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Nov 16, 2001, 11:55 AM
Let's Fly
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Right outside my front door! What Heli?

Hi Everyone,

I love to step out the front door of my house and fly my electric airplanes (Pico, IFO, Soarstar...etc.) Now, I think I'm ready to buy and try my luck with an Electric Heli.

My question to you guys and girls... which one would be right for me.

Here is what I would expect in a heli.
1) To be able to fly it in some wind like the Soarstar airplane.
2) I would like to Hover, Fly Inverted, Do Loops and Rolls, you name it. Yes I'm a HOTDOG flyer or at least a want to be.
3) My point is I want to get a Heli I can grow into. I remember I bought items in the past that didn’t have all the features that I come to like. Like someone on the e-zone says buy cheap buy twice…or something like that. I want to get a GREAT machine the first time. I think I like the size of the Concept30. Now that I think of it I don’t want to fly in my house at this time. So the Piccolo would probably be to small. Seems like I also don't want a Fixed Pitch blades.

So please tell me where this leaves me. Oh you should know I have an older JR-X388s radio that I will be using for my new heli.

Thanks so much for your help, comments, suggestions.
Besides if I get into this Helicopter stuff I may start stocking things and hopefully save us all a little money.
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Nov 16, 2001, 01:31 PM
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Well it really depends on how much money and patience you have. One of your requirements is to fly inverted. But you also say that you haven't flown heli's before. I don't think there is a heli on the market that would be good for both training and flying inverted/3D. Sure you COULD start out with something like a Logo 20, but the repair costs would absolutly kill you, you'd probably give up before learing to fly it. It's like starting out a new airplane flyer with a 1/3 scale extra 300, not very smart. To be honest I think the most economical solution would be for you to buy 2 helis, 1 for training purposes, and then move up to a 3D capable model. Don't fall into the trap of thinking, "I'll just hover close to the ground while I'm learing, I won't crash". The fact is when learing helis, you WILL crash, better for that crash to cost time and CA with a good trainer heli than $200.00 on something like a Logo20. My recommendation is to get something like a LMH120 Corona (I've never flown one but the little brother LMH110 is/was very durable), or a less durable but better flyer is the JR Voyager. After you've spent a few months learning these, then you can move up to a "hotdogging" type heli.
Nov 16, 2001, 02:01 PM
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Wouldn't the Voyager be a good candidate? I don't own one so I can't speak from experience, but it sounds like a good, durable first-time heli that can do some nice aerobatics with the proper setup.

I have a JR 388. You will probably need to add CCPM if you are interested in "hot-dogging" it, but this is easier than you think - I sent mine into Horizon and they added the programming at no extra charge. Turn-around time was less than one week.
Nov 16, 2001, 02:11 PM
Let's Fly
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The saga continues

Woops….I just checked out that Logo20 http://www.rc-direct.com/mikado_first.htm
on the web and your right. I don’t think I wanted to spend that much on a Heli for starters. I understand your analogy perfectly when you talked about an Extra300 for a beginner. Looks like the Logo20 is out for me.

I’ll look into those others. The saga continues.

Nov 16, 2001, 02:19 PM
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I hover my Voyager in front of my house once a while, on top of a two car sized driveway. To hotdog it would require a bit larger area because of the trees and safety concerns. But it stable enough to fly in any condition that a 30 size heli can handle.

I also fly Hornet in front of my house, but it's a bit sensitive to wind gusts. So eventhough it's smaller than Voyager, I still feel more comfortable flying Voyager in front of my house.