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Oct 12, 2012, 07:40 AM
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Using the Speech Module made by "VSpeak"

Earlier this year the control tower of our nearby International Airport reported to our clubs committee that Model Aircraft had been observed flying above the maximum legal height of 400-foot AGL in the vicinity of the airport. This brought into question the height that our club members were fling above our clubs flying field.

I did not want to cause an infringement of the Air Navigation Laws that could result in jepardising our clubs flying site so I began to look at methods to know what height I was flying at. My first purchase was of a recording variometer and this established that I was flying at close to the legal limit. Well and good but this devise could only be read after a flight had landed. I needed to know the height that my aircraft at any given moment.

Simple I thought all I needed was to purchase a telemetry module and receiver. So this was done but I soon ran into a problem. I had to take my eyes off my model to look at the screen to know what height I was flying at. This was not very satisfactory.

Luckily I discovered the “Vspeak” module. A quick e-mail to Volker Weigt at established that the module was available and could be sent to me here in Australia. The module was not cheap but subsequent use while flying has proven that it is invaluable. Volkers web site is

My first set up use an earphone to give the spoken details from my telemetry module but subsequently I found that a miniature hamburger style speaker that was designed for Ipods was the ideal way of getting my spoken details.

More details of my experiences are in this thread starting at Post No 101.

Attached to this post is a photo of the "Vspeak" on my JR 10X transmitter that shows how small the installation is. On the RH side next to the handle is the module and on the LH side is the button that controls the module.

What I did not expect from the "Vspeak" was the tone variometer that has made my flying of gliders much more rewarding. I have not been using the "Vspeak" for very long so I am still getting used to it.

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Oct 12, 2012, 03:08 PM
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I have a VSpeak sitting on my bench ready for testing. I like your external install, I think I will do something similar for testing.

Like you I'll be using it with the FrSky telemetry system.

Oct 12, 2012, 07:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Rotozuk
I have a VSpeak sitting on my bench ready for testing. I like your external install, I think I will do something similar for testing.

Like you I'll be using it with the FrSky telemetry system.

Originally I did want to put the "Vspeak" inside the TX case but there was just not enough spare space. I am now happy with the current installation. What is not shown in the first photo is the wiring loom at the back of the TX.

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Oct 21, 2012, 11:43 AM
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Some time ago I added a MLink-module to my Graupner MC-19, because I had some trouble with the ACT-system in my helis.

As soon as the Multiplex telemetry display was available I ordered one together with the SM-Modellbau Unilog and GPS-Logger. Everything worked fine, but looking at the display to see the important values and to know which alarm beeps around, was not the best solution.

So I ordered the VSpeak-module, connected it to the MLink-transmitter-modul and tested it.

On the flying field it suddenly was dead. No single word. So I contacted Volker. After one or two mails with usefull tips and a new firmwarefile he sent me a new module. Right the day before his vacation. That`s what I call really good customerservice

The new module works fine for a lot of flights now. I`m happy with the solution and can recommend every component I use in this telemetrysetup.


Oct 21, 2012, 08:34 PM
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Spoken telemetry is definitely the way to go.

Nov 27, 2012, 01:13 PM
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VSpeak for HoTT transmitter module


for Remote controls with HoTT transmitter modules M-G1 and M-G2 is a voice output module available - as an alternative to Bluetooth smartphone solution.

See detailed manual.

VSpeak speech module for HoTT (EN) (1 min 49 sec)

Feb 08, 2013, 11:19 AM
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VSpeak for Spektrum radios


for telemetry capable Spektrum radios is a voice output module available - as an alternative to Spektrum STi.
some highlights:
- integrated in the radio ( some wires have to be soldered to the RF module )
- all Spektrum telemetry sensor values may be announced
- seperate alarms can be programmed
- a vario sound will be generated if a barometric altitude sensor is attached
- if there is a current sensor attached, the consumed capacity will be calculated and announced - also a alarm of used capacity can be programmed
- ......
See detailed manual.

VSpeak speech module for Spektrum (EN) (0 min 20 sec)

Sep 06, 2014, 05:10 PM
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VSpeak for Hitec Optic and Aurora with Jeti Modules

I came across the VSpeak vario/telemetry after trying to make the Jetibox Profi and MVario2 work as a stand alone unit with our Hitec radios. My husband and I had become frustrated with using our RC Electronics units, on our own they worked faultlessly but when we were at large glider meetings here in the UK we always had issues on our telemetry reception, so much so we needed to do something about it......

The MVario unit without a Jeti transmitter is to put it bluntly is rubbish . A few emails around suppliers who make compatible Jeti protocol vario units lead us the Volker and the VSpeak system. His helpfulness and replies to emails were first class .

Because Volker informed us the Jetibox Profi only works in monitor mode, I needed to fit a Tx module to my Aurora or use the TA module, because I still need to use the Spectra module on another glider, a dual set up it was.....Me on the TU 2 EX, Mel chose the TF module and Jetibox Mini on his Optic 6 system. Both had modifications from the standard fitting protocols.

Optic 6

The Jeti Duplex TF module aerial placement seems odd to my mind.... the ground gets a good 2.4Ghz signal soaking with a small line of sight free zone, so the aerial was fitted to the carrying handle to give a better radiation pattern, with all the wiring loom being routed through the inside of the transmitter case.


This set up was a lot more complicated... it would be wouldn't it......
Before using the VSpeak system the Jetibox Profi was being use in Tx Mode being powered by the transmitter battery, with the quick release fitting bolted to the transmitter case. The Jeti Duplex TU 2 EX was the only way forward, but this has it's own issues....

When used with the VSpeak speech module, it needs to be powered from the transmitter not from the module. So a modification of Volker's instructions in his 1.9 manual was employed with a piggy back connector on the PPM fly-lead to power the Profi box. The fly-lead method for connecting to the PPM signal was chosen rather than a switch as it disconnected the power to the Profi box at the same time.

One draw back of the Jeti modules is they continue to bleep even with the VSpeak module fitted (this can be annoying... to me anyway... ) So the Voice-1 earphone lead was fitted, with a load slug of a 3.5mm jack plug the internal speaker is silenced..... result.... as the slug is below my tray frame it doesn't get in the way either, if you need to hear the module, range check, binding, etc. pull the slug and the speaker works, neat...

With the VSpeak systems fitted we went off the Ghost Squadron's Binham event, and can report back the system functioned perfectly, no vario telemetry issues this year, downloadable data, voice announcements, excellent product.

Thanks Volker, happy flyers here in the UK.


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