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Nov 24, 2012, 03:39 AM
looking up, down under
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545 gm all up here with ballast... flies fine

i note that the lower ailerons probably have a small amount of reflex which might help the aerodynamic balance; my top wing is essentially level with the black stripe at the back of the ochre on the fuselage, but maybe i am just more experienced as a pilot and like how it feels

dial in some down elevator, fly it slow because it zooms with throttle

hope that helps

as for the wing, it's a hoot but i am used to it

hope you have more fun next time out; let me know if i can help
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Nov 24, 2012, 05:13 AM
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Update: Bloody love it!
Now its perfectly balanced (if a little heavy) in up to 10kn wind it keeps your attention focused but very good fun. As Scruffy said it is really a calm air plane, this evening I turned into the wind and it just stopped. Judicious use(fluke) of the throttle saw a gentle decent from 3metres to the ground with NO foward movement. Its quick to react to rudder and elevator and i'll probably wear out the aeriolon servo from overuse keeping it level but I am very happy with the overall result.
On sadder news there is a tired old Skyartec Cessna 182 that doesn't know its about to be stripped and binned because I LOVE the wing. Whether gliding or flatout scary power manouvers the wing is my new fav toy. i can see another wing of some description coming and using the Cessna's motor/servos/battery to far more use.

Right , big day, its Saturday night and theres a reasonable bottle of Merlot with my name on it. Happy flights Scruffy and all.....
Nov 24, 2012, 08:13 AM
looking up, down under
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Originally Posted by Xmod
Update: Bloody love it!
Now its perfectly balanced (if a little heavy) in up to 10kn wind it keeps your attention focused but very good fun.
how much did it eventually weigh in at ?

i like your fulcrum for the cg; i think mine is still balanced further forward than yours... musta been that ply tail skid on yours doing the dirty with your balance

I LOVE the wing. Whether gliding or flatout scary power manouvers the wing is my new fav toy. i can see another wing of some description coming and using the Cessna's motor/servos/battery to far more use.
yeah, wings are the shiz for being crazy, and they bounce like nothing else

although the mini-stick is great too

i started thinking about my powered glider (the scratch built "flinger" like glider of 1980-something is looking at a new fuselage with 2-3s motivation)

and the binary 900 has been taken from the "to do" shelf to admire and contemplate

ahhh... aeroplania, the happiest sickness of them all
Nov 24, 2012, 08:09 PM
looking up, down under
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another 3 batteries this morning, even after the breeze had kicked up a little

had the extra weight down to the 9 gram piece, and needed (surprise!) some more down trim, which is probably ~ 4 or 5 now

i suspect it will balance okay with just the battery, and that will be my next step if the wind calms this evening

the flight characteristics seem unphased by the down trim - still climbs with power (though probably less than before, as the camber of the tail surfaces probably increases the nose down attitude as the airstream increases)

if i was to do anything else it would perhaps be to add some downthrust, but really things seem pretty close to perfect as it is

i tried to stall it, and the thing just sorta hangs there without any of the violent wing drop that the spitfire exhibited

managed one snap roll, but am entirely uncertain what i did that made it so crisp... bit of reading on that point required and then i'll do some more training

seven minutes air time with a mix of throttle, but quite a bit of "full", and the residual charges vary from 3.70-3.73 per cell of the 3x 3s i flew - so landing with ~20% still in the tank; might wind the timer down to 6:45 given the "power on" response is pretty addictive

last detail is to glue in some carbon rods to secure the velcro within the slot rather than clumsily around the whole nose, and it's ready to add to my squadron as a fully fledged member
Nov 24, 2012, 10:51 PM
looking up, down under
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i dug out the remainder of the glassfibre rods and poked them into the fuselage fore and aft of the battery hole, ca'ed them in with the velcro in situ and added a small dollop of epoxy with balloons into each corner

done and done; the photos tell the story
Nov 27, 2012, 03:22 AM
looking up, down under
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further sortie this evening in 20kph winds

