? ). A better question is, FP or CP. I would like to fly inside in winter (actually have unlimited acess to large airplane hangers, although they will be filled with planes most of the time) and outside in spring and fall and in summer on vacations. It would be nice to at least hover in my house. I know they are pretty expensive, power system wise about the same as ep powered planes, but that is (depending on size, .40 for comparision) still about 50 % more than gp.
Dec 05, 2003, 04:19 PM
Registered User
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CORONA. Larger, more stable,built like a brick so you will not be afraid to brave the winds
Dec 05, 2003, 05:08 PM
Aurora Builder
I've thought of that, but I think it is overall to large, can't be flown inside (whatsoever, unless you have huge space!). Also, no CP head upgrade! I am thinking either the Piccolo or Hornet, leaning towards Hornet, becuase although more fragile, supposed to be a liitle more stable in stock config. Anyway, I have plenty of time to make my decision, won't be able to afford one for at least a year, possibly two. Also, I kind of over emphasized the wind, though it is usually around 5-8 mph in the evenings (spring or fall, mainly fall), and in fall about 50 % of the time it is at least gusting to 15 or twenty, but normally dies off pretty much in the evening (I have spent a couple evenings paddling my Hobie in when there was a steady 10 mph breeze in the day)