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Nov 16, 2001, 04:31 PM
Stephen Noble
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EDF for a 9 pound plane?

Does anyone know a EDF fan and motor that would propel a 9 pound jet? I was looking at converting the Combat Models F-16N to electric ducted fan instead of a 50 size glow engine... -Steve
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Nov 16, 2001, 06:50 PM
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The Wemotec HW730 will do it.........

Wemotec state...
"This complete new development replaces both the RK 530-E and RK 740-E. The new HW 730 is happy with standard motors, but reaches the performance of the discontinued RK-740-E.
For the first time ever this kit comes with a handlayed seven bladed carbon fibre rotor. This brought the weight of the rotor down to a mere 34 g, which reduces vibrabtions remarkably, and makes the fan running very smooth.

At the low end you may start with SPEED 700 motors, and can reach about 12 N of thrust. A typical choice would be an Ultra 1300-9 running on 20-24 cells. Here again the fan unit is able by design to build up a remarkable pressure. Most of the readings have been done with the optional 80 mm exhaust nozzle!

If you go for a bigger 92 mm nozzle static thrust readings are even higher.

Rotor: 105 mm, 7-bladed
Stator: 4-bladed
Weight: about 148 g (internal parts + shroud)
Outer diameter of inner tube: 106 mm
Inner diameter of ducting: 52 mm
Ageo: 67,0 cm
Aeff: 50,0 cm (80 mm exhaust nozzle)
Static thrust: about 10-25 N "

Is 25N enough? thats 5.6 lb force, giving a T/W ratio of over 0.6. To get this performance requires big bucks, a carefully chosen motor and ESC and loads of cells.

Hope this helps...

Nov 17, 2001, 12:04 PM
I know I am speaking about ancient history, but Dave Ribbe took an Astro FAI40 brushed motor and powered a nice sized Mig 15 a few years ago and it flew very well. I understand he used a cut down Viojett fan and 20 or so cells (probably 1200's back then).
Why is it that no one tries to make something like this work again? Perhaps using the HW 730 fan. I realize there is brush wear and maintenance to be done occasionally, but certainly some folks have some of these Astro motors laying around to try.
If I had one, I'd try it.
Nov 19, 2001, 10:40 AM
dorysch1's Avatar
Did you hear that P-80 of EJF's on their site ? wow that fan sounds NASTY!

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