3 batteries worth - no problem in the breeze at all

what a delight to fly
Nov 27, 2012, 09:38 PM
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Pitts #1 (1 min 35 sec)

ok, here's mine in less than 5 klm/h winds, i'm not calling BS on the 20klm/h winds but sure would like to see a video.
Honestly, I still don't think mine is sorted weight wise even though it is on the marks. It is super rolly and will still drag its bum around at less than half throttle. From about the 50 second mark thats just me trying to keep it in the air, not aerobatics , till I call enough and bring it in before any damage is done. Scared the hell out of the kangaroos. I'm really not enjoying it as nuch as I thought I would (especially being up at 5.30am to beat the winds picking up).
In comparison, to just throw the wing or the Bixlar in the air in most conditions and fly till they're nearly flat is more relaxing.
The Pitts is hard work. More finetuning needed me thinks......Any thoughts????

On a side note, playing with the wing has led me to the Holy Grail, a CrashTestHobby Grim Reaper. Please Santa, I've been kinda good.....
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Nov 27, 2012, 09:44 PM
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i tried to stall it, and the thing just sorta hangs there without any of the violent wing drop that the spitfire exhibited - Scruffy

All it wants to do is stall ( has led to more hover practice/flying than if have done in my previous 48 years) or roll over a wing and dive- Xmod
Nov 28, 2012, 01:12 AM
looking up, down under
scruffy1's Avatar
hi xmod

i think you might be rigged with way too much lift

look at my photos, and it is obvious that i have reflex on my lower ailerons - i didn't do it on purpose, but that would push my nose down like coupled flaps

the upper ailerons are neutral

the elevator is also in an extremely "down" trim, after experimenting with the weight down to 9gm; i didn't lessen the ballast yesterday arvo precisely because it was windier than i had flown in before

the local meterology was saying 10knots - i thought that was equal to 20kph but it's about 17 when i squint - i suspect you though kph was "knots" when i meant kilometres

the weather is similar this arvo, and windspeed on the top balcony is presently 16.8kph max with the digital anemometer (can't resist one of everything i always wanted to have )... and it was more gusty late yesterday

it sounds like your plane is flying "tail heavy" even if the cg is where you say, probably because my aerodynamic centre is more favourable than yours

my suggestion : trim some reflex in on the bottom ailerons, and leave the elevator with the neutral "flat" and trim as required

less noseweight will necessitate more "down", but it is better to start nose heavy and then experiment

the flight pattern you are describing will also be have been worsened by the mass and drag of rear mounting your camera - if that was your worst flight i would strongly suggest the camera has been the culprit - if you want to use it, underneath at the front would be the best bet (if it isn't too fragile)

other than that i am out of ideas

i am not an established stunt flyer, but i have built my reflexes on aerial sim shooters as a pc gamer for over 2 decades and this plane has already recovered comfortably at heights where i previously would have shat
this thing rocks when it is in good trim

mine is doing stunts i can't even describe when i mash the sticks, but it effortlessly falls back into sedate control with minimum fuss; i have been flying with full rates almost exclusively, and landed with them on several times without noticing (but there's some exponential like i explained in an earlier post)

hope you find better success with some adjustments
Nov 28, 2012, 04:23 AM
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Thanks for the tips Scruffy1, I have now organized "Someone Who Knows What He Is Doing"" to come down to the field one morning.
Between your tips and his I hope to break this Brumby in soon.

