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Oct 11, 2012, 05:28 PM
Registered User

Speedo advice

There is a lot of talk about this nice birdy...
I have few question which would help a lot flyers which are familiar with it...
Does today's Speedo has some difference then the first Speedo which came out in the market?
Is it still balsa wing or maybe change to foam ( I like more balsa)?
I see on the different web page different color- is the any variability between those models?:
On this web page I see 3 different price for Speedo
Which one to pick is a question....
Thanks a lot for the help. I'm confused about different look and does Speedo glider has the full name Speedo Mk II Thermo Glider Sailplane
Somewere it call it Speedo Pro, somewere Speedo Thermo glider
I gess it is the same bird.
Thanks a lot for the help
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Oct 11, 2012, 05:56 PM
Silent Flight
Twyl's Avatar
HERE is the link for the manufacture.

It's a FG fuse and balsa wing. Those with foam wings have made them themselves.
There are a few different distributors for the Speedo's but they all com from R2.

Check this LINK for a bunch of threads about Speedos.

Also FWIW, it is a well known fact that different colors do fly faster then others. Lighting and background color can also play a role in increasing speed. Darker, "heavier", colors tend to fly faster for obvious reasons. When strategically combining both a fast plane color and a good background color, for example an all black plane flown at night with lots of cloud cover, you can get amazing results. The above mentioned combination flys so fast you can barely see it.

Oct 11, 2012, 05:57 PM
Registered User
Look like this latest version.
Hope that is not the HEAVY version of Speedo
Thanks a lot.
Is it Speedo glider and Speedo thermo glider the same sailplane -1.2 m sloper?
There have different names here, price too:
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Oct 11, 2012, 07:30 PM
Silent Flight
Twyl's Avatar
There is the 1.2m version and while there is some variation in the kits (i.e. thickness of fuse layup, straitness of tail, location of wing blind nuts, etc) that is all pretty much out of the buyers control. You get what they send you basically.

There is also a 1.4m version out there that has a confusingly similar name, but completely different set up. I've not owned one so can't give any personal feedback, but from what I've heard here people like the 1.2m Speedo better.

If the distributors are confusing you you need to ask the distributors directly whats with the different prices and stuff. Otherwise purchase directly from R2. If you sign up to their website you get an automatic 10% discount IIRC, and their shipping isn't too bad. Pretty much you are just getting a quicker delivery by going through a distributor.

Personally I've owned 3 of them and they've all been slightly different. Just buy the cheapest 1.2m one you can find and have fun with it.

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Oct 12, 2012, 01:46 AM
Registered User

On Skipmiller web page they have color which I like and I can't see that color on R hobby- only wing tips in color I like.
Are there all the Speedos all around world from the same manufacture so I could free run color choice ...?
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Oct 12, 2012, 01:49 AM
Silent Flight
Twyl's Avatar
Where in Europe are you located? I'm sure if you gave a bit more info someone in your area could give good advice or share their experience.

Oct 12, 2012, 03:04 AM
Registered User
Thanks Jonathan.
No flyers here- -only few but not my category.
I fly DLG but I would like to try some faster slope sailplane.

Usualy, one sailplane type is the same from everywere you order it- in DLG world. Manufacture made it distributor sell it.
Speedo color varity from different distributions. Can I free run my color choice from different distributer -it is the same bird I gess?
Thats confusing me. Like every distributer has they own colors
So much thanks
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Oct 12, 2012, 03:08 AM
Silent Flight
Twyl's Avatar
No problem. I was however suggesting by noting up here on the forums the area you fly at, that you might find some unknown slope buddies or at least close enough to be able to advice you on the best most local source for the plane you are looking to buy.

Oct 12, 2012, 04:16 AM
Sane til the lift starts!
kpeevyhouse's Avatar
There have been many different color schemes for this plane. The distributor is able to choose different colors when the planes are made. But it's all the same airplane.
Oct 12, 2012, 09:15 AM
Ninja Master
BigSwede's Avatar
Source it from the easiest place for you with best price. They're all the same plane. Earlier versions had some differences in the fuse, now the layup is stronger. Sometimes you get a fuse that was painted in the mold, or you might get one that was painted after. Don't like the color scheme? It's just covering. Add some graphics of your choice, or strip the entire wing and recover it as you'd like it.
Oct 12, 2012, 02:25 PM
Registered User
Thanks a lot for the advices.
Can I catch with it some small thermic air on the slope.
I know it is a speed model but can I roll and circle it in thermic? How tight circle are possible.
Oct 12, 2012, 02:32 PM
Woodstock 1's Avatar
Yes, the Speedo can thermal. Being a small plane, it can turn quite tight. The lack of a rudder does however mean that flat thermal turns are not so easy...

Oct 13, 2012, 03:17 PM
Registered User
Thanks a lot for the help
Oct 30, 2012, 02:05 AM
Entropy is happening!
Jim.Thompson's Avatar
Despite all the replies, no one has answered the original question fully yet!
If you click on this link to the R2hobbies site: http://www.r2hobbies.com/rc-aircraft...ne-glider.html
you will see that there are no less than 3 models offered under the
name "Speedo", or some variation of the name.
Two models are 1.43m span "Speedo Pro Lite Thermo Glider", one with flaps and one just with ailerons. Plus the original 1.2 mtr. span "Speedo" is still for sale.
As has been said above, the original (1.2 mtr.) plane has undergone some degree of development, but is still essentially the same plane.
I have two of them and really like them. They are a good intermediate aerobatic trainer in my opinion. However, both mine are fitted with rudders - essential in my opinion.

Oct 30, 2012, 10:34 AM
Ninja Master
BigSwede's Avatar
Seems like post #4 answered these questions. I've also seen the 1.43m Speedo Pro listed somewhere as a Speedo mkIII. So the 1.2m Speedos are all the same (although there still seems to be random variations in the fuse strength) while there are two versions of the larger, completely different yet similarly named Speedo Pro (Lite built up version and moulded version?) and even one with flaps.
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