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Oct 18, 2012, 12:54 AM
The Engineer
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How To DIY Anti-Spark Connectors

Here's the mod Deans to accommodate anti-spark. However, this is the battery side.

Really, nothing to mod except I just superglue them together and clamp it till dry with heat gun and then shrink wrap them after soldering the cross link and to the battery:

The other connector is the balancing connector wired to adapt Schulze charger. Not ready to wrap yet, waiting for a resistor to be added so that the charger will auto recognise the charge current for this pack.

Here's another view. I have pumped in hot glue into the hole where the shrink did not close all the way on the main connector.

The other male side of the Deans is really the mod job.
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Oct 18, 2012, 12:59 AM
The Engineer
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The resistors came yesterday and only found time to do so today. Tried out and it was successful to prevent any sparks!

Ok herein revealing the mechanical method on the ESC side!
This is a modification over the pin connector side. What I did was simply use a plier and compress a pair of pin so that it sits shorter than usual, just a little like 3-5mm.
I'm not too worry if it is compressed too much and lose that spring effect because you still have the other parallel pin that will hold the whole set in place. But too much shorten you fear the contact is not perfect. This is about right for the difference to be seen:

So what happen is that the connectors on the battery side (socket) is aligned, not offset. But when it meet the pin side, the top tier will contact the pin side first where the arresting resistor is located. The resistor basically is soldered from the + side on top of the pin connector, and to the + side at the bottom and that continues to power the rest of the ESC +ve.

The resistor timing is determined to be 0.5s and the calculation was taken from

I am using a 56 Ohm 0.25W resistor.

Here's another picture from another angle.

Well this was not the original intention to plug in the battery this way for those who just caught up reading. I have decided to move the battery to the side and thus required a new connection point by the side. And what's more suitable to use the offset connector than the Deans? I do not know of any other connectors that you can push or pull the pins out of the housing socket!
Oct 18, 2012, 01:00 AM
The Engineer
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Another thing I did today was to make a 2nd set of anti-spark connector for the ESC PCB.
This set will be located opposite the first. Few reasons for me to do this.
1. Having both battery on either side of the quad keep things balanced.
2. If need be, we can change out the battery pack and hot plug new one in.
3. With in hand a few chargers around, we can charge the pack separately and the same current throughput yet, shortening the time required. Eg. Instead of charging a single 6900mAh 2P pack at say 0.5C, we can now do so at 3450mAh at 1C each, i.e if the charger max power is limited. Of course if you use a high power charger that will not be an issue.

4. The thing is, if I ever have a need to perform endurance flight, I might consider 4 connectors on all 4 sides and plug in 4packs! Yes, the weight might turn out to be a penalty but with the 4x capacity, its a trade off.

Here's the picture of today's work. Much better now with the soldering and more compact. In fact, if i can use the black loctite and port over the entire exposed area, it may even look like no component existed in between the pins!

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