P.S. Do you really think it was a nikon DLSR back there? #16 keychain camera recessed into the foam and counterbalanced.
'm not silly, its just the way the nurses dress me
Nov 28, 2012, 04:26 AM
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Ummm..... by reflex you mean down trim only on the lower aerolon?
Nov 28, 2012, 05:44 AM
looking up, down under
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Originally Posted by Xmod
Ummm..... by reflex you mean down trim only on the lower aerolon?
it might work even better if both upper and lower wings had it, but i can only remark on what seems to be working for me
note that reflex means that the trailing edge of the aileron is slightly UP

good move to call in the experienced pilot

how long is your own pilot time ? i have only flown electric r/c seriously for ~11 months, but as stated, simulators on pc for 20 years, and radio gliders for closer to 30 (including some slope soaring, which has similarities to bank and yank electrics)

was only late last year i did my first serious blogging on the start of my new obsession

keep on the reporting; waiting to cheer when it all comes together
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Nov 29, 2012, 05:42 AM
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Hi Scruffy,
About May i was cruising about the internet and saw a few youtube videos that tickled my interest. Then i found Hobbyking, or as my wife refers to it, the third person in the house. Nah, just kidding.
Bixlar1 arrived, had it for 24 hours and parked it in a 30 metre gum tree at 5 pm. Six am next morning it was gone, some lucky bugger walked off with it.
That was my first rc plane ....ever.
Bixlar1 and a bit arrived soon after and the bix2 . Good fun and still flying but i needed something ...more. Sound familar?
Stupid &@:;', Cessna, less said about that the better.
The Pitts and the wing were the next purchases i sneaked past the finance department. So thats my whole rc experience, may till now, with no sims or any pther help. Shame your not around the corner mate. I suspect advice from Someone Who Knows is badly needed.
Scruff, if you only started in January,you are a natural.

Did you have a look at the Grim Reaper.? Also have a look at a youtube channel for kickahobo. The guy lives on an island off Greenland and the FPV is amazing
Nov 29, 2012, 09:17 PM
looking up, down under
scruffy1's Avatar
finally got the videographer to come to the park, but it flew really erratically and landed heavily on the first return to earth - it was really biased to rolling left and needed major stick the other way to stay level

on review, i noticed the left strut had exited its slot on the bottom wing, and pulled out one of the cross braces too perhaps hangar rash from the car, or maybe just a poor joint to begin - i suspect it's a legacy of cyanoacrylate which was the "fix" in those joints mainly - which i will re-glue more effectively with epoxy this afternoon, like the top joint and the baldachin already had as standard

still, i jammed the bits back together as a dry fit, and got some footage anyhows

not as good as it can do, but given the situation it was "courageous"

more later when it's fixed if i can encourage the film crew to return to the field

it's the pitts (1 min 30 sec)

edit : a bit of forensic investigation shows that the cross bracing poked through the struts into the foam on the lower wing were effectively holding them in like a dry dowel joint, and the one on the right didn't pierce as far, and thus gave way easier
while the c.a. had set on the surface due to using kicker, i think that it didn't adequately do the job on the walls of the mortise

i took the hint and dug out the other one too, and added lashings of 5 minute epoxy - once that sets i'll attend to all the crossbrace / foam joins as well

cyanoacrylate is convenient, but shows pretty lacklustre resistance to sudden shearing forces - it's too brittle ; i understand that there are more "elastic" formulations and i guess i need to experiment and improve my knowledge of foam building technique, but point taken for future builds

the afternoon wind is of course now variable but gusty, and it's filthy hot in the sun, with the air temp just under 30c
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Dec 01, 2012, 04:44 AM
looking up, down under
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back after the application of epoxy and all is as it should be; took out the other cinema crew for a go

my only complaint is that since google took over youtube i can't seem to see my uploads in waterfox or firefox (unless they are embedded), although ie9 seems to work

is this a conspiracy to force me to finally download chrome ?

edit : no, i'm an idiot and had to clear a stale cache file

anyway, now that the structural integrity has been maximised, here's the next instalment with an appropriately up-beat soundtrack

the ballast is out next sortie, bringing the all up weight down to 520 grams, and the air time at largely wide open throttle to 6 minutes while leaving 20% in the battery

enjoy - i certainly did

pitts redux (3 min 3 sec)
Last edited by scruffy1; Dec 01, 2012 at 08:44 AM. Reason: i am not the uber-nerd i supposed

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